You Young exposes Chen Nian’s college entrance examination composition and writes it to himself 20 years later

“You Young” exposes Chen Nian’s college entrance examination composition and writes it to himself 20 years later
On November 7, the movie “You’re You” exposed a letter from Chen Nian played by Zhou Dongyu in the film to 20 years later, which was also the translation of her composition for the college entrance examination.In the letter, Chen Nian wrote to the 17-year-old self at the age of 37, “Even if you become a mediocre adult, we are all worth living.”The text version is as follows: I believe that I have been secretly observing you for several days.You are 37 years old this year, and you do n’t look too old. You do n’t have any signs of weight gain. You lighten your makeup, wear sneakers, dress plainly, and do n’t have a logo on your bag.You have an Air Force AI auto cruising car, which is standard in this era. You get in the car and take out a book to read. Although global reading has long been electronic, you still stick to the slightly more expensive habit of paper books.I don’t know what job you are doing. It must have been very hard. The last time you entered that building, you only came out 20 hours later, and you were asleep on the return bus.I am a little relieved that you did not look terrible; but you are also a bit disappointed. You look like an ordinary office worker. It turns out that 20 years later, the most common office worker in the world is nothing new.So I took the red light to step forward and knock on your car window.The window glass opened axially, and you looked at me.You don’t know me anymore, like all 37-year-old adults, no longer know 17-year-old boy.I ask you: Chen Nian, is it worth living?You stunned your eyes wide, probably don’t understand the nerves of this young man, the window closed shut prematurely, the car hurried away.I was sad to stand there, but after a few minutes, you came back.You ask me: why ask this question?How do you know my name?I didn’t answer. Silence is what all teenagers are good at.So you take me home.You live in a small rental room, which is not gorgeous and neatly furnished.You let me take a shower and eat, just as another person once cared for me.I eat and watch you, if you do n’t recognize me at this moment, then you really have become a good person.I am picky: you are not very rich.You smile embarrassedly.I said again: You do n’t look too smart, it ‘s not enough to protect a few people.You are honest: you are still smart when you study, but later found that smart is not enough, you need wisdom.Wisdom takes time, and I am not old enough.This reason is logical and acceptable.I nodded and looked around.There are a few male items in the room, but it is not a trace of long life.I’m a little uneasy: Have you been with someone you like him very much and he likes you too?Without answering, I repeat: that person, you promised that there will be someone in the future?You look at me.I know you recognize me.You didn’t speak, and slowly seemed to be thinking about something.I was so nervous that I couldn’t breathe.You suddenly smile: just last month, you just asked this question.I froze.You said: Every time you come, you ask the same question.For so many years, I often think why you just do n’t worry about me and want to come and see me repeatedly.Just now, I suddenly wanted to understand.Your eyes look at the alarm clock on the table.Yes, 20 years later, AI can replace the driver, the table is still very old and very old, the alarm clock of this era.I also understand.I said: It’s not me who came to see you, it’s you who came to see me.It ‘s 37 years old Chen Nian who ca n’t forget to come back to see me 17 years old.I said: So what answer do you want?You asked six words, “Can I be mediocre?”I thought for a long time.I am only 17 years old and have n’t experienced enough things, but I already know that the world ‘s most heroic places are Marvel and DC movies, as well as online novels written by boys, and life is mediocre.Mediocre is true.I answer you: “No”.What I did n’t say: even if you become a mediocre adult, we are all worth living.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Shihui

[How to make ingredients for kiln chicken]_how to make_how to make

[How to make ingredients for kiln chicken]_how to make_how to make

Tuyao chicken is a very delicious traditional alternative. Tuyao chicken is totally different from roast chicken.

The earthen kiln chicken is made with earth chicken as the main ingredient. After adding some seasonings and wrapping with tin foil, it is baked at high temperature in the earth kiln. When you open the foil, you will feel that the earth kiln chickenThe scent is fragrant, and the kiln chicken not only retains all the nutrients of the chicken, but also makes the chicken a little greasy and very delicious.

