Therapeutic effects and usage of 11 common Chinese medicines


Therapeutic effects and usage of 11 common Chinese medicines

鈼員herapeutic effect of medlar: Yinchuan, Zhongning, Ningxia, Zhongwei’s scorpion is the best.

There are ten famous names in the scorpion: gas can be filled, blood can be supplemented, yang can rise, yin can rise, the eye can be clear, God can be safe, liver can be nourished, kidney can be raised, fire can be lowered, rheumatism can be paralyzed.

Its main function is to replenish liver and kidney, eyesight, and soothe the nerves.

銆€銆€Usage: soak in water, soup or eat a few tablets a day.

銆€銆€鈼?Eucommia treatment: Eucommia is mainly produced in Sichuan.

The function is to supplement the liver and kidney, strengthen the bones and strengthen the fetus.

It can be taken by men, women and children, especially those with weak waist and knees, and has a good therapeutic effect.

銆€銆€Usage: soak in water, sparkling wine, stewed meat.

銆€銆€鈼?The role of Codonopsis in the treatment: Codonopsis has Bu Zhongyi Qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

Those with weak spleen and stomach have better results with taking Codonopsis.

The ancients had a good generalization of Codonopsis: the spleen was not dry and the lungs were not cold, and the stomach was not cold, nourishing and not dry.

It nourishes and nourishes the blood.

銆€銆€Usage: Cut the Codonopsis into small pieces and make soup.

Stewed lamb with codonopsis is also very good.

Pruning Codonopsis can be placed in a bottle for making wine.

銆€銆€鈼咰hrysanthemum treatment: Chrysanthemum has many varieties, such as daisy, Hangju, Huangju, Baiju, Qiju and so on.

This is Gongju, as the name implies, the past is dedicated to the emperor.

It is produced in Anhui Province, and Gongju has the function of clearing eyes, clearing heat and dispersing wind.

If you suffer from the headache caused by the cold, you can go to the head wind with some chrysanthemum tea.

銆€銆€Usage: brewing tea.

銆€銆€鈼?American Ginseng treatment: American ginseng is also known as American ginseng, which is mainly produced in the United States, Green State, Canada, France.

Western participation in other ginseng is different. It has both qi and yin effects and will not get angry after taking it.

Especially for middle-aged people, eating two or three tablets a day is very likely for the body.

銆€銆€Usage: soak in water, stew, directly served.

銆€銆€鈼員herapeutic effect of yam: Chinese yam is mainly produced in Henan Province.

Can be divided into two types: hairy yam and light yam.

It has a good effect on tonifying the spleen and kidney.

銆€銆€Usage: Put it in the pot and steam it, or slice it and make soup.

銆€銆€鈼員he therapeutic effect of antler: velvet antler is divided into sika antler and red deer antler. It is produced in Shuangyang County, Jilin Province. It has the functions of warming kidney and strengthening yang, replenishing blood and ensuring fetus.

It can treat the coldness of the limbs caused by yang deficiency, dizziness of the head, weakness and weakness of the waist and knees.

It has a better therapeutic effect on kidney yang deficiency.

銆€銆€To use: soak in water, soak in wine, stew or take it directly.

銆€銆€鈼?Cordyceps treatment: Cordyceps is a fungal plant, mainly produced in Yunnan, Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet, five provinces, forty-six counties.

Its function is to replenish lung and kidney, relieve cough and phlegm and stop bleeding.

Such as bronchitis in the elderly, lung qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency caused by the imbalance of the body’s internal organs, the effect is more significant.

At the same time it also has the effect of lowering blood fat.

銆€銆€To use: Sparkling wine to drink without taste.

銆€銆€Yellow yellow treatment: yellow, color yellow; Di, long also.It is an ancient Chinese medicine.

Origin of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi.

The main therapeutic effects of Astragalus membranaceus are four functions: Buzhong Yiqi, solid table antiperspirant, toxic detoxification, and diuresis.

