Baby food supplement schedule

Baby food supplement schedule

What is the supplementary food supplement schedule? In our life, the baby’s diet should be paid attention to. Take care of the baby’s diet, then you know what the supplementary food supplementation schedule is, what is the principle of supplementary food supplementation, and what is the supplementary food supplementation for infants?What is a recipe? Let’s take a look.

  At any time when the baby grows up, only breast milk is not enough. At this time, parents should give him food supplements.

Food is a kind of food that directly affects children’s nutrition and children’s growth and development, so it must be supplemented by scientific planning!

  Complementary food supplements have two functions. One is that the added nutrients replace the lack of simple dairy products and promote the healthy growth of children; the other is to train children’s gastrointestinal functions, chewing and other physiological functions.

Among them, the first one is very important.

Therefore, the initial supplementary food should be related to the nutrient requirements of the child growing to 4-6 months.

  First, when supplementary food is added, the latest WHO regulations require that pure breast milk or formula be fed to the baby for 6 months before supplementary food is added (the old rule was 4 months), because breast milk or formula can be completely 0 to 6 months.Your baby provides adequate nutrition. Adding complementary food too early can cause allergies and physical discomfort.

  Because the baby’s digestive and absorption system and immune system are not yet mature, they cannot cope with too many complex foods.

If you really want to add your mother in advance, wait until your baby is 17 weeks old.

The baby must add supplementary food at six months, because the iron content in breast milk and formula milk is obviously insufficient, and the baby needs to take in supplementary food. At this time, the baby has matured in all aspects, and can gradually cope with various changing supplementary foods.
  Theoretically, the supplementary food is added for more than 4 months, but it really depends on your baby’s situation in life. Most babies are officially added only after 6 months.

  Tips: By the age of one, milk is still a staple food.

  Second, how to add complementary foods, that is, baby’s complementary foods, between 6 months and one year old, many of the baby’s nutrition can also be supplemented from breast milk or formula milk, the baby must also ensure that the amount of 500 ml to 800 ml per daymilk.

Don’t worry when adding complementary foods. Add them the same way, so you can observe your baby’s response to the added complementary foods.

For the first time, you can use the baby’s favorite milk to make rice noodles. Feed the baby at a fixed hour in the morning. It is best to feed the baby a little milk first. Try to add complementary foods when the baby is not too hungry.

When feeding your baby, be sure to sit upright, and don’t lay it down to avoid holding your baby.

  The safest early additions are rice flour, apple, pear, banana, papaya, avocado, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato, potato and pumpkin.

Among them, bananas, papaya, and pears can be broken and eaten directly by babies without cooking.

  Third, the foods that should be avoided in complementary foods are for your baby’s health and reduce allergies. The following foods are not given to your baby at random. Be careful, the best.

  Gluten-free foods Babies within six months should not eat any food that contains gluten, such as flour, oats, etc.

All foods that are prone to allergies are tried to be added later.

  Before the baby turns one year old, no salt can be added to any food. Too much salt will metabolize the baby’s mature kidney and cause a burden, and it will affect the baby’s eating habits and cause high blood pressure in the future.

In addition, too much salt can affect your baby’s absorption of calcium.

When your baby is young, you do n’t need salt and do n’t know to eat salty, so do n’t hurry to add salt. Seasoning can be adjusted with the natural taste of fruits and vegetables. This is very important for your baby ‘s future health.

  Do not add sugar to the sugar baby’s food. Too much sugar will increase the baby’s risk of broken teeth. Moreover, rapid changes in blood sugar may cause the baby to be emotional, especially crying.

Sugar is never added to Doudou’s diet, mainly because the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables makes the baby’s complementary food delicious.

  Honey Because honey contains a kind of bacteria, it can cause babies to be infected or even poisoned. Therefore, never give honey to your baby before the age of one.

Some parents say that constipation needs honey and water, but honey must not be added before one year old.

For baby constipation, orange or plum juice is recommended instead of honey.

  Eggs are foods that are prone to allergies. Add them as late as possible, and the eggs must be completely cooked before they are given to the baby.

The egg yolk started to increase at nine months, and the egg white was added later because it is more likely to induce induction.

  In the United Kingdom, the requirement is to increase after 5 years of age. One is susceptible to allergies, and the other is easy to get stuck in the baby, which is dangerous.

  Milk babies need breast milk or formula milk until one year old, because milk contains important iron and vitamin C.

In the first six months after adding complementary foods, your baby should also add 500ml to 800ml of breast milk and formula milk. Then the milk can be used to cook some dishes.

  Strawberries and kiwi strawberries are the most susceptible foods in fruits, especially if your baby has stress or eczema, you should avoid strawberries.

Kiwis can only be given to babies over 9 months old. Try not to eat kiwis under 9 months.

  Seafood Try not to eat seafood for your baby within one year of age, because it is prone to allergies, and immature cooking can also cause food poisoning.

  High-fiber foods High-fiber foods are very healthy for adults, but they will affect the baby’s absorption of important trace elements. Do not give them to your baby until two years old.  Juice-fed babies do not need to drink water, and babies who use formula milk can drink some boiled water in hot summer days.

Juice should wait until the baby can use the cup before drinking the juice. When the baby is about 9 months old, white grape juice is the most friendly juice for the baby’s stomach and it is also the easiest to absorb.

The orange juice is too acidic and it is too irritating to the baby’s stomach and should be added later.

All juices should be replaced at least twice before adding to the baby. The daily amount should not be too much. Do not exceed 100 ml before one year old, and do not exceed 200 ml when one to four years old.

Admit that too much juice can cause diarrhea in your baby.

  Conclusion: Through the introduction above, presumably everyone has a comprehensive understanding of how the baby food supplement schedule is based. The baby food supplement should be determined according to the growth of the child. I hope the above article can helpEveryone, I wish the baby a healthy body.

