Ruixing coffee rose more than 60%

Ruixing coffee rose more than 60%
On May 26, Ruixing Coffee continued to grow continuously after the opening of the market. It lasted 10:52 am local time in the United States, and Ruixing Coffee exceeded 2.23 dollars, an increase of 60.43%, the total market value is about 5.$ 5.9 billion.Obviously, before the previous plunge, Ruixing Coffee’s 52-week maximum sustainable value was 51.USD 38.On May 20, Ruixing Coffee resumed trading, and US stocks plunged about 40% after the opening, and the intraday drop reached 45% to 2 at a time.$ 40, the lowest intraday price since listing a year ago.On that day, Ruixing Coffee continued to fall and fell by 35.76%.On May 26, Ruixing Coffee rose 22% before the market and closed down nearly 31% on the previous trading day.In the evening of May 19th, Ruixing Coffee received a notice from the NASDAQ Exchange requesting that it be delisted from NASDAQ.To proceed, Ruixing Coffee plans to have an antique hearing before delisting.Lu Zhengyao, Chairman of Ruixing Coffee, wrote in the early morning of May 20, “Since starting a business, almost all the money I have earned has been invested in physical enterprises, and the funds generated from the pledge of Ruixing Coffee stocks are also used to support the business development of their respective companies.There is no personal squandering, and there is no transfer of assets. I am willing to accept any investigation.If the company withdraws from the market, the difficulties and pressures it faces will continue to increase, but in any case, I will do my utmost to maintain the operation of the store, do my utmost to recover the shareholder losses, and let the brand Ruixing continue.”Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Picture Source Network Screenshot Editor Li Yan

[Eat trotter collagen?

9 adults are all wrong!

[Eat trotter collagen?
9 adults are all wrong!

Women are afraid of old age, especially the aging of the skin is most easily found, so in order to stay beautiful, we often spend a lot of thought.

Free radicals and collagen supplementation have become women’s favorite means of anti-aging, but some effects are often not very good. Have you ever thought that the anti-aging method is wrong?

For example, “eat trotters to supplement collagen”.

There are some misunderstandings when eating trotters to supplement collagen. Traces of trotters are more than collagen. Collagen is popular among women who are afraid of old age. Many folks also use collagen remedies. For example, eating trotters is a supplement that many women think.Good way for collagen.

Is it really so?

In fact, the content of collagen in trotters is not as much as imagined. It only exists in the epidermal layer of trotters. There are a lot of aunts under the epidermis, so it is not known whether a little bit of collagen can be absorbed and utilized.But it’s true that a lot of aunts will make you fat first.


[How to make jujubes]_Home-made practice of jujubes_Preparation of jujubes_How to make jujubes

[How to make jujubes]_Home-made practice of jujubes_Preparation of jujubes_How to make jujubes

Except for a reasonable diet, it is good for your health. For certain diseases, it can also achieve a certain therapeutic effect. In normal times, we must not casually go to three meals a day. In fact, many delicious meals do not require too many skills.The practice of jujube buns is simple and contains many nutrients.

1. First pit the red dates, then put them in a soymilk maker (it is best to put them in a cooking machine, so I use a soymilk maker instead) 2. When the red dates are warm, add an appropriate amount of honey.Add yeast to the flour in a small bowl, and then add jujube paste according to the hardness of the dough.

(Because the red date paste I beat is more beautiful, so there is no water, and the red date paste is all alive.)Shape, put some baking soda to remove the acid.

After kneading, divide into several small squeezers.

Knead round.

Put the steamer in the oil and knead the dough into it.

5, open the fire, after the fire SAIC turn to medium steam for ten minutes, turn off the fire for five minutes.

Will you do the jujube?

Friends who like to eat pasta must not miss it. You can also join other places according to your personal preferences. When you are on holiday, you will have three or five friends to make jujube buns.

[How to make a whole wheat burger]_How to make a whole wheat burger_How to make a whole wheat burger_How to make a whole wheat burger

[How to make a whole wheat burger]_How to make a whole wheat burger_How to make a whole wheat burger_How to make a whole wheat burger

Many people may not have too many requirements for the quality of life because of the pressure of work. They often deal with meals outside. In fact, it is not difficult to treat yourself well. Just learn some simple dishes.The practice of whole wheat burgers is not difficult, and most people can easily learn.