Ingredients: 1 chicken (about 2 kg), 6 shallots, 2 fish pastes, 2 ginsengs, 6 goji berries, 4 pieces of bamboo Sheng, 1 longan meat, 10 garlic, 12 jujubes, 5 gingerFlakes, peanuts, two seasonings: one cup of rice wine, two sugars, two tablespoons of soy sauce, pepper powder, two tablespoons of sesame oil, cinnamon powder.

First peel the steamed black jujube for future use.

Cut the shallots into sections and fry them in a frying pan with garlic. Add the ginger segments and fry them slightly before removing the pan.

We put the cooked chicken in a large pot, pour a portion of the soy sauce and mix well, and then fry it in the oil pan until the surface is slightly crispy.


Add peanuts and fish paste and mix thoroughly.

Soak the bamboo Sheng, cut it into thin slices, absorb moisture with a paper towel, fill it with peanut fish paste, place it in a dish, and steam in a steamer for 15 minutes until cooked.

Add the sesame oil, wine, pepper, cinnamon powder, soy sauce, Mirin and broth and mix thoroughly. Stuff the ginseng, wolfberry, longan and black dates from the buttocks into the chicken belly.Put in a foil bag, add ginger segments, garlic, shallots and sauce together into the bag.


After the seal is fixed with a clip, it is transferred to a steamer and steamed.

5 hours.

We put the steamed chicken into the pan, cut the foil bag, and then steamed the peanut fish paste Zhusheng into the dish, drizzled the soup in the bag to complete this Taiwanese kiln today.Chicken out.

The nutritional value of earth kiln chicken Earth kiln chicken replaces roast chicken. It is not exposed to open flames during the whole cooking process, so it is greasy, not easy to ignite, and suitable for all ages. It is especially suitable for the southern environment.

Because the processing time is short, the muscles are tender and smooth, and the maximum size retains the nutritional value of the chicken, so there is a rich chicken saying that even the Qianlong emperor praised him.

[Eating these foods all night long will make you a garbage man!】

銆 愮 咲 撶 撆 氆 氎 氋 氺 夺 墺 夃 岃  覨 犳 垚 鍨 僨 溜 沜 餒 銆?
涓婄彮涓€鏃忥紝鍔犱釜鐝啲涓鏄伩鍏嶄笉浜嗙殑浜嬪効銆備綔鎭寰嬭鎵撲贡浜嗭紝璇ヨ韬綋寰楀埌浼戞伅鐨勬椂鍊欎綘杩樺湪鎷煎懡宸ヤ綔锛岃繖鏈潵灏辨槸瀵硅韩浣撶殑涓€绉嶄激瀹筹紝濡傛灉杩欎釜鏃跺€欒倸瀛愬張楗夸簡锛屼綘鍐嶅悆鐐逛笉璇ュ悆鐨勪笢瑗匡紝閭e韬綋鐨勪激瀹冲彧鑳借捣鍒伴洩涓婂姞闇滅殑涓嶈壇鍚庢灉鍝︺€傚洜姝わ紝鍔犵彮鐔鏃讹紝鑲氬瓙楗垮悆瀹靛锛岄鐗╃殑閫夋嫨鍗佸垎閲嶈锛屼互涓嬩簲绉嶉鐗╋紝濡傛灉浣犳妸瀹冨綋鍋氫綘鐨勫澶滐紝閭e氨浼氳浣犵灛闂村彉鎴愨€滃瀮鍦句汉鈥濄€?1銆佸惈鍜栧暋鍥犵殑椋熺墿 鍜栧暋銆佹祿鑼躲€佸阀鍏嬪姏锛屽寘鎷彲鍙e彲涔愮瓑涓€浜涚⒊閰搁ギ鏂欙紝It ‘s very difficult to find out how to do it by using the “chain” and “chain”, and it ‘s very easy to find out how to do it.The result is that there is a lot of trouble, and it ‘s very difficult to get it to work. It ‘s very hard to break it down. It ‘s a rainbow.殑涓滆タ锛屽叾鎵€鍚殑鍜栧暋鍥犱細鍒烘縺鑳冮儴绁炵粡锛屽紩璧疯儍閮ㄧ棄鎸涳紱濡傛灉鎮ㄦ槸涓€浣嶅瓡濡堝锛屾洿搴旇鍔犱互娉ㄦ剰锛屽洜涓哄挅鍟″洜鍙嚧鑳庡効鐣稿舰锛岀敋鑷虫祦浜с€? 123456