Five tips to relieve acne on the forehead


Five tips to relieve acne on the forehead

Many people find the acne on their foreheads silent.

As soon as it gets hot, the acne comes out, and everyone does not have the way to get acne, the severity is different.

Some are on the nose, some are on the chin, and some are on the forehead.

So how do you get rid of these abominable acne?

Here we will teach you five tips: Reason for acne on the forehead: 1. Sebum secretion is strong. Sebaceous glands are stimulated by hormones to produce more sebum. Greasy sebum, mixed with normal old keratin, is accumulated in hair follicles, and sebaceous glands secreteThe more vigorous the hair follicles, the more likely they are to form acne.

Acne grows mainly due to poor metabolism in the body and eating irritating food.

So if you want to eliminate acne, you must maintain good sleep and eating habits, eat less irritating food, eat less fried barbecue, drink more water to detox.

Use some natural oil-free acne products to get better results.

  Causes of acne on the forehead2, acne bacillus is easy to breed bacteria in the hair follicles, one of which is called acne acne (propionibacterium acnes), abbreviated as P bacteria, which eats sebum for survival, and normally exists in the skin.When the hair follicles are longer, P bacteria multiply quickly, and the chemicals they produce cause inflammation in and around the hair follicles.

This is a very common situation, while paying attention to cleansing, you can use medicines for acne skin diseases.

  Causes of forehead acne 3, changes in the hair follicles are increased by hormones and strong sebum secretion, and the hair follicles are changed. Normally dead keratin will be gradually discharged, and adolescent old keratin will soon be replaced and stuck together, and then mixed with sebum to doubleFacial hair follicles.

This time, clean the skin with makeup remover oil every day.

  Tips for forehead acne removal 1. Don’t start with acne. Because there are many things in contact with your hands, you are also the most seriously infected by bacteria.

No matter if you are meditating because of a problem or you are experiencing troubles, you can’t touch your forehead with your hands, otherwise the bacteria will be brought to your forehead, causing acne inflammation, and the consequences are even worse.

  2. If you ca n’t eat it, eat less acne on your forehead. You ca n’t eat greasy and spicy foods. Lighter foods are your choice. Some fruits, foods with less oil and salt, etc.

Therefore, you can eat less food that is harmful to acne.

  3, moisturizing spray with a moisturizing spray can prevent dryness, when you forehead acne, you must always moisturize, so moisturizing spray should be carried with you, the increase of air humidity can help you resist the growth of acne.

  4. Tied up long hair. Forehead acne is best tied up with long bangs, because if the hair comes in contact with acne, it will cause acne inflammation.

  5. Taking a beauty sleep Regardless of your skin problems, taking a beauty sleep can help you eliminate all your worries.

Forehead acne is no exception. Usually you have to choose the skin with the strongest nutrient absorption capacity, and start sleeping at 10 o’clock in the evening when the cells are most active. Acne is not easy to breed.

Is it too late to be young?

90 after those “punk health”

Is it too late to be young?
90 after those “punk health”

A year ago, there was a photo on Weibo that caused people to madly forward.

In the photo, a black-and-white middle-aged man in a black shirt, wearing a T-shirt and camouflage pants, sitting on a chair, can trim the obviously replaced belly.

He held a thermos cup on his left hand and stared at the cup.

This man is Zhao Mingyi, the drummer of the Chinese old rock band Panther.

The photographer who took pictures of him said: “I can’t imagine!

The man of Tiehan was now coming to me with a vacuum flask.

“The huge contrast in imagery has sparked people’s resonance.

Zhao Mingyi’s photo perfectly explains the contradictory vocabulary of “punk health”

Many of them accepted the word after 90, and merged their own living conditions. Although they are not punk like Zhao Mingyi, they really started to maintain health.

“I am old, okay?

“A bar in Shanghai Fuxing Road, waiting for the bar waiter to take a menu introduction, Wang Junlin took a cup of “apple mud plus agave”.

The bartender cut the apple into small pieces with a knife and threw it into the juicer.

As the gear rotates at high speed, a cup of apple puree is finished and poured out. Then, the bartender pours a little water and agave, shakes it up and down, mixes it thoroughly, pours it into a glass, and mixes it with a small pink rose.To Wang Junlin.

After a series of overtime shifts, on June 9th, Wang Junlin finally had a day off.

However, he did not want to stay at home to rest. In the evening, he had three friends and went to the bar to chat.

Come to this store, he often order this cup with strange wine.

Wang Junlin explained that this kind of match can not only drink the agave that you like, taste the taste of alcohol, but also add vitamin C.

“I am old, okay?

“Wang Junlin said.

Then, in the light of the bar, he sent the cup of fresh yellow drink mixed with eight-eighths of apple puree and one-ninth of agave to the circle of friends, with the words: “apple juice plus agave,Punk health to find out.

According to the traditional interpretation, “punk” represents a denial of system, business, and capital, and is more intense than rock.

If you follow this standard, Wang Junlin is not punk, his face is exquisite, dressed properly, speaks Sven, and has no punk temperament.

But people have provided a new explanation for this word, “punk health” has become a “health mode of self-rescue while killing” – they will eat spicy hot pot while drinking honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, rock candyHerbal tea, “heat and detoxification”; while working overtime, drinking tea.

On Weibo, there is a beauty blogger named “Mu Mou” who once wrote a Weibo: “The sisters smoked a cigarette and then quickly contained a piece of film. We, while committing suicide, frantically maintained.


She also has another microblogging, “Drinking wine, the more you drink!”

Throat sugar with smoke, the more you pumped the fairy!

“Although there is no “death”, this is in line with Wang Junlin’s living conditions.

After he arrived, he would immediately take remedial measures. As the Internet said, “The longest night, you must use the most expensive mask”, and decisively take out a mask of more than one hundred yuan and apply it to the body.