1. Marinate the meat and white pepper with cooking wine, baking soda and salt, and marinate for 1 to 2 hours.

2. Cut the bread into two pieces.

3. Fry the marinated chicken in a pan and fry until golden brown.

4. Add lettuce and cheese to the cut bread.

5. Add salad dressing to eat.

Everyone can use their imagination and match their favorite ingredients and sauces, which is their own creative cuisine. It is not difficult to cook. As long as you have the heart, you will immediately increase your confidence in cooking.

[Hongmao liquor is not suitable for some people to drink?】 _Eating Taboo_Eating Taboo

I’m sick of Han Han, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my daughter, my husband, my husband, my father, my husband, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father, my father.曞浘鏉ラ€氳繃鍠濊嵂閰掕繘琛屾不鐤楋紝鍚﹀垯涓嶄細杞绘槗灏濊瘯鑽厭鐨勩€備笉杩囷紝杩欑鎯呭喌浠呬In the award ceremony, the details of the awards ceremony are not very detailed, and the economy is full of fear, and the economy is full of fear, and the economy is full of fear.閮芥湁涓€瀹氱殑鍏荤敓淇濆仴浣滅敤銆傞偅涔堬紝楦胯寘鑽厭涓嶉€傚悎鍝簺浜哄枬?楦胯寘鑽厭涓昏鐢遍涔屻€佸湴榛勩€佺櫧鑺枫€佸北鑽?Shackles?銆佷簲鍊嶅瓙銆佸箍钘块銆佷汉鍙傘€佹鐧界毊銆佹捣妗愮毊銆佺敇鏉俱€佺嫭娲汇€佽媿鏈?Shackles?銆佸窛鑺庛€佽彑涓濆瓙(鐩愮倰)銆佽尟绁炪€侀潚鐨?Shackles?銆佽崏鏋溿€佸北鑼辫惛(鍘绘牳)銆侀檮瀛?Mastiff?銆佸帤鏈淬€侀檲鐨€佷簲鍛冲瓙銆佺墰鑶濄€佹灣瀹?Shackles?銆侀珮鑹銆佸北鏌般€佹鍐姳銆佸皬鑼撮(鐩愮倰)銆佹姊椼€佺啛鍦伴粍銆佷節鑺傝彇钂层€佺櫧chain?Shackles?