[Donkey Meat Food]_Donkey Meat_Dietary Taboo_Food Taboo

銆 愰 ┐Setting up 夏 协 协 嬏 夬 椋 椋 夺 劺 劆 汱 抹 溹 倝 倝 _ 楗  绂 佸 繉 _ 椋 熺 冿 縸 繉
The lawsuits are very important, and they are very difficult to use. They are very difficult to use, or do you want to know how to do it, or how to do it, or how to do it?弴绫讳竴璧烽鐢ㄥ氨瀵艰嚧澶у鍑虹幇蹇冪粸鐥涳紝鑰岄┐鑲夎窡鐚倝涓€璧峰悆鍙堜細寮曡捣娑堝寲绯荤粺璐熸媴澶噸锛屼篃浼氬紩璧疯吂鐥涳紝鎵€浠ュぇ瀹跺湪骞虫椂鍚冮┐鑲夌殑鏃跺€欒娉ㄦ剰瀹冪殑鎼厤銆傝嚦浜庨┐鑲夎窡鍝簺椋熸潗鏄浉鍏嬬殑锛屾垜浠彲浠ユ潵浜嗚В杩欑瘒鏂囩珷鐨勫唴瀹广€?椹磋倝涓嶈兘鍜屼粈涔堜竴璧峰悆1銆侀┐鑲変笉鑳藉拰鑿岀被椋熸潗涓€璧峰悆椹磋倝涓嶈兘鍜岃弻绫婚鏉愪竴璧峰悆锛岀壒鍒槸涓嶈兘鍜岄噾閽堣弴鍜屽钩鑿囦互鍙婅崏鑿囩瓑椋熸潗涓€璧峰悆锛屽洜涓哄畠浠€ц川鐩稿厠锛屼竴璧烽鐢ㄤ互鍚庝笉浣嗕笉浼氳浜轰綋鍚告敹澶氱钀ュ吇鎴愬垎锛岀浉鍙嶄細璁╀汉浣撳嚭鐜板績缁炵棝锛屽浜轰綋鍋ュ悍鍗佸垎涓嶅埄銆?銆侀┐鑲変笉鑳藉拰鐚倝涓€璧峰悆椹磋倝鍜岀尓鑲変笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆锛屽畠浠€у懗鐢樻粦锛屼竴璧峰悆浼氬姞閲嶄汉浣撴秷鍖栫郴缁熺殑璐熸媴锛屼篃鑳藉紩鍙戣吂婊村畾涓€鎴栬€呰吂鐥涚瓑涓嶈壇鐥囩姸锛屽彟澶栭┐鑲夋€ф俯锛岀尓鑲夋€у瘨锛屼袱鑰呮€ц川鐩稿弽锛屼竴璧烽鐢ㄤ笉鍒╀簬瀹冧滑鍔熸晥鐨勫彂鎸ャ€?銆 侀 ┐Equipped by the use of the stir-fry bed and the bed and the bed and the bed and the peak of the mountain, there is no inconvenience, the lawsuit, the tree, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed妲愯姳绛夐鏉愪竴璧峰悆锛岃繖浜涢鏉愪笌椹磋倝涓€璧峰悆锛屼細浜х敓涓€浜涘浜轰綋鏈夊鐨勬瘨鎬х Yi Lu  Ren Mei Yun  Banghonghongfu Hongbangchanyang  Juan Qiangtanbangchan Yang  Juanqiangjiangyu new Chinese Hay  Jing Tao  Hong pot ュ defended adze Anyuechaner ┐ Xiangcuoshanjuan Qiang兘鍜岄粍鑺辫彍涓€璧峰悆锛屽畠浠竴璧峰悆浼氬紩鍙戝績鑴忕梾銆?