If it is acne, he will use a healthy water wet compress from Japan.

Before going to bed, he will gently absorb the essence of the small brown bottle night, with the eye cream and the lotion containing whitening essence, “the purpose is to repair, anti-aging.”

Wang Junlin said that the lotion was bought when he went to Japan to play, and he bought four bottles at a time.

He found from the book that Shenxiang had the effect of calming the soul. Later, when he slept, he would put an agarwood on the white bedside table, but he did not like the cigarette of agarwood, and deliberately turned on the air purifier.Suck away, leaving only the smell of agarwood, “This sleep will be particularly reassuring, very easy to enter the state of sleep.”

All of this seems complicated, but for Wang Junlin, mask and sleep are just the primary stage of health care.

Wang Junlin was born in 1991, and he is 27 years old this year. But he often hangs “old” on his lips. Half is a joke and half is reality.

One morning, he looked in the mirror and found wrinkles next to his eyes, and suddenly there was a panic in the old days.Recalling the past, he also approached “punk”.

Three years ago, he was still in college, and at 8:00 pm every Wednesday or Friday, he and his friends went to Nanjing’s “1912” bar neighborhood.

Albert, who is with him, often dresses up, draws a smoky makeup, uses a hair gel to make a cock, a black vest, skinny jeans, a black “rock” wind, a bracelet with a hand, a large sunglasses,Convert an IKEA black blanket into a cloak and wear a pair of slippers.

“I feel that he has to debut in minutes. This person is not a thing in the pool,” recalls Wang Junlin. He himself is a polo shirt and a suit shoes.

When you finish your life, you can see the city at 4 or 5 in the morning.

After that, they finished eating McDonald’s, then took the early morning subway back to school, took a nap, and the fever came back.

For one semester, he had kidney stones and urinary calculi in a row, and the pain rolled on the ground. Albert replaced him in the hospital early in the morning.

Just finished the stone, it was a hot pot at noon.

At that time, young people could make a strong effort. In the past two years, Wang Junlin has felt that his body is not as good as before.

Every night around 12 o’clock, Wang Junlin was too sleepy, “surrounded by coma.” If he came across the boss to work overtime, he would “pretend to die” and for a while he often felt guilty.

The same is true of the friends who once died together.

At the time of college, Albert’s hair was straight and hard, especially thick. “It’s like a mop.” After the graduation, the first year of work was particularly stressful. Every day at two o’clock, I went to bed at 7:00, and my hair fell awkwardly.”My mother gave me five black cockroaches, black fungus black sesame black 枸杞 black beans black rice, strong hair roots.

In April of this year, Wang Junlin also met Ai Xi’s work in the office to work overtime to send an emergency.

Ai Xi is a friend of the same age of Wang Junlin. When she saw the encyclopedia of “punk health”, she quickly shared screenshots with him. The two always exchanged their health experiences.

At 10 o’clock that evening, Ai Xi had been working overtime for several days and couldn’t sleep well.

The boss called again to urge the progress. Ai Xi felt that his decision was unreasonable and refuted him. The boss’s temper was particularly “warm” and she angered her.

Ai Xi stayed in the office alone. The more she wanted to get angry, the more and more uncomfortable the heart. Fortunately, she prepared a quick-acting rescue pill. She quickly poured out two tablets, which were contained under the tongue and used my mobile phone to call for help from a colleague next door.

Colleagues sent her to Shanghai Huashan Hospital for emergency treatment.

According to the plan, she had to fly to Finland on the second day of the trip, and the result was directly in the hospital.

In fact, this is not an extreme encounter between Wang Junlin and a few friends. Although the 90s were in the best gold rankings in the body, the health crisis has arrived in advance.

In July, data from a platform’s Medical Health Channel showed that 63% of the 90% of users who participated in the survey had hair loss and hair growth problems, and 48% of the users were consulting gastrointestinal health problems.

Dangdang Express Medicine accompanied by the report of the Dangdang Health Research Institute showed that some people generally had poor sleep and showed a state of “need to flip the opposite side to sleep peacefully”.

After 80 and 90, it became the main force of staying up late, accounting for up to 45.


The Ali retail platform found that in the age distribution of users searching for the word “insomnia”, the post-90s population aged 18 to 25 accounted for nearly 40% of the total population, surpassing the predecessors with a large “advantage”.Become the main force in the insomnia army.

At the same time, the proportion of young people aged 18 to 35 is nearly 80%, that is, 8 young people among 10 insomniacs.

“(Study abroad) has been staying up late after returning to work, to check, the body’s endocrine disorders, various hormones also exceeded the standard.

My lungs are in a smoked environment every day.

Ai Xi said that she is in the advertising industry. There are more male colleagues. When the company stays up late to work overtime, she often smokes and refreshes herself. She can only smoke second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke.

“At that moment, I felt that life was already very fragile. I was on the verge of death several times. Why didn’t I live well, so I began to pay attention to the problem of health.