銆佹姒斻€佺敇鑽夈€佸綋褰掋€佺Е鑹姐€佺孩鑺便€佽帾鏈€佽幉瀛?鍘诲績)銆佹湪鐡溿€侀害鍐?鍘诲績)銆佺緦娲汇€侀闄?Shackles?銆佽倝鑻佽搲銆侀粍鑺€佸ぉ鍐€佹浠併€佹爛瀛?Shackles?銆佹辰娉汇€佷箤鑽€佸崐澶?Mastiff?銆 佸 ぉ 鍗 楁 槦 (鍒?銆佽嫤鏉忎粊(鍘荤毊銆佸皷)銆佽尟鑻撱€佽繙蹇椼€佹帆缇婅椏(鐐?劆 佷 笁 妫?閱嬪埗)銆佽寽鑽夈€佺爞浠併€佽倝妗傘€佺櫧璞嗚敾銆佺孩璞嗚敾銆佽崪鑼囥€佹矇棣欍€佽惫楠ㄣ€佷汉宸ラ簼棣欍€佺孩鏇层€傝緟鏂欎负鐧介厭銆佺孩绯栥€佸啺绯?7鍛充腑鑽潗鍒舵垚銆傞缚鑼呰嵂閰掗€傚悎鍝簺浜虹兢?Is it possible to borrow?鍔熻兘涓绘不 绁涢闄ゆ箍銆佽ˉ姘旈€氱粶銆佽垝绛嬫椿琛€銆佸仴鑴炬俯鑲俱€傜敤浜庨瀵掓箍鐥广€佺瓔楠ㄧ柤鐥涖€佽劸鑳冭櫄瀵掋€佽偩浜忚叞閰稿強濡囧コ姘旇櫄琛€浜忋€傛帹鑽愰槄璇伙細楦胯寘鑽厭娉ㄦ剰Bang Yan “Xuankuazhizuan  Yankunxiaojiao Yu  Sai Banghongjingben Hanhu Bangshuihanjuan Qiangshihuangsha  Jianjixitu across  Mohuohuru Yun  Uu?How to fill a child’s key chain?鑲濊偩鍔熻兘涓嶅叏鍙婇厭绮捐繃鏁忚€呯鏈嶃€?”Anyone” 1 銆 义 瀉 掑 銆 罆 緵 鷵 Ee strong 倌 同 夋 夋 冺 势 銆?銆佹湰鍝佸疁楗悗鏈嶇敤;涓嶈儨閰掕€呮厧鏈嶃€?銆佷笉瀹滃湪鏈嶈嵂鏈熼棿鍚屾椂鏈嶇敤鍏朵粬娉荤伀鍙婃粙琛ヤ腑鑽€?銆佺儹鐥硅€呬笉閫傜敤锛屼富瑕佽〃鐜颁负鍏宠妭鑲跨棝濡傜伡浼ゃ€佺棝澶勫彂鐑紝鐤肩棝绐滅棝鏃犲畾澶What are you doing?銆佹湁楂樿鍘嬨€佸績鑴忕梾銆佺硸灏跨梾绛夋參鎬х梾涓ラ噸鑰呭簲鍦ㄥ尰甯堟寚瀵间笅鏈嶇敤銆?銆 乹 diamond?澶╃棁鐘舵棤缂撹В锛屽簲鍦ㄥ尰闄㈠氨璇娿€?銆佷弗鏍兼寜鐓х敤娉曠敤閲忔湇鐢紝骞磋€佷綋寮辫€呭簲鍦ㄥ尰甯堟寚瀵间笅鏈嶇敤銆?銆佸鏈搧杩囨晱鑰呯鐢紝杩囨晱浣撹川鑰呮厧鐢ㄣ€?銆佽嵂鍝佹€х姸鍙戠敓鏀瑰彉绂佹鏈嶇敤銆?0.鍎 過, 湇 呴 』鍦 ㄦ 垚 浜 虹 洃 鎶 や 笅 顅 镆 銆?1銆佽灏嗘鑽搧鏀惧湪鍎跨涓嶈兘鎺ヨЕ鐨勫湴鏂广€?2 銆 丸 囝 姪 The chain is rugged and contains a lot of diamond drills. Fans are so beautiful. They are like peaks, peaks, peaks, peaks, and peaks.  笀 銆?3銆佸鍑虹幇娌夋穩璇锋憞鍖€鏈嶇敤銆傝繍鍔ㄥ憳鎱庣敤銆傛€荤殑鏉ヨ锛岄缚鑼呰嵂閰掓槸涓嵂鍒舵垚锛屽畠鎵€璧峰埌鐨勪綔鐢ㄥ凡缁忔湁鍑犵櫨骞寸殑鍘嗗彶浜嗭紝鏈嶇敤瀹夊叏锛屽ぇ瀹跺彲浠ユ斁蹇冪敤銆備笉杩囷紝瑕佹兂璐拱鐨勬湅鍙嬩滑瑕佹敞鎰忎簡涓嶅彲浠ヤ拱鍒板亣鍐掔殑浜у搧锛屽惁鍒欎細鍗卞鍒拌嚜宸辩殑鍋ュ悍銆?