Joint private equity institutions: short-term market transition will converge

Joint private equity institutions: short-term market transition will converge

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Original title: Short-term market volatility will converge due to factors such as the effect of the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. Since 夜来香体验网 this week, the main stock index’s attack speed has been slightly reduced compared to the previous period.

Currently, private equity institutions generally believe that the transition of the pre-holiday market will converge.

However, for the current round of A-share spring offensives launched early, the views of private equity institutions as a whole are still optimistic.

  Strong market shocks After the heavy volume of the entire week pushed up last week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets experienced strong shocks in the first three trading days of the first half of the week, and the activity and market volume of individual stocks decreased significantly compared with the previous period.

In terms of specific index performance, the Shanghai Stock Index, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index, the SME Board Index, the ChiNext Board, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300A shares of the five major stock indexes increased slightly on Monday, and the possibility appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As of the close of January 15, the five major stock indexes rose -0 in the first three trading days of the week.

07%, +0.

85%, +2.

07%, +1.

05% and +0.


  According to Wind data, as of the close of the 15th, of the 3746 stocks that can be traded in the two cities, a total of 1,626 stocks have increased in the first three trading days this week, accounting for less than 50%.

Overall, the money-making effect of individual stocks has dropped significantly from last week.

  However, gradually, at present, the current positive trend of Northbound funds’ continued net purchase of A shares continues, which at the same time continues to promote the structural strength of excess cash to replace individual stocks.

Wind data shows that on January 15 Northbound funds bought a total of 10 A shares.

US $ 4.4 billion, a net inflow for the tenth consecutive trading day since the beginning of 2020.

Over the past 1 month, the northbound funds from the mainland stock exchange have gradually flowed into A shares 464.

8.4 billion US dollars, still continues the high net buying efforts in recent months.

  Grasp the market rhythm Sunda Fund said that the A-share market, especially the Shanghai Stock Index, has shown some hesitation in the past few trading days. This has both technical factors and the external environment.

However, judging from the comparison of the performance of the external and domestic markets, the internal factors are the strength of the current market.

In a moderate environment where consumption is relatively stable and industrial product prices are picking up month-on-month, short-term market risks are not expected to show a noticeable shift in weakness.

In addition, it was proposed to effectively play the direct financing functions of wealth management, insurance, trust and other products, cultivate value investment and long-term investment concepts, and encourage capital to enter the market, which also laid a good foundation for the medium and long-term development of the A-share market.

Overall, the market is still in the spring, but investors still need to grasp the rhythm and rotation of the market.

  Cheng En Capital believes that the recent market has maintained a strong shock, and the amount of upswing can be improved. From a technical point of view, the short-term market has some upward pressure, and the future market operation still needs to pay attention to the transaction volume to match the situation.

At the same time, the conversion of the Spring Festival holiday is extended, and the A-share market is expected to gradually lighten trading, and market volatility will also converge.

In terms of specific operational strategies, although the current domestic economic recovery indicators have continued to increase, the period of concentrated announcement of the performance of the annual report of listed companies has been extended, and the profitability of enterprises still needs investors to focus on.

  Tang Tao, chief investment officer of Shanghai Broadbridge Finance, said that the recent broad market continued to fluctuate and rise, and it is not appropriate to guess the top too soon.

One week before the Spring Festival, the market may be consolidated, and the A-share market can continue to be optimistic after the holiday.