Beauty neck covers true age_1

Beauty “neck” hides true age

I have a gossip hobby. I like to guess the true age of female stars. Whether it is movies, television or newspapers and magazines, it seems difficult to find the answer, and the money that stars spend on their faces also allows them to last forever.
You must ask, how do you guess?
It’s easy, just look at the “lower body” of their faces-the neck, at a glance!
  ●我在下边请别忘了我   没有女人不喜欢自己显得比真实年龄小,不仅明星,即便是普通人也喜欢,想遮掩自己的真实年龄,只保养脸部是不够的,因为颈部,这个The parts that are often overlooked by the expensive care products we choose are precisely the places where the secrets of age are leaked.
  Why are our necks older than our faces?
Now think about it, do these problems exist in your daily life?
  Have you never applied your neck when applying sunscreen?
The sebaceous glands in the neck are not secreted enough to keep the skin hydrated. Neglecting the sunscreen of the neck for a long time makes it difficult for the fragile skin on the neck to resist the damage of UV rays. The skin on the neck will become dull and long, and the neck lines will become more obvious.
  Have you done nothing to protect your neck during strenuous exercise?
The subcutaneous fat layer of the neck is relatively thin, and the skin is more likely to lose tension. Any improper pulling movements, such as intense expressions, running and other intense sports may affect the muscles of the neck, resulting in the formation of neck wrinkles.
  Do you love that beautiful platinum necklace so much that you wear it every day?
Wearing and removing necklaces will also pull the neck muscles and cause aging.
In addition, the metal material of the necklace may cause skin allergies. Once the skin is allergic, rashes, scars, and skin aging may be caused.
  Obviously allergic, still like to wear airtight turtleneck clothes?
Airtight high-necked clothing, shags, etc. may cause symptoms such as eczema, sweat rash, redness, and itching in the susceptible neck, causing pigmentation and darkening of the neck.
  Do you often neglect the neck when doing daily skin care?
If you don’t give your face any maintenance starting today, what will your face look like after one month?
Think about it, it is only a month, and the results are beyond imagination. So, how long have you ignored your neck?
  ● Want me to keep your age secret?
You have to take care of me first!
  Why is the neck often the place that leaks us or even the age of the stars?
This is because we often neglect the care of the neck. At the same time, because the skin of the neck is thin, some cosmetic operations that are outstanding for facial effects are not suitable for the neck. I also want to use high-tech power to change the symptoms of neck aging.It is not easy, then of course what we can do is to pay attention to daily maintenance and prevent neck aging problems in advance.
  OK, now let’s start with targeted neck maintenance according to the aging problem of the neck!
  If your neck is dull under the light and shadow, and dry and rough . Your neck aging symptoms are primary. The main problems are dull skin, dry skin, and lack of gloss.
Similar to the causes of dryness and dullness on the face skin, dullness and dryness on the neck skin are also caused by insufficient skin moisturization and moisture retention.
  If your neck is slack and sagging, it looks like a “turkey neck” . Your neck aging symptoms are intermediate, and the main problem is loose skin and sagging.
The loosening and sagging of the neck are mainly due to the aging of cell elastic fibers and insufficient collagen production.
  If your neck has “rings” appearing in circles, it looks like an old tree . Your neck is aging, and the main problem is the obvious neck lines.
The main cause of neck wrinkles is improper pulling of muscles. Because the neck supports the weight of the head, the small movements in our eyes may involve the muscles of the neck and cause the appearance of neck wrinkles. Some such as living habits and the external environmentFactors such as influence will accelerate the generation of neck striations.
  ● You can do the daily maintenance of the neck . Step1 Thoroughly clean the neck. Do not let old waste cuticles and other dirt stay on the neck. The specific steps are the same as those for skin care. Choose a mild cleanser.Alcoholic toner.
  Step2 Apply appropriate skin care products to the neck every day.
For the primary problems of the neck, choose a skincare product with nourishing and moisturizing effects; for the intermediate problems of the neck, choose skincare products that can stimulate collagen proliferation, so that the cells can maintain an active state at any time; for advanced problems of the neck, pleaseChoose skin care products that have anti-wrinkle and free radical effects.
  Step3 Apply sunscreen to the neck every day.
  ● Enhance the neck. You can do this . Step1 Exfoliate 1-2 times a week.
  Step2 Apply the cervical mask once a week.
For the primary problem of the neck, choose a neck mask with moisturizing and hydrating functions.
For intermediate-level neck problems, choose a cervix with firm, activated cells.
For advanced neck problems, choose a neck mask with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects.   ● Proper maintenance, you should also pay attention . It is best to choose a neck cream specially designed for resetting the supplements. Because the neck cream usually has a tightening function, its size is more moisturizing and it is suitable for massage instead of sensitive.Burden on the skin.

If it is not available, it is recommended to use an eye cream or a less greasy day cream and night cream. Too greasy products can easily burden the skin.

  At present, many manufacturers have introduced temporary neck masks, which are strongly recommended. If you ca n’t buy them, you can also use a mask instead. However, it should not be more than 20 minutes for both the neck mask and the mask.Instead, the film may take away doped moisture.

  If you are combing your short hair, especially remember to give sunscreen to the back, as this part of the skin is often directly exposed to the sun, it is easy to grow spots and cause neck lines. If necessary, you can also choose some whitening products.

Above and below, the front supplement below the right side reduces the chance of being directly exposed to the sun, instead of using whitening products.

  It is best to massage daily for healing skin.

It is recognized that daily maintenance is important. When you have time and profit, you can double the maintenance effect by properly matching the massage action. Therefore, don’t ignore the charm of your fingers!

     ● You can do this for daily massage . Step1 restores the skin’s poor elasticity and thin skin. Try to soften the intensity during the massage.

First, the neck cream is evenly absorbed into the hands, and the fingers of both hands slightly lift up and pull up the loose muscles in the upper middle.

The recovered skin is horizontal. Do not lay it horizontally while massaging, but use a circular motion upward.

  Step2 Tilt the head to the left, and push the abdomen of two fingers upwards from the lower end until it is behind the ear.

Pay attention to the technique when massaging. Although the method of massaging from the top to the bottom has the advantages of accelerating metabolism and being beneficial to drainage and detoxification, it may lead to more severe skin relaxation, so it is not recommended.

  Step3 Lean your head back, raise your thumbs, push the excess meat on the chin forward to the chin, and then slowly move to the left and right ears in the same way.

Repeating the above action 3 times, and doing it every night before going to bed, is good for preventing fine lines of complications, relieving the fatigue of the day and the health of the cervical spine.