[Guilin rice noodles have some practices-]_ marinade _ how to do

[What are the practices of Guilin rice flour brine?

]_Marinade_how to make

Rice noodles are a kind of snack, which has a very good taste and won everyone’s love. There are many types of rice noodles in life. Guilin rice noodles are one of them.

In fact, the method of this kind of rice noodles is very simple, as long as you prepare the ingredients and then follow the steps, you can do it, but the taste is very dependent on the brine, so the ingredients in the brine must be complete, it is best to use pork bones,Beef is cooked.

First, the first step in the practice of Guilin rice noodle brine, first make brine.

Add all the spices except pork bones and clear water to the pan and add the fresh water and pork bones. After the heat is high, turn to low heat and simmer for 4 hours. Put the beef in the spice pot.Boil the beef, add all the ingredients to the spice pan, continue to simmer for 2 hours, filter all the spices, cool them and bottle them for use, and the brine is ready.

In the second step, the beef is too oily.

Pour edible oil in a small hot pot and fry the beef over low heat until the color of the beef becomes slightly darker. Refrigerate for 20 minutes and chop it for later use.

The third step is to make dry rice flour.

Use a large pot to boil the water and turn off the heat. Add dry rice flour to soak for 1 hour and then turn on the fire for 10 minutes. Use the chopsticks to slightly break the rice flour.

The fourth step, the peanuts into the oven for 120 minutes and 30 minutes, you can smell the aroma, and at the same time prepare coriander, garlic.

Separately fry sour beans or bamboo shoots.

The fifth step is the last moment.

After boiling the water in the pot, simmer the rice noodles in boiling water for a few seconds and then put them into a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of brine and mix well. Put beef slices, parsley, garlic, peanuts, and serve.

Second, special tips 1. After 5 hours of boiling with 5kg of clear water, about 3kg of brine is left, because the amount of each time is very small, the remaining brine can be kept in the refrigerator for a long time2, and the brine can be boiled the night before 4Turn off the heat for an hour, let the spices stuffy overnight, and then stew the beef and season the next day.

3, the dry rice noodles must be in the foam to control the heat, the first time the water must be turned off before putting the rice noodles stuffy hair.

Soaked rice noodles must be taken out of the cold water and filtered to dry. If you continue to soak in the water, it will not be glutinous.

If you have too much rice noodles at once, you can put them in a fresh-keeping bag and keep them in the refrigerator for a day or two.

[How to make classic recipes for milky egg tarts]_Homemade recipes for classic milky egg tarts_Encyclopedia of classic recipes for milky egg tarts_How to make classic recipes for milky egg tarts

[How to make classic recipes for milky egg tarts]_Homemade recipes for classic milky egg tarts_Encyclopedia of classic recipes for milky egg tarts_How to make classic recipes for milky egg tarts

Chinese people are always very particular about eating. Whether they eat well or not is often linked to one’s standard of living. We should not deal with three meals a day. Some people may be too troublesome to cook too much. In fact, milkThe classic recipe of egg tarts is easy, and it only takes a little time to complete, so give it a try.

1. Prepare the ingredients. 2. Heat the milk until it can be saccharified. Remove the heat, add cotton sugar and mix until saccharified. 3, add condensed milk, mix well 4, add whipped cream, mix well 5, and add to mix.For the egg yolks, mix well 6, add corn flour, mix well 7, and mix thoroughly. Strain milk 8 and pour the filtered milk into 8 egg tart skins. 8 minutes is enough.

9. Add to the pre-heated oven and bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees?
25 minutes, to 18 minutes, pay attention to the changes of egg tarts, do not overcook, because the skill of each oven is different, I use 200 degrees 22 minutes, 10, time to 2 minutes to take out, very hot,Be careful with your jade hands.

11, released 12, beautiful egg tart 13, pictured on the plate 14, it tastes great, the egg inside the tart skin is tender and tender, full of milk, 15, and another finished picture takes yourself seriously in lifeThe daily diet is especially important. Even the classic recipe of milky egg tart is simple, but its deliciousness is recognized.

Child’s severe Internet addiction such as drug abuse

Child’s severe Internet addiction such as drug abuse

Recently, in an interview with some schools in Taiyuan City, reporters learned that individual parents not only did not prevent their children from surfing the Internet, but instead encouraged them so that their children would spend their days in Internet cafés.

Psychologists remind: Once a child is controlled by the Internet or games, a severely addicted person is like taking drugs, causing serious damage to the child’s body and spirit.

  Wei Yali, director of the Department of Mind and Sickness Clinic of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, said that the causes of children’s obsession with online and video games are more complex, such as the loneliness of an only child, an overburdened academic load, dull learning content and methods, unsatisfactory grades, and bad results.Reaching affirmation and compliance, lack of self-worth, excessive psychological pressure, communication with parents and classmates, etc., are easy to seek stimulation in the virtual network and game world.

At a minimum, adolescent physical and psychological agitation, strong curiosity, and thirst for adventure and novelty excitement may all make them obsessed with novelty, colorful, and exciting Internet and games.

In addition, family discord, poor parent-child relationships, parental responsibilities, and excessive restrictions may induce children to become obsessed with the Internet and video games.

  Scientists have found that Internet or gaming addiction is extremely harmful.