In order to treat the lack of gas, such as the stomach has a sense of falling, the upper air is not taken out and other symptoms are better.

First of all, it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, so it has the effect of appetizing and eating.

銆€銆€Usage: soak in water, soak in wine.

銆€銆€鈼?Sanqi treatment: This medicine is harvested for three to seven years, so it is called Sanqi.

Its shape is like a lion’s head, and its main producing area is in the clouds, expensive, and Sichuan.

A small amount of Sanqi can be used to supplement blood, and a large amount can promote blood and faeces.

銆€銆€Usage: When it is eaten, it is chopped and stewed with chicken and meat. It can treat the head wind pain of the elderly and the soreness of the lumbar muscles.

銆€銆€鈼?Gastrodia treatment: mainly produced in the cloud, expensive, Sichuan.

銆€銆€Its function is to calm, disperse the wind and relieve pain.

If you are exposed to the wind, you have a headache, numb hands and feet, you can stop when you eat Tianma, so it is called Dingcao.

Its therapeutic effect is fast and can directly reach the lesion.

It is like an arrow, so it is also known as “Red Arrow.”

銆€銆€Usage: soak in water, sparkling wine, stewed meat.

Summer safe and effective gourmet weight loss


Summer safe and effective gourmet weight loss

In the summer, every girl has three things to do. The first is to wear short skirts, the second is to eat ice cream and ice, and the third will pay attention to keeping the body shape, so girls are also increasing their appetite.I will be very concerned about losing weight to maintain my body shape. In the end, which kind of weight loss method is suitable for summer, I will share with you the effective and safe weight loss Daquan.

銆€銆€First of all, if you want to lose weight in the summer, MM must know how to choose the right food, this level at least becomes twice the result with half the effort.

So what kind of food is low-lying or not easy to gain weight?

We all know that food is not blindly letting you gain weight. As long as you eat right, you can enjoy the food and lose weight without conflict.

What weight loss foods can help us slim down in the summer?

Share it together, if you like it, you have to collect it.

銆€銆€First, the frozen low-fat yogurt, the delicious food that makes you lose weight all year round, low-fat yogurt is a healthy diet, delicious, and rich in calcium, can effectively accelerate the slight burning in the body, let you drink moreThe thinner.

If you want to lose weight, it is best to drink a cup of low-fat yogurt every day. In summer, it will be frozen. The taste will be even better!

銆€銆€Taste index: 9 points Nutrition index: 8 points Slimming index: 8 points Comprehensive recommendation index: 8.

3 points two, eggs can not eat more than two eggs a day, eat more cholesterol, although many people feel that eating eggs will be fat, in fact not.

Eggs are also one of the best choices for slimming foods, especially for breakfast, and even help to lose weight.

A well-balanced breakfast is as simple as filling your stomach, and it will give you a vibrant morning.

In addition to avoiding high blood pressure, it can also help speed up metabolism and help slim down!

銆€銆€Taste index: 8 points Nutrition index: 8 points Slimming index: 7 points Comprehensive recommendation index: 7.

7 points three, spinach weight loss still remember the story of Popeye, spinach as a nutritious vegetable, its nutritional value is very high, but not easy to make people fat food.

Spinach in green leafy vegetables is the first choice for vegetables to lose weight in summer.

Spinach is not only a very low amount of food, but also rich in vitamins, as well as manganese, folic acid, magnesium, iron and other nutrients required by the body, so that you can lose weight and health, thin and natural.

銆€銆€Taste index: 7 points Nutrition index: 10 points Slimming index: 9 points Comprehensive recommendation index: 9 points four, melon weight loss winter melon soup thoroughly clearing heat and quenching thirst, and the dietary fiber contained in melon can effectively eliminate edema and reduce constipation troubles.

Moreover, the frequent consumption of winter melon can effectively prevent the conversion of starch, sugar and the like into feces, effectively reducing the accumulation of feces in the body, and is an ideal slimming product.