Fitness directions for different ages

Fitness directions for different ages

Children’s bodies are in the period of growth and development, and the important organ of the cardiovascular system, the heart, has not yet matured. Therefore, it is necessary to cope with high-intensity and intense exercise intervention control during physical exercise. Do not take too long. You should choose flexibility and coordinationSports such as running, swimming, basketball, table tennis, football, volleyball and other sports.

Because the bones and muscles of children are still growing, the transverse diameter of muscle fibers is not thick enough, and their strength is relatively weak. When performing equipment strength training, pay attention to grasping the comfortable load, and medium and small loads should be the main.
  Middle-aged and young people can choose fitness sports according to their own conditions and hobbies.

Due to the reduction of leisure time, young and middle-aged people rush to and fro during fitness. The intensity and density of exercise are very high at the beginning of exercise. This is an unscientific fitness method, which is likely to cause muscle and joint soft tissue damage, and suffer from cardiovascular diseaseThe system is causing damage.

Therefore, some preparatory activities should be done first, such as jogging, flexible gymnastics and so on.

In addition, young and middle-aged sports and fitness programs should be diversified. You can choose ball, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and other systemic sports programs, which can improve the overall body function and quality.

  If the elderly do not exercise properly, their fitness results will be unsatisfactory, or even contrary to their wishes.

An important principle of physical fitness for the elderly is “different from person to person, step by step, and perseverance.”

The amount of exercise at the beginning of fitness should not be too large. After a small amount of exercise, if the body feels comfortable, increase the amount of exercise appropriately; if the body feels poor, you must adjust it in time to reduce exercise intensity and time.

Another important principle of physical fitness for the elderly is to perform aerobic exercise, that is, aerobic metabolism is the main exercise from beginning to end.

This requires low exercise intensity, gentle and slow movements, unobstructed breathing, and no feeling of belching and palpitation.

Walking, jogging, Tai Chi, fitness dance, social dance, etc. are all aerobic fitness programs suitable for the elderly.

Seniors with a swimming hobby can stick to this fitness program.

Experts are needed, the elderly are not suitable for strength training, such as heavy-duty load exercises or body overhang strength exercises.

This type of exercise can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure, hypoxia of the heart and brain, and cause damage to the heart and brain blood vessels in the elderly.

As long as the physical conditions allow the elderly, it is very important to adhere to daily fitness.

  People with diseases can improve their physical condition through selective exercise, such as walking, jogging, cycling and other sports to lower blood pressure; hiking, swimming or jogging can enhance the immune function of patients with diabetes; jog 15 a weekMore than kilometers can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers; walking twice a week for 1 hour each time can significantly enhance the memory of the elderly; swimming, cycling and doing exercises are good for joint protection.

Luo Han Guo Tea


Luo Han Guo Tea

Chinese medicine believes that Luo Han Guo has a sweet and cool taste, is non-toxic, returns to the spleen and lungs, and has the effects of clearing the lungs and relieving cough, moisturizing the intestines, purging, and reducing swelling and bleeding.

It is suitable for the treatment of pulmonary fever cough, whooping cough, sore throat and intestinal dryness and constipation.

Here are five Lo Han Guo tea recipes for your reference: First, Lo Han Guo Tea: 2 Lo Han Guo, shelled and mashed or cut into thin slices and boiled for 1 minute.

Functional laxative, clearing the lungs and swallowing the throat, suitable for various causes of intestinal dryness constipation, pharyngitis, aphasia, itching, heat and irritability.

  Second, Luo Han fig attack: Luo Han Guo, tea-free fruit 20 grams each, boiled in boiling water for 15 minutes, when the tea is replaced, this tea has the effect of clearing the lungs, cough, moisturizing.

It can protect the throat. Teachers and actors often drink and serve better. It has a better effect on treating hoarseness caused by wind and heat.

  Third, Luo Han prunella tea: 1 Luo Han Guo, 15 grams of Prunella vulgaris, add Luo Han Guo and Prunella vulgaris into the pot of water to fry the juice, cook repeatedly three times, combine the medicinal juice and add brown sugar and mix well.

This recipe has the functions of clearing the lungs, moistening the intestines, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and can cure acute and chronic laryngitis and acute and chronic bronchitis.

  4. Luohan Wumei Tea: 15 grams of Luo Han Guo, 5 grams of ume, and Schisandra chinensis, 3 grams of licorice. First, wash and mash the Luo Han Guo, Wu Mei and schisandra and licorice into a casserole, decoction and juice for drinking.The effects of qi, clearing the lung heat, and benefiting the throat, Changyin is effective in treating chronic bronchitis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, pertussis, sore throat, sore throat and hissing.

  Fifth, Luo Han Guo mint tea: 30 grams of Luo Han Guo, 10 grams of mint, 5 grams of green fruit, 3 grams of licorice, first slice Luo Han Guo into thin slices, cut small pieces of mint, green fruit broken together with licorice and fry the juice.

It has the effects of refreshing and moisturizing, soothing throat and soothing throat, and is effective for the treatment of pharyngitis, aphonia, thirst due to heat, phlegm, cough, and shortness of urine.

Can children drink mung bean soup in the hot summer

Can children drink mung bean soup in the hot summer

In the summer, drinking a bowl of sweet mung bean soup can really clear away heat and detoxify.

However, it should be noted that mung bean is a kind of cold medicine and food. If the body is cold or the spleen and stomach are cold, too much food will be consumed, and cold or even cold limbs will be present, and abdominal pain and diarrhea will appear.It is easy to cause the virtual fire to flourish and cause mouth erosion, gum swelling and so on.

Specifically, the following types of people are not suitable to join mung bean soup: 1.

A person of cold physique.

For example, people who have symptoms such as cold limbs, bloating, and diarrhea are not suitable to repeat the mung bean soup too much. Eating mung beans will worsen the symptoms and cause other diseases.