First, computer games resist the normal development of children’s brains.

The normal development of the left forebrain of these children is not only hindered, but also early and mid-term intellectual development is affected.

In fact, Internet obsessions can have a serious impact on adolescents’ behavioral development.

Martial arts and violence films make children think that martial arts and violence can make them strong and solve all problems, so in certain situations, children will imitate the scenes in the film and use force or violence to get what they want.

Studies have shown that children who often watch violent TV shows avoid aggression, rough behavior, indifference, fussiness, and lack of helpful behavior in real life.

In addition, the flood of pornographic content on the Internet also has a very bad impact on the sexual psychology and behavior development of young people, making them precocious, rash, and irresponsible to themselves.

  Wei Yali told reporters that children who have been surfing the Internet for a long time may also suffer from “Internet or game addiction”, that is, “game brain”, which belongs to “impulsive control disorder”. Those who are lightly dependent on the spirit, worry about it if they are not online, and are irritableFatigue, inability to concentrate, serious people are similar to drug addiction, completely controlled by games and the Internet, difficult to understand, the whole person becomes unreasonable, without self-esteem, there are no means to use the Internet.

Fitness directions for different ages

Fitness directions for different ages

Children’s bodies are in the period of growth and development, and the important organ of the cardiovascular system, the heart, has not yet matured. Therefore, it is necessary to cope with high-intensity and intense exercise intervention control during physical exercise. Do not take too long. You should choose flexibility and coordinationSports such as running, swimming, basketball, table tennis, football, volleyball and other sports.

Because the bones and muscles of children are still growing, the transverse diameter of muscle fibers is not thick enough, and their strength is relatively weak. When performing equipment strength training, pay attention to grasping the comfortable load, and medium and small loads should be the main.
  Middle-aged and young people can choose fitness sports according to their own conditions and hobbies.

Due to the reduction of leisure time, young and middle-aged people rush to and fro during fitness. The intensity and density of exercise are very high at the beginning of exercise. This is an unscientific fitness method, which is likely to cause muscle and joint soft tissue damage, and suffer from cardiovascular diseaseThe system is causing damage.

Therefore, some preparatory activities should be done first, such as jogging, flexible gymnastics and so on.

In addition, young and middle-aged sports and fitness programs should be diversified. You can choose ball, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and other systemic sports programs, which can improve the overall body function and quality.

  If the elderly do not exercise properly, their fitness results will be unsatisfactory, or even contrary to their wishes.

An important principle of physical fitness for the elderly is “different from person to person, step by step, and perseverance.”

The amount of exercise at the beginning of fitness should not be too large. After a small amount of exercise, if the body feels comfortable, increase the amount of exercise appropriately; if the body feels poor, you must adjust it in time to reduce exercise intensity and time.

Another important principle of physical fitness for the elderly is to perform aerobic exercise, that is, aerobic metabolism is the main exercise from beginning to end.

This requires low exercise intensity, gentle and slow movements, unobstructed breathing, and no feeling of belching and palpitation.

Walking, jogging, Tai Chi, fitness dance, social dance, etc. are all aerobic fitness programs suitable for the elderly.

Seniors with a swimming hobby can stick to this fitness program.

Experts are needed, the elderly are not suitable for strength training, such as heavy-duty load exercises or body overhang strength exercises.

This type of exercise can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure, hypoxia of the heart and brain, and cause damage to the heart and brain blood vessels in the elderly.

As long as the physical conditions allow the elderly, it is very important to adhere to daily fitness.

  People with diseases can improve their physical condition through selective exercise, such as walking, jogging, cycling and other sports to lower blood pressure; hiking, swimming or jogging can enhance the immune function of patients with diabetes; jog 15 a weekMore than kilometers can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers; walking twice a week for 1 hour each time can significantly enhance the memory of the elderly; swimming, cycling and doing exercises are good for joint protection.

Children need good language environment to be eloquent

Children need good language environment to be eloquent

In modern society, young parents know that eloquence is important to talents, but how to successfully educate their children about language is a difficult problem facing them.

Recently, the reporter interviewed experts on early childhood education on this topic.

  Wu Huaying, the deputy principal of the Beijing Air Force Blue Sky Kindergarten, said in an interview with reporters that every parent wants his child to be smart and smart, so he will have extra feelings about his child’s language development.