銆€銆€Taste index: 7 points Nutrition index: 7 points Slimming index: 9 points Comprehensive recommendation index: 7.

7 points five, lotus leaf to lose weight now Chinese medicine weight loss is the first choice for many office crushing weight loss, if you want to lose weight, then you can replace the flower tea with Chinese medicine that has weight loss effect.

Now it is a safe and easy diet to lose weight.
銆€銆€Taste index: 8 points Nutrition index: 8 points Slimming index: 10 points Comprehensive recommendation index: 8.

3 points, six, orange weight loss citrus fruits can effectively control appetite, help reduce food intake, make you lose weight more easily.

More importantly, citrus fruits contain more vitamin C than pears, apples and other fruits, which can more effectively regulate the body’s metabolism, have a good weight loss effect, can be eaten properly.

銆€銆€Taste index: 9 points Nutrition index: 8 points Slimming index: 7 points Comprehensive recommendation index: 8 points Summer is actually a good season for weight loss, as long as you have the heart to lose weight, even if you eat a lot every day, you can still lose weight.

But be sure to eat well, the oil is not greasy, only eat light, help slimming.

With summer weight loss recipes, are you afraid of losing weight?

Raise the growth of life cheats: a cup of light salt water in the morning


Raise the growth of life cheats: a cup of light salt water in the morning

Hu Jiazhi began to cut the pattern from the age of 10 and has been cut to the present.

She is an old man of art, a healthy old man and a long-lived old man.

I am often asked if she is so old, how can she not spend her eyes?

She replied: “I often eat carrots.

“She has three meals a day, simple, never partial eclipse, never picky eaters.”

Usually, breakfast is eggs, porridge, and a few red dates; lunch and dinner are a bowl of rice, some vegetables.

When she was young, she liked to eat meat. Now she only eats a small amount of lean meat or duck wings. She is mainly based on vegetables and loves tofu.

She believes that “medicine supplements are not as good as food supplements”, never eat health care products, and do not eat snacks.

銆€銆€Hu Jiazhi has a health precaution: I have to drink a cup of light salt water every morning, and I have been persisting for six or seven decades.

This, she summed up the benefits: sleep a night, the body’s water will be reduced, drink a cup of light salt water in the morning, can supplement the loss of water metabolism at night, can clean the stomach, promote blood circulation, prevent disease.

Her “saline regime” became a “heirloom.”

The family also has the same habit.

銆€銆€It is said that Hu Jiazhi’s son said that although his mother is already 111 years old, she still insists on reading newspapers and cares about current affairs. Every major event, she will carefully create a paper-cut work, such as: Sino-Soviet Friendship, Hong Kong Return, Macaureturn””.

She has a love for her family, relatives and friends, and also incorporates these into her paper-cut works such as “Vientiane Update”, “Spring Man”, “楦抽腐鎴忚嵎”.

銆€銆€At the Hu Jiazhi paper-cut exhibition, one expert commented: These paper-cuts are simply the 鈥渕emory of the Republic鈥?and the 鈥渇amily map鈥?of the old birthday star.

People have congratulated her on the successful exhibition of paper-cut works, and also asked her to teach longevity. She smiled and repeated the sentence: “In the morning, drink a cup of salt water, usually eat coarse tea.”

“[After eating” salt is an irreplaceable substance of human physiology. People sweat and urinate, and constantly excrete some salt, so they must supplement some salt every day.

Salt is also an inedible condiment in sedimentation. Some people often say: “Open seven things, rice, oil and salt sauce vinegar tea”, “five flavors and salt first”, “salt is the first of five flavors.”

Chinese medicine Xiangkou has a recipe


Chinese medicine Xiangkou has a recipe

In social life, bad breath often makes people worry, and when they work and make friends, they suffer from people’s eyes, and sometimes their loved ones are unbearable.

It is said that when the Han Dynasty Lang officials played to the emperor, they should contain cloves in their mouths to maintain the aroma of the tone. This is often inseparable from the modern couples, and they are inseparable from all kinds of chewing gums.