The elderly, children and frail people.

Because mung bean contains more protein than chicken, large molecular proteins need to be converted into small molecular peptides by enzymes before amino acids can be absorbed by the body.

Such people have poor digestive function in the stomach and intestines, it is difficult to digest mung bean protein in a short time, and it is easy to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.


People who are taking various drugs.

The detoxifying ingredients of mung bean will break down the efficacy and affect the treatment.

  Nutrition experts suggest that to avoid mung beans being too cold, you can choose to drink mung bean porridge.

If you want to mix the soup with mung bean alone, you must boil the mung bean.

How to avoid family conflicts with remarried couples

How to avoid family conflicts with remarried couples

Today, more and more people are divorced, and more and more people are divorced. So, forbidden areas in the second marriage couple must not touch?

What kind of people have a second marriage?

What is the psychology of the second marriage woman?

Will the second marriage be happy?

What is the second marriage afraid of?

Let ‘s take a look at which restricted areas of the second marriage couple ca n’t step on it!

  The four minefields of divorced and reorganized couples cannot step on. This is an era when emotions are prone to crisis.

But people are always longing for love and longing for marriage.

  So, get divorced and get married again.

It is not necessarily an endless cycle, and there is no boring toss equivalent to “doing nothing”.

There are unmarried + unmarried combinations between husband and wife.

Of course, there are unmarried + divorced, and even divorced + divorced combinations.

  Questions follow, which minefields do divorced couples have to avoid?

  It is not to be connected with the former, which is called a day, a couple of days, even a predecessor, also has deep or shallow feelings.

But you must avoid it.

This gives the other party some illusions and thinks there is still a chance.

  I also thought that the incumbent is very unsafe, thinking that you still miss the past.

Officials please remember that this person is past tense!

  Don’t lie secretly with the incumbent husband and wife, and they may not be able to agree completely.

After all, there are too many inherent lifestyles.

But you have to think that it is this person who will go with you in the future.

  If you don’t know what to say, it’s best to tell the truth.

Even the truth is sad.

It’s better to lie than to lie, and it’s better to forgive faults that might not be wrong.

  Avoid chaotic comparisons that hurt the relationship between the former and the incumbent. You don’t have to say who you love more.

All I can say is that incumbent will accompany you in the future.

On the road of love, since you fell down fiercely-then, please learn how to be good.

  Do the right thing at the right place at the right time.

Nostalgia for the past, you can not continue to live well.

Random comparison, why is it incumbent?

  Put an end to despising the reorganization of the original family members, regardless of gender, as long as the marriage is second, relatives may have different views on you.

To marry (marry) a person is to marry (marry) a family.

  Even if the relatives of the other party are not friendly, you have to impress the other party with your sincerity.

Do not be indifferent and do not despise idleness.

Because, from now on, you are kinship.

Law, clear rules.

  How to combine remarried couples to avoid family conflicts and forget the past. For remarried people after divorce, it should be strictly done.

Some people have been divorced legally, but have been emotionally reluctant. After forming a new family, the original spouse is still “ending forever”. Once this situation is discovered by the new spouse, it often hurts the relationship.It was a surprise and made the second marriage repeat itself.  Be open-minded, and do n’t mess up with suspicion. Do n’t worry about your spouse ‘s inadequate care after remarriage. Do n’t be jealous of your husband. Husbands and wives must trust each other and respect each other. Do n’t ask your wife to “talk with fellow travelers” because your husband comes home later.
  Don’t be upset when your husband is involved in social activities, even if you hear something catching the eye, you should also ask about it. This will most likely hurt the other person ‘s self-esteem.

  After marriage, when dealing with spouse and heterosexual relations, we must distinguish between normal work relations and general comradeship. We cannot assume that contact between men and women is misbehaving.

  Seek common ground while reserving differences. If you do n’t respect your life after your marriage, you will often find some weaknesses in the other side. You should help each other in the principle of seeking common ground while reserving small differences.

  Remarried couples live together, and they must discuss them together when they are in trouble. Some women ca n’t engage in “respect for men” or “respect for women”. Some women have hot temperaments and have strict economic controls on their husbands.Husbandism, the election of his wife as his affiliation, are all unhealthy marital relationships.

  After the children of both parties evacuate the new family they formed, the children’s education problems brought by both parties should be treated correctly. The stepfather and stepmother should pay more attention to and care for each other’s children, so that he or she feels warm, like his own.Like parents, they cannot favor their own children. It is difficult to blame each other’s children, causing alienation and confrontation.

  Children should also cultivate feelings and unite friendship, just like brothers and sisters.

  Money and property, both parties who do not care about remarriage have their own money and property, each with their own deposits or debts. One party often feels uncomfortable with the children or parents who are financially burdened by the other party, sometimes arguing.

  There should be a correct understanding in this regard. Toad retirees, it is incumbent on them to train their children, and both parties must bear it.

  Since remarried couples each have failed marriages, each other is more reluctant to disclose it to each other than other aspects, and this aspect does not require excessive tracing.

Regarding the normal salary and bonus income that everyone knows, we should use democracy to spend money and use it rationally.

  Non-depression, remarried couples should seek more things with similar interests and similar hobbies. Those who love themselves are not difficult to do. Those who do not love themselves should face each other’s interests and actively participate in the time of being alone.For affection, older children should be divided into rooms.

  Arrange some independent travels in a planned way, and have more opportunities to show affection to your spouse. Some remarried couples may be older, but as long as they are in love with each other, they can become partners in life.To maintain a good marriage.

  7 Psychologies of a Second Married Woman For a divorced woman to remarry, do they return to the harbor of love again, or fall into the abyss again?

There must be a lot of psychological pressure, both the shadow of the previous marriage life and the challenges of the second marriage life. Whether to adapt or not is a question for remarried women to think repeatedly.