(Wang Hui)

[How to eat red beans to make the best blood]_Red beans to make blood _How to eat _ 吃法

绾㈣眴鏄竴绉嶉潪甯告粙琛ョ殑璞嗙被椋熸潗锛岃繖绉嶈眴绫荤殑钀ュ吇浠峰€奸潪甯搁珮锛屽嚑涔庡拰榛勮眴涓€鏍蜂笉鍒嗕集浠诧紝浣嗘槸鐢变簬绾㈣眴鐨勪骇閲忓緢浣庯紝鍥犳锛岀孩璞嗘祦琛岀殑鍖哄煙姣旇緝灞€闄愩€傜孩璞嗗彲浠ョ敤鏉ヨˉ琛€锛岃兘澶熷揩閫熻ˉ鍏呮皵琛€锛屽濂虫€ч潪甯稿ソ锛屼絾鏄紝绾㈣眴鎬庝箞鍚冩渶琛ヨ鍛紵 1。ヨ  绾 ㈣ 朗 慗 慗 揗 揙 揙 掂 揶 150g Back to the Aya?0g锛岀孩璞嗛€傞噺鍋氭硶锛氱孩璞嗘礂鍑€锛岀敤娓呮按娴告场2-3灏忔椂锛岀劧鍚庢崬鍑烘斁鍏ユ堡閿呬腑锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺娓呮按锛屽ぇ鐏叜寮€鍚庤浆灏忕伀锛屼竴鐩寸叜鍒拌眴瀛愮啛閫忓嵆鍙€傛帴鐫€灏嗗ぇ绫炽€佺朝绫虫斁鍦ㄤ竴璧锋窐娲楀共鍑€锛屾斁鍏ョ數楗攨涓紝鍐嶆斁鍏ュ垰鎵嶇叜濂界殑绾㈣眴锛屽€掑叆鐓孩璞嗙殑姹わ紝鍔犲叆1灏忓寵椋熺洂锛屾媽鍖€鍚庣洊涓婄洊瀛愶紝鎸変笅鐓キ閿紝绛夊緟绾㈣眴楗叜濂藉氨鍙互浜嗐€?2.绾 ㈣ 眴 绱 Back 姹 ゆ 欗 揙 欙 紙 绾 ㈣ 眴 20g0g锛岃渹铚滈€傞噺鍋氭硶锛氬皢绾㈣眴鍜岀传绫冲垎鍒礂鍑€锛岀敤娓呮按娴告场涓€澶溿€傜浜屽ぉ灏嗘蹈娉$殑姘村€掓帀锛岄噸鏂板姞姘存敞姘达紝鍐嶄互灏忕伀鐓€忓嵆鍙€傞鐢ㄦ椂鍙互鍔犲叆閫傞噺铚傝湝璋冨懗銆傛敞鎰忥紝绱背涓嶅鏄撴秷鍖栵紝涓€娆′笉瀹滈鐢ㄨ繃澶氥€?3.紾 ㈢ 豢 锏 邏 悎 Ti regulation and 揂 揂 揙 紙 眴 20g Adorable?0g: What is it?0g: ?绯栭€傞噺鍋氭硶锛氬皢绾㈣眴銆佺豢璞嗐€佺櫨鍚堟礂鍑€锛屽垎鍒敤娓呮按娴告场鍗婂皬鏃躲€傛崬鍑烘播骞叉按鍒嗭紝鏀惧叆閿呬腑锛岄噸鏂板姞鍏ラ€傞噺娓呮按锛屽厛鐢ㄥぇ鐏叜娌革紝鍐嶆敼灏忕伀鐓嚦涓ょ璞嗗瓙鐔熼€忋€傚悗鍔犲叆閫傞噺椋熺洂鎴栬€呯硸璋冨懗锛屽捀椋熺敎椋熺殕鍙€?.绾 ㈣ 眖 咎 帎 姎 姹 姹 ゆ 揂 揙 揙 璙 璗 忎 岊 20g Adorable children?0g锛屽啺绯栭€傞噺鍋氭硶锛氬皢钖忎粊銆佺孩璞嗘礂鍑€锛岀敤姘存蹈娉$害鍗婂ぉ锛屾崬鍑烘播骞插鐢ㄣ€傝枏浠佸厛鏀惧叆閿呬腑锛屽姞姘寸叜鑷冲崐杞紝鍐嶅姞鍏ョ孩璞嗙叜鐔燂紝鍚庡姞鍏ュ啺绯栵紝鐓嚦瀹屽叏婧跺寲鍚庣唲鐏紝鏀惧噳鍗冲彲椋熺敤銆?