銆€銆€In fact, bad breath is often a symptom of certain chronic diseases. Oral, nasopharynx, respiratory and digestive system and some systemic diseases often cause bad breath. As a result, bad breath can also occur if you do not pay attention to oral hygiene or bad eating habits.
Chinese medicine has a very accurate understanding of bad breath and rich experience in treatment. It is believed that bad breath is caused by oral diseases, lung and stomach heat accumulation and stomach food. For example, when the stomach fire is heavy, the stomach can be murky.Fumigation goes up, so the mouth is smoky, even stinking.

For the treatment of bad breath, in addition to the need to eradicate the primary lesions, develop good oral hygiene habits, avoid overeating, quit smoking and alcohol and other bad habits, or according to different symptoms, the following prescriptions.


Bad breath has a dry mouth and thirst, body heat, irritability, or redness and swelling of the gums, constipation, red tongue and yellow fur, mostly spleen and stomach fire, can be used to add and subtract diarrhea: musk, wind, anise 9 grams each, raw gypsum 30 grams (first fried), licorice 4.

5 grams, 6 grams of bamboo Ru, Shuijianbi.


Breathing stench, both cough and asthma, or sore throat, thirst, constipation, short yellow urine, yellow tongue, yellow fur, mostly lung heat, can be added and reduced diarrhea white: mulberry white, platycodon, boneSkin, Anemarrhena, Astragalus, Ophiopogon japonicus 9 grams, Schisandra 6 grams, licorice 4.

5 grams, Shuijianbi.


Bad breath has both upper abdominal distension, belching, and dysentery. It is caused by food. It can be musk, perrin, eschar, valley malt, raw hawthorn 9 grams, licorice 4.

5 grams, Shuijianbi.
The above medicine can be used for 1 day and 7 for 1 course of treatment. If used properly, it can generally achieve better therapeutic effect.

In addition to this, there are extra unilateral prescriptions, so try it out.

For example: 1 fragrant 15 grams of decoction, drink or always contain sputum; 2 fragrant 12 grams of decoction, always containing sputum; 3 white bean soup decoction or tea, or chewing bean glutinous rice 1 per mouth?
2 capsules, the juice swallowed, the slag spit out; 4 cloves 1?
2 pieces of clothing or soaked water; 5 orange peel, cinnamon, Peilan, etc., with jujube mud as a pill, chew when placed in the mouth; 6 bad breath after eating garlic, tea served with 6 grams of forsythia, or chewA few black dates, most of which can be reduced.

How to prevent cardiovascular disease by office workers


How to prevent cardiovascular disease by office workers

First, high-salt diet Among the common factors of hypertension in modern people, the high-salt diet ranks first.

Northerners have a heavier taste. They want to eat salty, eat a spicy soup in the morning, cook at noon, eat hot pot at night, and eat three meals a day.

Normal salt intake does not exceed 5 grams per day, but most people are above 9 grams, but the salt will be lost, too much sodium injection, will cause sodium water retention, resulting in increased vascular volume, eventually leading to increased blood pressurehigh.

Second, the pressure is high, the mental stress is over, the accounting, the driver and other minority occupational reasons are under great pressure, the mental stress and the incidence of hypertension are increasing, but now in the period of social transformation, people’s pressure is not only from work, but also from the family, such asBuying a house, buying a car, educating for employment, medical care, etc., pressure is everywhere.

Stress and nervousness can also cause sympathetic excitation and vasoconstriction, leading to elevated blood pressure.

Third, staying up late, some people need to stay up late because of work, some people are used to sleeping late, and some people have a rich nightlife, can not sleep.

Since the popularity of smartphones, a large number of people have dialed their mobile phones to play non-stop. From the most popular WeChat circle of friends, many friends are still active at one or two in the morning.