Let’s take a look at the psychology of a second marriage woman.

  First, nostalgia is more common in former marriage couples who have deep feelings, and one of them remarries because of illness or accident.

After remarriage, there is often nostalgia for the former spouse, and this nostalgia is most likely to cause the other party’s pain in remarriage.

Therefore, after remarriage, the remarried person must face the reality from the emotional side to enhance the prevention of nostalgia.

  Second, one of the problems that psychologically remarried couples tend to commit is to compare the advantages of the original spouse with the shortcomings of the current spouse. They are picky and dissatisfied.

This will hurt each other’s feelings and disappoint oneself with the rebuilt family, leading to the breakdown of the marriage again.

  Everyone knows that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Appropriately and comprehensively evaluate each other, understand each other, understand each other’s strengths, help them overcome their shortcomings, and make each other their ideal spouse.

  Third, many remarried people who are full of jealousy are often full of jealousy or care about each other’s pre-marital life, from time to time revealing their bluffs, scarring, blaspheming each other’s personality, and frustrating each other’s self-esteem, it will certainly affect the relationship between the two parties.

Therefore, remarried couples must prevent fear, especially jealousy, consider each other’s psychological chastity, cherish each other’s affection, and soothe each other’s traumatized heart, so that the two hearts can be tightly combined.

  Fourth, the revenge of passive divorce with excessive revenge, resentment against the former spouse, when re-selecting the object only requires the appearance or some aspects of the former spouse to achieve revenge.

Because this choice is often blind and does not talk about emotional foundations, it not only fails to balance one’s mind, but also makes the family foundation unreliable after remarriage.

  Therefore, marriage psychologists believe that it is important to reflect on yourself, re-evaluate your performance in past families, find misunderstandings of previous marriages, and constantly improve and enrich yourself, so that you can be competent in the newly combined family.Role, thereby improving the quality of real marriage.

  Fifth, customary psychology may have formed their own interests, hobbies, and living habits in the first marriage. After remarriage, they can not adapt to each other for a while, especially husband and wife life habits. If you do not understand and understand each other ‘s desiresIt is likely to cause disharmony in life and cause dissatisfaction on both sides.

  Therefore, remarried couples take the initiative to adapt to each other’s habits and find a compromise solution that can take care of the habits of both parties.

In addition, both parties should have a sufficient spirit of tolerance, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, coordinate with each other, and gradually establish new living habits.

  Six, children of selfish psychological first marriage families use the inherent bond of blood to bind parents together, while children of remarried families have a blood relationship, which is prone to breed contradictions and play a divisive role.child.
  In fact, blood cannot completely transcend the feelings of the day after tomorrow. Guan Jian is that after remarrying, the two parties must treat their relationship with their stepchildren with a noble moral sentiment, a generous fraternity, and if they treat each other ‘s children as their own children, or evenEven better, it can greatly change the psychological distance of remarried couples.

  Seventh, the alertness of remarriage Both husbands and wives have some belongings in the past family. In view of the breakdown of the previous marriage, alertness often occurs. Economic blockades, distractions, staying behind, noisy, cause real family names to exist.

  In fact, since the family has been rebuilt, all property should be used together without reservation, so as to deepen the relationship between husband and wife.

  Psychological consultants analyze that the key to these psychological problems is the woman’s own psychology. Due to the psychological shadow or emotional experience, for various reasons, the performance of remarried women in life always improves people’s feeling of dread.

  If you dare not tell what you think, you will compare it with your past life. If you are dissatisfied, it will be easy for her to blame and understand the psychology of remarriage of a woman at the same time. Only in this way can you detect the needs of a remarried woman and increase the emotion between the two.

  Forming a family with a remarried woman can’t be completed with just a paper instrument. It also requires the efforts and efforts of both parties. At this time, men often play a role.

Because there must be more or less contradictions between family members on both sides, the running-in between people of different ages and backgrounds has just begun.

  Recognizing each other and living in harmony is by no means a day’s work.At this stage, it is psychologically easier for the man to get rid of the former shadow and enter a new state than the woman.

  Therefore, the man is not enough to understand the psychology of his bride. He still needs to take specific actions. In the life, he will give more care to the remarried woman. If he encounters a problem, he will take responsibility.Slowly breaking that line of defense in a remarried woman’s heart.

  When a remarried couple is in conflict or dissatisfaction, do not compare with your ex-husband or ex-wife at all times, intentionally or unintentionally showing nostalgic feelings.

  Remarried couples should treat each other’s past marriage history correctly.

Don’t just blindly ask if the other party is unwilling to talk, allow the other party to miss the late partner.

  Some people have normal relationships with their ex-husband or ex-wife because of female relationships. The other party should not be nervous or suspicious, but should give her or him more comfort to enhance relationships.

  Through the above sharing, the second-married couple should know that some restricted areas must not be touched.

More and more people are divorced, which means that more and more people are divorced. Do you understand the psychology often associated with divorced women?

The happiness of a second marriage depends entirely on personal efforts. Through the above introduction, I hope to help everyone!