[How to make jujube honey tea]_Home jujube honey tea practice_Encyclopedia of jujube honey tea practice_How to make jujube honey tea

[How to make jujube honey tea]_Home jujube honey tea practice_Encyclopedia of jujube honey tea practice_How to make jujube honey tea

It is indeed a very happy thing to cook by yourself.

This can only be played by people who can cook by themselves. The following introduces the method of jujube honey tea, and makes it yourself1.

Dried jujube, soaked in water and washed.


12 Peel the dates to remove the flesh and remove the dates.


21 Add the rock sugar on top.


Add about a pair of clear water without jujube.


Slowly cook until the jujube is soft and rotten, stir with a spatula and smash it.


If you like more detailed jujube puree, you can use a cooking machine to break it.


Continue to cook until the date puree is dry and turn off the heat.


Cool the date puree, scoop the date puree into the bottle with a spoon, and mix it with honey.

If you want to improve your cooking skills, of course, you can’t avoid a lot of practice. Today, Xiaobian believes that jujube honey tea introduced by friends who like to cook is very suitable to practice, so that your cooking skills can be greatly improved, hurry upGo try it.

[Cafeteria Featured Cauldron Recipe]_How to_How to do

What’s wrong Shi  Shiting Tingrenzukang  Tuan  Tuan still water  Makuiyishi eng ぇ Kuinouqingwei  Wang Jiangsuipankou  Makuiyishi eng ぇ Kuirujingwei  Wang Jiangsuipanou  Ma樻槸鍦ㄥぇ鍨嬬殑鍏徃绛夊湴鏂紝椋熷爞閮芥槸浜轰滑灏遍鐨勬渶涓昏鐨勫湴鏂广€傚綋鐒讹紝椋熷爞涓彲浠ュ仛鐨勮彍涔熸槸鏈夊緢澶氱鐨勶紝姣斿璇寸櫧鑿滅倴绮夋潯銆侀潚妞掔倰楦¤泲銆佽檸鐨潚妞掔瓑锛岄兘鏄瘮杈冨叿鏈夌壒鑹茬殑椋熷爞澶ч攨鑿溿€備笅闈紝灏变负澶у璇︾粏浠嬬粛杩欎笁绉嶉鐗╃殑鍋氭硶銆備竴銆佺櫧鑿滅倴绮夋潯闇€瑕佸噯澶囩殑涓绘枡鏈夛細鐧借彍鍜岃倝鐗?閰辨补鑵屾笉)锛岃皟鏂欐湁娌癸紝钁憋紝濮滐紝钂滐紝骞茬孩杈f锛岃姖楹婚叡锛岄浮绮惧拰鐩愩€傚仛娉曪細1.Remedy: If you want to do this, you will be able to donate it. If you do n’t know what to do, do n’t you want to donate it?.鐧借彍涓嬮攨锛岀炕鐐掔墖鍒伙紝鍔犳按銆佺矇鏉°€佽眴鑵愶紝鐩栭攨鐩栵紝涓皬鐏剸15-20鍒嗛挓銆?.This is the most important thing in the world. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s hard to argue. It ‘s very difficult to find out what is going on here.侀潚妞掔倰楦¤泲椋熸潗锛氬湡楦¤泲3涓€侀潚妞?涓€佽挏澶?绮掋€佺敓濮?鐗囥€佽彍绫芥补閫傞噺銆佹枡閰掑皯璁搞€佺洂閫傞噺鐑归オ姝ラ锛?.Do you have a chain link? Do you want to get rid of it?.I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.芥槸鎿︽垚鐢熷娉ャ€?.It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a mirror image. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s so beautiful. What ‘s the matter?.閿呬腑鍔犲叆閫傞噺椋熺敤娌癸紝娌圭儹鍚庡€掑叆楦¤泲娑层€?.Is it true that the marriage is broken?.What are you talking about? Should you look at your shoulders?.What are you going to do? Do you have a lot of time? Do you have a lot of trouble? Do you have a lot of time? Do you have a lot of soup? Do you have a lot of time?.娣峰悎鐐掑寑锛屽苟鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐩愯皟鍛炽€?.What are the gallium tarts and floats? What are you doing? What are you talking about? How are you going to do it? What is the chain of peaks and peaks?0.缈荤倰鐗囧埢鍗冲彲鍑洪攨銆傝皟鍛虫枡瓒婂皯锛岃秺鑳戒綋鐜板嚭椋熸潗鍘熸湰鐨勫懗閬撱€備笁銆佽檸鐨潚妞掗鏉愶細闈掓6鏍广€佹补浜屾堡鍖欍€佺敓鎶戒竴姹ゅ寵銆佺洂2鍏嬨€佺硸涓€姹ゅ寵銆侀唻浜屾堡鍖欍€佽挏浜岀摚鐑归オ姝ラ锵?.灏嗗皷妞掓礂鍑€锛屽垏鎺夎拏閮紝鍙互鐢ㄥ皬鍕烘寲鎺夌苯銆?.濡傛灉灏栨杈冮暱锛屽彲浠ュ鍗婂垏寮€銆傚鏋滄瘮杈冨皬锛屽彲浠ュ湪琛ㄩ潰杞昏交鍒掍竴浜涘皬鍙o紝杩欐牱姣旇緝鍏ュ懗銆?.澶ц挏鍒囨垚钂滄湯銆傚皢鐢熸娊銆侀閱嬨€佺硸鍜岀洂鍦ㄧ涓皟鎴愬懗姹併€?.骞冲簳閿呬腑鏀惧叆娌癸紝涓皬鐏姞鑷冲洓浜旀垚鐑€傚皢鎿﹀共姘翠唤鐨勯潚妞掓斁鍦ㄩ攨涓€傞渶瑕佷笉鏃剁炕闈㈠苟鐢ㄩ攨閾茶交鎸夐潚妞掞紝浣垮皷妞掓瘡闈㈤兘鑳藉彈鐑潎鍖€鐓庢垚铏庣毊锛岀洓鍑哄緟鐢ㄣ€?.鐑攨鍑夋补锛屾斁鍏ヨ挏鏈吀棣欍€?.Chain linking, linking, linking, linking, linking, linking, linking, linking, linking, etc.?。鎶婄厧濂界殑闈掓鍊掑叆閿呬腑锛岀炕鍖€鍏ュ懗銆傚緟姹ゆ眮娴撶鏃跺彲鍑洪攨銆傚枩娆㈤叡姹佹洿娴撶鍙嬀浜涜姘存穩绮夈€?

How to prevent dry eye disease

How to prevent dry eye disease

During the day, I face the computer all day at work. After work, I still play mobile phones and computers. This kind of life puts a lot of pressure on our eyes. Dry eye disease and conjunctivitis are all eye diseases of young people.It is very important to protect our eyes. Modern people have a lot of dry eye symptoms. Drinking a lot of medicinal teas can effectively treat dry eye symptoms. Here are some medicinal diets for eye and eye protection.

  1, wolfberry porridge 20 grams of wolfberry, 60 grams of rice and rice with the same porridge to eat.

Particularly suitable for those who often suffer from dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, waist and knee weakness and so on.

  2. Psyllium porridge Psyllium 15?
30 grams, 100 grams of rice previously, wrap the psyllium seed into a cloth bag, add the previous rice and cook the porridge after the decoction, which can soak the water and nourish the liver.

For dry eye patients with damp and hot body.

  3, wolfberry pig liver soup amount of wolfberry, pig liver amount, the same soup.

Pork liver is rich in vitamin A, and is matched with nourishing eyesight.