In addition, staying up late, poor sleep, will lead to sympathetic excitation, vasoconstriction, resulting in elevated blood pressure, which in turn will increase sleep difficulties.

Bad habits such as hobbies.

Tobacco damage to blood vessels is mainly caused by nicotine, which causes vascular smooth muscle contraction, which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

After quit smoking in high blood pressure patients, the low pressure will drop directly 5?
10 mm Hg.

Alcohol toxicity hardens arterial blood vessels, reduces the elasticity of blood vessels, and ultimately leads to high blood pressure.

How do people from different countries stay slim?


How do people from different countries stay slim?

Guide: We often see foreign stars in foreign films are very high, everyone has a small waist, the body is bumpy, men’s eyes, women look envious.

In fact, in reality, people in these countries also attach great importance to slimming and slimming, and they also have their own methods of slimming. Here are some ways for you to dig out the slimness of these countries. Study hard, you will definitely have a lot of weight loss.Potential help!

銆€銆€1, Polish Poles are used to eating at home. Poles usually have only 5% of their budget for going out to eat.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, American households spend about 37% of their income in restaurants and fast food.

銆€銆€In order to save money and lose weight, how long does it take to eat a meal outside?

How much does it cost a month?

Then, the initial reduction.

Those who don’t cook at home, don’t eat healthy foods, are heavier than those, and are more likely to be overweight than those who like to eat at home.

In fact, not being good at cooking is one of the reasons why everyone eats meals.

銆€銆€2, German Germans recognized breakfast Germany is the most impressive is that 75% of Germans eat breakfast every day, with reference to the United States only 44%.

Germans eat breakfast and sit down to eat fruit, whole grains and bread.

銆€銆€Nutritionists have been advising people not to eat breakfast for the past few years, and recent research has provided a clearer need to eat breakfast.

In a British study, if you don’t eat breakfast, when you see a high-conversion food that you like to eat, you will eat it right away. This impulse is usually irresistible.

銆€銆€3, Britain and Britain eat less food If you come to McDonald’s in London, the waiter will ask if you want to increase.

However, this option was quickly stopped because it hindered sales.

British people like to eat less food.

銆€銆€Here, I will tell you that when you go out to eat, the amount of food is less, which is also helpful for losing weight.

銆€銆€4, Brazil Brazil to lose weight traditional dishes Brazil’s carnival is not the only way for Brazilians to stay slim.

Brazilians have a traditional dish that they keep slim by eating this traditional dish.

銆€銆€A study in the Journal of Obesity found that, in contrast to the West, where staple foods are mainly rice and beans, the risk of overweight can be reduced by about 14%.

That’s because of its low dung, high fiber, and stable blood sugar.

銆€銆€5. Southeast Asian countries encourage fasting of Islam. The country’s main religion encourages believers to change, completely fasting from dawn to dusk, or drinking only water and white rice.

銆€銆€Although experts do not recommend fasting to control weight, fasting can solve meaningless eating and return you to normal.

Experts pointed out that it is not recommended that you completely fast, as long as you reduce your calorie intake by half every day.

銆€銆€6, Thai Thai spicy dishes are very slim Thai food is the world’s hottest dish.

Chili can boost your metabolism, but the real benefit is that it can slow down your eating.

Nowadays people eat too fast, and before you send out the signal that you are full, you are already full.

Eating slowly is a good weight-loss strategy, making food spicy is the easiest way.

銆€銆€7, the Dutch Dutch love sports in the Netherlands, the number of bicycles is more than people, bicycles 18 million, 16.5 million people.

And unlike people in other countries, bicycles are only used for placement.

54% of Dutch bicycle owners also use it in their daily activities, such as shopping and travel.

銆€銆€The Dutch average 541 miles a year.

Traffic lights in parts of Amsterdam are even synchronized with the speed of the bicycle.

Try to use a bicycle as a constant, you can consume 550 calories in an hour.

銆€銆€8, Swiss Swiss breakfast to eat milk cereal breakfast to eat a bowl of milk muesli.