Anti-aging magic: crack the skin wrinkle words_1

Anti-aging magic: crack the skin “wrinkle” words

Recently, a website listed the aging index of Chinese female stars, Lin Qingxia became the aging champion, Guan Zhilin ranked second, and Wang Zuxian became third.
It turns out that these stars are not always young, this is really time.
  皱纹缘何而来  女人过了30岁,人体内成纤维细胞的数量逐渐减少,因此其分泌的胶原蛋白和弹力纤维蛋白也逐渐减少、断裂,真皮层开始变薄,皮肤弹性变差,皱纹也开始Gradually produced.
  The causes of wrinkles are mainly divided into two categories: internal aging (natural aging) and external aging (light aging and smoking, alcohol, poor diet, etc.).
It is generally believed that the skin on the inside of the arm basically reflects the progress of natural aging; if the skin on the face is worse than the skin on the inside of the arm, uneven skin tone, sagging and wrinkling, etc., are caused by external aging, especially caused by insufficient sun protectionOf light aging accounted for more than 80%.
  Skin care products: At present, wrinkle-removing products on the market are constantly emerging, and the advertisement sentences are tempting, but the effect is sighing.
Many skin care and beauty products can only be absorbed by the skin’s surface layer to a large extent, and cannot really enter the dermis layer, achieve the purpose of deep-level renewal and collagen supplementation, and have the effect of removing wrinkles and delaying aging.
  In particular, this year’s incidents concerning certain cosmetics released by relevant departments were found to contain prohibited ingredients. From the perspective of cosmetics that are effective, the more likely it is to become a hidden danger to health and beauty.
With the increase of age, the aging status of people of different age groups and constitutions is different, so different methods need to be selected to solve the common goal, and choosing the right skin care products requires a long-term investigation process.
  The “wrinkle-removing product” in the vegetable basket is not limited to beauty salons.
Here are some “wrinkle-free products” in several vegetable baskets.
Tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins, among which vitamin C content is the first in fruits and vegetables. It can effectively protect the skin; chopped tomatoes and then pressed into juice, mix with a little honey, apply on the face, and have a good wrinkle removal effect.
  Tangerine Orange B vitamins have astringent and smooth skin properties.
The orange peel is smashed, soaked in alcohol, added with an appropriate amount of honey, and taken out for a week, it has the effect of lubricating the skin and removing wrinkles.
  After the banana is twisted and rotten, add half a tablespoon of olive oil, stir and mix well, and apply on the face to remove wrinkles.
  牛奶  洗脸后,把牛奶涂在脸上,用按摩刷在脸上画小圆圈进行按摩,从下巴往上旋,让皮肤充分吸收,可以促进面部的血液循环,从而使皮肤恢复原有弹性,面色Redness and reduced wrinkles.
  Sow hoof hoofs used several old sow hoofs, washed and boiled into a paste, rubbed their face at night at night, and washed it off the next morning. After wrinkling for half a month, they could receive a significant wrinkle removal effect.
  Egg white soup mixes a little egg white, fresh milk, honey and flour into a paste, spreads it evenly on the face, and then wash it off after 15 minutes. It can moisturize the skin, firm and remove wrinkles.
  米饭团  当家中香喷喷的米饭做好之后,挑些比较软的、温热又不会太烫的米饭揉成团,放在面部轻揉,把皮肤毛孔内的油脂,污物吸出,直到米饭团It becomes oily and dark, and then washed off with water, which can make the skin breathe and reduce wrinkles.
  Most of the dermal tissue of the chicken bone crust is composed of elastic fibers. Without the skin, it loses its elasticity and wrinkles gather.
Chicken skin and cartilage contain a large amount of chondroitin sulfate, which is the most important component of elastic fibers.
Wash the leftover chicken bones and cook them with chicken skin. It is not only nutritious, but also can eliminate wrinkles and make the skin delicate.
  Other wrinkle removal methods: Caiguang Rejuvenation and Acupuncture Acupoint Therapy are also common wrinkle removal methods. They have a good effect on superficial and small local wrinkles, such as facial expression lines, mouth corner lines, and eye corner lines.
It can also play a good role in skin problems such as whitening, freckle and dull complexion.
However, the effect is slow, and multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired effect. At the same time, the time required for one treatment is short, and it is very consistent with the modern fast-paced lifestyle.
  Acupuncture and acupuncture therapy 的 also has a good regulatory effect on the treatment of sub-health, and can achieve the effects of reducing stress, ventilating and activating blood, improving beauty and slimming.

Four misconceptions of exercise habits make fitness invalid

Four misconceptions of exercise habits make fitness invalid

Just going to the gym doesn’t guarantee you a good workout.

After running a magazine, reading a magazine, and skipping breakfast for an aerobics class, many people often do it, but the effect is not as good as you think.

Here are four of the worst physical exercise habits that personal trainers can see every day, and they also offer the best ways to avoid wasting your time in the gym.

  Exercise while reading a book If you are concentrating on reading a fashion magazine, it also means that you cannot focus on the sport you are doing at the same time.

New York Sports Club fitness consultant Amy?

Huff said that reading while exercising is the worst thing.

“If you are going to exercise, you have to focus on your body.

“she says.

If you need to do something else at the same time to make the exercise less boring, Huff suggests that you don’t want to watch TV with headphones, it is not as focused as reading.

  Sports to sweatingSports to sweating may make someone feel more fully exercised, but in reality this only costs you a few pounds of water.

Except that it is not good for your health, nothing will work.

“One of the things that surprised me thirty or forty years is that people are still trying to lose weight through sweating.

“Mark, president of the American Federation of Fitness Professionals?

“They exercise in a hot environment and think they can lose weight, but in fact they just dehydrate themselves.

“Excessive sweating can also cause cramps and other sports injuries.

When exercising, make sure you have a bottle of water on hand to replenish moisture at any time.

  Riding a stationary bike or simply riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill does not have the effect of strength training.

“You can burn 100 calories a mile walk; but in the same 20 minutes, you can burn 300 to 400 calories if you do weight-bearing exercise on the device.

“Ochibindi said.

Strength training can also help you strengthen your daily routine, such as the muscle groups you need to climb stairs or take heavy objects, and help you maintain muscle shape and delay muscle relaxation due to age.

  Bypassing weightlifting exercises Ladies are often afraid to practice weightlifting and increase their looks to look like bodybuilders.

Don’t be afraid.

It is a common misconception that weight lifting or strength exercises for proper women to grow large muscles.

Unless you are on growth hormone at the same time, it is impossible.

Doing weightlifting exercises will not make you a terrible monster.