  4, wolfberry mulberry porridge 5 grams of wolfberry, 5 grams of mulberry, 5 grams of yam, 5 dates, before 100 grams of rice with porridge to eat.

Lycium barbarum, mulberry nourishing blood eyesight, yam, red dates to nourish lungs and kidneys, nourishing qi and spleen.

If the visually fatigued person can take two meals a day in the morning and evening, and take it for a long time, it can eliminate the symptoms of dry eye fatigue and strengthen the physique.

  5, pig liver mung bean porridge 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG each amount.

First cook the mung bean and rice together. After the eighth is mature, put the sliced or stripped pork liver into the pot and cook it together. After cooking, add the seasoning.

Nourishing the liver and nourishing blood, clearing heat and eyesight, and beauty and emollient, can make people look radiant, especially suitable for those who have dry eyes and discomfort, yellow complexion, vision loss, and blurred vision.

Eucommia and old man riding a crane

Eucommia and old man riding a crane

Legend has it that in a small mountain village in the foothills of Huashan, Shaanxi, there is a family, son Li Houxiao, who is honest and honest.

One day, the 60-year-old mother suddenly became sick and bedridden.

Li Houxiao asked the doctor for treatment. After taking the medicine, the old mother’s illness did not improve, and Li Houxiao was in a hurry.

The doctor told him that there is a kind of ganoderma lucidum on the cliff of Huashan Mountain. As long as it is taken back, the mother’s illness will be saved.

Hou Xiao immediately took the medicine, took the hoe, and went to Huashan.

  Huashan, the cliffs are cut, towering into the clouds.

In order to treat the old mother, the thick filial piety is dangerous, the rock climbing is more and more, and finally the Lingzhi Baocao is collected. The joyful mood is difficult to express, but when the cliff is down, I accidentally sprained my waist and handed a slap.I fell down the mountain.

I don’t know how many headaches, thick filial piety slowly woke up, touched the treasures still, my heart is relieved, but I want to climb but can’t climb up, my waist and legs hurt, I have to bite my teeth and climb under a big tree.Rely on the trunk to rest.

  The sky quickly darkened, and I heard the cranes in the middle of the day, and I looked at the old man standing with a crane and a child.

Hou Xiaoyu struggled and shouted: “Grandpa helps me, I have to go home to save the old lady.” The old man smiled and said with a smile: “Children, the waist is not light, don’t move, wait for me to give you medical advice.”.
“Speaking of a small gourd from the arms, stretched out a strip of bark from the tree, the bark broke, stripped the filaments, stuffed into the gourd and shaken three times, the bark immediately turned into water, the old man gave thick filial pietyNext, not long after the thick filial piety will not hurt.

The old man laughed and raised Hou Xiao said: “Children, come home soon, the old mother is still waiting for medication!

“Huang Xiao holds the hand of the old man, thank you very much, and he must leave the name of the old man.”

The old man pointed at the big tree: “This wood is long, and people are normal.

Why do you need to be famous for helping the sick and ill!

“When you finish, ride a white crane and float away.”

  Hou Xiao looked at the back of the old man, did not explain what was in the poem, immediately went home, gave Ganoderma lucidum to his mother, and the medicine went to the sick.

  A few days later, Hou Xiao came to the tree again, only to see that the tree was covered with elliptical, jagged green leaves. The tree was thick and straight, and Li Houxiao recognized this as Eucommia.

Hou Xiao recalled the scene at the time, muttering the four poems left by the old man. Ah!

Is this not the word “eucommia”?

This wood is long, and a “earth” next to “wood” is “Du”. People are also ordinary, and “people” is “Zhong”. Could it be that Du Zhongshu can cure a waist injury?

Hou Xiao was very surprised. She peeled off a tree belt and went home. She was hit by a villager who sprained her waist. Hou Xiaoxiao frowned the bark and the patient took it. It was effective.

  Eucommia, with bark medicine, warm, sweet, functional liver and kidney, strong bones and bones, attending lumbar pain, knee and weak limb embolism.