Milk-flavored cereals are made from oatmeal or cereals, fruits and nuts, each of which is good for health and weight control.

It was specially specially prepared by a Swiss doctor for inpatients more than a hundred years ago, but the Swiss used it as a breakfast or a starter for dinner.

銆€銆€The process of slowly digesting the fiber in this breakfast makes you feel fuller.Please note that the sugar is controlled between 2 and 14 grams.

銆€銆€9, Russia and Russia away from high dietary diets 51% of urban people in Russia spend weekends, holidays and hot summers in the suburbs.

銆€銆€Russians will grow vegetables and fruits in their own villas and live a life of self-sufficiency.

Eat too much nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you grow, keep them away from the high-metabolism diet, and stay slim.

Xiaobian Message: I have seen the slimming methods of these countries, which is really eye-opening.

In this age of thinness and beauty, different countries have one common goal: to keep slim.

In the summer heat, in addition to running lungs, there are many things that can be done!


In the summer heat, in addition to running lungs, there are many things that can be done!

Being in the heat is one of the 24 solar terms.

In ancient China, this festival was divided into the eagle-birds, the heavens and the earth, and the He Naiden three times. In turn, they knew that the summer heat would be scattered, and a router that was cool in the autumn.

Honestly, the weather of this member is true and changeable!

The temperature drop is it, the autumn is high, it is the autumn tiger, it is the summer, it is the thunderstorm activity.

Therefore, in the face of such a variety of weather, our way of health care must also be put on the agenda in time!

The way to health care 1 .

Diet articles: After the summer, it will enter the autumn, the diet needs to be light, and the work of moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and preventing dryness.

At the same time, because the lungs are too prone to restrain the liver gas, it is also necessary to do a good job of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

Eat less spicy food such as onion and ginger to avoid divergence and lungs, keep away from greasy foods and reduce the burden of the stomach. Accumulate heat in the body; eat nourishment, moisturize, light food such as white fungus, lily, honey, etc. Convergence of lungs, eat less fruitEat melons such as apples, pears, hawthorn, longan, kiwi, etc. to avoid injury to the spleen and stomach, eat more coarse grains such as glutinous rice, rice, tofu, etc. can nourish the stomach.


Work and rest articles: The hot and cold alternates in the summer, and at the same time, the natural yang is turned from evacuation to convergence, and the stage of conversion of yin and yang in the human body, and correspondingly, the mode of rest and sleep should be adjusted in time.

Close the doors and windows when sleeping, cover the umbilical umbilical on the abdomen, do not get cold; when the temperature difference between day and night is large, it is necessary to do the morning and night warm work in time.

In addition, people often have the symptoms of “autumn deficiency” at this time, so they should go to bed early and get up early, take a proper lunch break, and usually relax the autumn when you are lazy!


Travel articles: It is suitable for the autumn season, suitable for going out, but need moderate, and avoid a lot of sweating exercise, so as not to hurt yang and yin.

Alternate broadcast exercises, Tai Chi, square dance or walking and other sports modes, in addition to swimming high, it is also a good way to exercise at this time, to cultivate sentiment and overcome autumn sorrow.

For the whole process of medical treatment, the fun doctors all get the disclaimer: some text and image offset network, change learning, exchange use, do not have any commercial use, the copyright belongs to the original author, if you have any questions, please contact us for processing.

For issues not covered by this statement, please refer to relevant national laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

How to add water before, during and after fattening exercise


How to add water before, during and after fattening exercise

The correct replenishment of water after exercise can not only replenish the water lost by the body, but also promote metabolism and beauty.

銆€銆€How to add water before, during and after exercise, the following is provided for your reference: 1.

Before the exercise, half an hour before exercise, you can add 300-500cc of cold water to prepare for the water needed for exercise, avoid water shortage during exercise, and prolong the exercise time.


During exercise (1) 100-200 cc of cold water can be replenished every ten minutes.