  Generally speaking, children’s language is like their parents, but the language environment also plays a very important role in children’s language development.

She said that parents or teachers who understand education methods will always create a relaxed and happy spiritual environment for children, so that children are in the intersection of deep love, so that children will be willing to associate with you and accept your languagetraining.

  Listening to speaking training Children learn to speak from listening to speaking. For young children, they must provide a listening environment at all times.

The easiest way is to say what you are doing at any time, such as: you are doing laundry, you can say to your child, “Mom does laundry for dad.

“You are reading a book, you can say:” Mom is reading a book, and your baby will also read a book when he grows up. ”

“You can also say that the child is doing things, such as the child is eating apples, you said:” Baby is eating apples, is it delicious?

“Children are playing with toys, you can say:” Baby is playing with building blocks, really good.

The role of this language environment is to develop children’s “speaking and hearing systems.”

  When children interact with adults, they will imitate the intonation and intonation of adults, that is, they learn to speak, through the activities and games of life on the basis of spontaneous and proper foundation in the first place.

  When training children’s listening skills, parents can supplement slowly in time. Repeated utterances can help children understand and imitate their parents’ speeches, which is good for the language development of early childhood.

  Parents try to be as accurate and clear as possible, because children’s language habits and best characteristics developed from a young age will be difficult to correct in the future. It is necessary for them to use the language standardized from an early age to provide a basis for future oral expression.

  Let children learn language in children’s fun. Living in a monotonous environment is not good for children’s language development. To create a different living environment, let children meet and listen more, there is “material” to speak.

For example, children in kindergartens often can’t distinguish between left and right shoes. If the teacher just calls it to teach that these shoes are left-foot shoes, that is right-foot shoes. No matter how many children say, they may still be confused.

  At this time, the teacher can compose a childlike little story: “Children, look, the two shoes of a certain one are back to back and they are angry. Why are they not happy?

Because they are saying, ‘Wrong us, we have to face each other’ “.

  Later, the teacher helped the child swap the two shoes they wore, and then said, “Look, the two good friends nodded and smiled face to face. Why are they so happy?

Because they are dressed right.

The teacher accompanied the children with a cartoonized cartoon of two angry shoes and a cartoon of two smiling shoes.

In this way, the child can quickly distinguish between the left and right shoes, and will also use such interesting language to talk to children wearing the wrong shoes.

  Director Wu said that speaking to children in children’s language often received unexpected results.

For example, some children are very dirty and do not want to wash. Then you can tell your child this way. The baby ‘s little hand is saying, “How clean I am in the morning, but I am so dirty now, I am really sad.

The baby’s face said, “I’m so uncomfortable, I hope I will become fragrant soon.

“Little feet are also saying,” I’m also very sad, I want to relax comfortably for a while.

“The baby decided to wash this place first?

After listening, the child was not very willing to wash. After washing, he said, “My little face is fragrant, my little hands are clean, and my little feet are really comfortable!”

“Of course, through the increase of children’s age, adults should adopt corresponding personality methods to communicate with their children, otherwise the language level of these children will stay at a naive low-level stage.

    Using picture books for language training While teaching children to recognize specific things around them for language training, parents can also teach their children to learn to speak, such as buying some pictures and talking books and textbooks.

Children have a strong curiosity. These various descriptions are vivid and easy to arouse the child’s interest and facilitate his acceptance.

  When adults teach children to read books, do not follow the book, but talk while looking at the picture. Break down the content on the page into one or two sentences. Speak in a language that is concise, clear, and image-friendly.Feel kind and easy for them to remember and repeat.

  For some young children, they already have a certain understanding and acceptance ability, allowing them to practice speaking to painting themselves. Adults are only appropriate to guide, which is good for training children’s speaking ability and exerting their imagination.
  Director Wu is outstanding, and the preschool children’s imitation ability is extremely strong. As the child’s first teacher of language learning-parents, they must set an example for their children when they speak.

American psycholinguist F.R. Schleiber said, “To know what your child’s future language will be, you must first study your own speech now.

“If parents swear in front of their children and swear words casually, it will have a negative impact on their physical and mental health and language development.

Therefore, young parents must pay attention to their words and deeds in front of their children, and must not be careless.