銆€銆€(2) People often have the phenomenon of 鈥渄elayed thirst鈥? reminding you not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water!

If you wait until you are thirsty, drinking water means that you have lost water in your body.


After exercise (1), drink 100-200 cc every 15 minutes after exercise until the urine turns white from yellow and transparent.

銆€銆€(2) Loss of water (body sweating) should be more than two kilograms of saline, but the concentration should not be too high. For every 1000cc of water, the salt should not exceed 2 grams (about small nail area).

Excessive salt will accelerate dehydration and increase body temperature (higher than normal body temperature), leading to early fatigue or prolonged fatigue.

銆€銆€(3) The sugar content per 1000 cc of water should not exceed 25 grams. Too high a concentration will stimulate insulin secretion, which will cause blood sugar to decrease.


After a lot of sweating, you should drink cold water and sweat a lot. In order to make the water easily absorbed by the body, cold water of 8-12 degrees can be easily absorbed by the stomach.

a healthy lunch that helps people live longer for 15 years


a healthy lunch that helps people live longer for 15 years

Three meals a day is the most basic source of nutrition for people every day, and the nutrients absorbed by people at lunch account for the daily intake of nutrients.

Nutrition experts from Singapore have proposed a healthy lunch that can help people live longer for 15 years.

銆€銆€Too many people think that they only eat fruit for lunch, and they can do both at home.

However, from the nutritional point of view, the human body has a variety of basic nutritional needs – glucose, minerals, protein, etc., are not satisfied by eating only fruit, long-term “fruit” survival, the body’s endocrine system,The digestive system, immune system, etc. will all have adverse effects.

銆€銆€According to Singapore’s nutrition experts, a healthy lunch should be higher than the following elements: 1.

Choose vegetables of different types and colors; 2.

Food should be fresh, because fresh food has the highest nutritional value;

Eat more whole-grain foods to avoid over-saturated adults;

Salt should be eaten as little as possible.

銆€銆€If you continue to adhere to the above healthy eating methods, the chances of suffering from the disease are reduced, and it is possible to extend the life expectancy by 15 years.

Is Autumn Freeze Health suitable for you?


Is “Autumn Freeze Health” suitable for you?

Source: People’s Daily “Spring and autumn, no sickness.”

Don’t rush to take off your coat in the spring. Don’t wear too much in the fall, just pick it up or freeze it, which is good for your health.

Is the “Healthy Health Experience” of “Spring, Autumn and Autumn” suitable for you?

“Half of the fall is summer, the temperature is just getting cold, wear less clothes, don’t wear thick clothes too early.

Zhang Xiaomei, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in early August, it was still a three-day sky, and the heat was popular. Qiuyang was so blazing as a autumn tiger. Can you wear thick clothes at this time?

In late September, the weather was cool, the temperature difference between morning and evening increased, and the cold dew and frost fell in the late autumn in October, and the temperature dropped.

Therefore, in the autumn, it is necessary to wear clothes of suitable temperature, appropriate autumn and freezing, and the clothes are gradually thickened. People gradually adapt to the temperature drop and enhance the body’s ability to prevent cold.

Hu Shiping, dean of the Shenzhen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, believes that whether it is “Spring” or “autumn”, the purpose is to take care of the yang, let the body adapt to the seasonal changes, and maintain a healthy state of Yin and Yang.

However, modern people tend to have a cold constitution, and the symptoms are weak symptoms of spleen and stomach, and most of them are not suitable for “autumn freezing.”

“Autumn Frozen” is only suitable for people with good physical fitness.

Old people, children and people with weak constitutions should never try “autumn”.

Because the type of people’s yang is not enough, wearing more clothes is beneficial to solidify the yang.

Hu Shiping pointed out that the following five categories of people cannot be “autumn frozen”: 1.

Have respiratory diseases.

Asthma and bronchitis patients have poor defense functions in the respiratory tract. After suffering from cold stimulation, they may aggravate symptoms such as cough and wheezing.


Have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Cold can easily lead to vascular tension in the human body. In severe cases, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other symptoms may occur in patients with coronary heart disease, and even a blood vessel may be brittle and a stroke may occur, causing hemiplegia and life-threatening.


Have stomach problems.

Chronic tracts are very sensitive to cold stimuli, and cold air infections worsen, leading to complications.

If it is not properly protected, it will cause the old disease to recur.

Ulcer patients will be more irritated after being stimulated by the cold.


There are old cold legs.

It belongs to the category of Chinese medicine “sickness”, namely rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other osteoarthritis.

When the cold is severe, the old cold legs are severely aggravated, and the legs should be kept warm.


Body cold female.

Women with cold constitutions, cold hands and feet in the winter, cold female friends, autumn must pay attention to their toes, abdomen, waist and other parts of the warmth, to avoid aggravating body cold, and even disease intrusion.


Have diabetes.

In the cold, many hormone levels in the body will increase, making the blood sugar increase.

Cold stimulation will not only aggravate diabetes, but may also aggravate microcirculatory disorders and may even cause acute complications.

Hu Shiping believes that “autumn freezing” can ensure the smooth transition of the body from summer heat to autumn cool, but “autumn frozen” is not free to freeze, different times, different people, different body parts, different regions have different.


Timing: The best time for early autumn in late summer and early autumn is a good time for autumn.

In the late autumn, 鈥渁utumn freezing鈥?is not good for health, and then causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
The principle of autumn freezing is to make the body feel slightly cool, but does not feel cold.
Children with good constitution can also be frozen in autumn, and they can flexibly grasp the “autumn freeze” according to their age, physical condition and temperature changes, so as to gradually adapt.


Temperature: The temperature is too low. When the sunshine temperature is between 15 掳C and 20 掳C, people can reduce the proper “freezing” of dressing, promote blood circulation and enhance resistance.

But near the early winter, the temperature dropped below 15 掳C, and you should wear autumn and winter clothes.


Location: head and neck abdominal legs can not be frozen “autumn”, basically all organs must be frozen, such as complications, abdominal and tibia and other parts should be kept warm according to temperature changes, especially the feet.

The head cannot be frozen.

The head is frozen, and the qi is invaded by the cold air, causing other fundamental consequences.

The feet cannot be frozen.

Cold feet, cold body.

The body’s resistance is reduced, and the disease can be taken advantage of, and it is easy to cause disease.

The abdomen cannot be frozen.

Abdominal cold can easily cause stomach discomfort, and even pain, women are easy to induce dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

The neck can’t be frozen.

The neck is cold, and it is easy to cause a cold with lung symptoms; upwards cause blood vessels to contract, which is not conducive to blood supply to the brain.


Geography: There is a difference between the north and the south. It is necessary to distinguish the autumn in the south. The temperature difference between day and night is not great. It is not too cold after winter. Therefore, it is not necessary to prematurely add clothes too quickly. The time of 鈥渁utumn freezing鈥?should be extended appropriately.

In the north, the cold autumn comes early, and the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly. When the temperature drops in the morning and evening, clothes should be added in time to prevent cold.

“Spring and autumn and autumn” should vary from person to person.

Zhang Xiaomei highlights that if the elderly and children, or weaker constitutions, have chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, the body is inherently weak, it is best to increase the clothing according to temperature and body feelings.

For people with healthy health, excessive 鈥渁utumn freezing鈥?is not advisable.

Watching the weather forecast in time is the best way to increase or decrease clothing according to temperature changes.

Hu Shiping suggested that “autumn freezing” should also strengthen physical exercise, regular exercise to promote blood circulation, improve immunity and metabolism, the more vigorous the body’s metabolism, the stronger the cold tolerance.

Exercise also pay attention to a “frozen” word, do not make sweating, let the cold invade the human body, when the body is slightly hot, sweating can stop.

(Reporter Wang Junping)