How to prevent dry eye disease

How to prevent dry eye disease

During the day, I face the computer all day at work. After work, I still play mobile phones and computers. This kind of life puts a lot of pressure on our eyes. Dry eye disease and conjunctivitis are all eye diseases of young people.It is very important to protect our eyes. Modern people have a lot of dry eye symptoms. Drinking a lot of medicinal teas can effectively treat dry eye symptoms. Here are some medicinal diets for eye and eye protection.

  1, wolfberry porridge 20 grams of wolfberry, 60 grams of rice and rice with the same porridge to eat.

Particularly suitable for those who often suffer from dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, waist and knee weakness and so on.

  2. Psyllium porridge Psyllium 15?
30 grams, 100 grams of rice previously, wrap the psyllium seed into a cloth bag, add the previous rice and cook the porridge after the decoction, which can soak the water and nourish the liver.

For dry eye patients with damp and hot body.

  3, wolfberry pig liver soup amount of wolfberry, pig liver amount, the same soup.

Pork liver is rich in vitamin A, and is matched with nourishing eyesight.

  4, wolfberry mulberry porridge 5 grams of wolfberry, 5 grams of mulberry, 5 grams of yam, 5 dates, before 100 grams of rice with porridge to eat.

Lycium barbarum, mulberry nourishing blood eyesight, yam, red dates to nourish lungs and kidneys, nourishing qi and spleen.

If the visually fatigued person can take two meals a day in the morning and evening, and take it for a long time, it can eliminate the symptoms of dry eye fatigue and strengthen the physique.

  5, pig liver mung bean porridge 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG each amount.

First cook the mung bean and rice together. After the eighth is mature, put the sliced or stripped pork liver into the pot and cook it together. After cooking, add the seasoning.

Nourishing the liver and nourishing blood, clearing heat and eyesight, and beauty and emollient, can make people look radiant, especially suitable for those who have dry eyes and discomfort, yellow complexion, vision loss, and blurred vision.

Nine reviews of OL skin care products_1

Nine opinions on OL skin care products

What is the best? For skin care products, the best is the best for you.

Absolutely expensive or not, as long as it is suitable it is the best.

But the delicate face is not an experimental field, so we let different “seeds” fall in different “fields”, and then see if the flowers bloom.

  Lancome Softening Sunscreen SPF50 NO.

1 sissi magazine photographer’s best sun protection single product: soft sunscreen SPF50 dual UV soft white isolation milk SPF50 / PA’s ‘dual screen filter system’ can fully isolate UVA, UVB ultraviolet rays, so that there is no gap in sunlight.

The oil-free formula makes the skin zero burden, refreshing and non-glossy.

  Unit price: ¥ 485 Capacity: 30ml sissi: “I often go out to take pictures, so for me, sun protection is very important.

Lanco’s SPF50 sunscreen works great!

I went to Greece in July and August last year. The Aegean Sea is so beautiful!

A lot of beautiful pictures were taken there, but the ultraviolet light over there was also powerful enough.

I apply this every day. Although there is a little sunburn, there is no sunburn!

“Langzhi Strawberry Cheese Mask NO.

2 Jingjing’s professionally planned mask products: Lange Strawberry Cheese Mask Vitamin B1, B2, B12, Enzyme, Calcium and Protein Yogurt, strawberry with rich vitamin C, which is the perfect combination to produce Lanzhi Strawberry Yogurt Mask.

Provides long-lasting and deep nourishment to the skin, so that the skin quickly recovers elasticity, more effectively improves the skin texture and quickly yellows, helping you to create a soft, smooth, fair and transparent skin.

  Unit price: ¥ 160 Capacity: 80 g Jingjing: “Often I meditate all night for a case, making my skin very poor.

This mask is very convenient, and it does not affect the other things when applied to the union, and it has the strawberry fragrance I like.

It has a cleansing and moisturizing effect on the skin and is inexpensive.

After using it, my complexion will be much better the next day. The most important thing is that it is very mild and sensitive skin like me will not be allergic.

“Sisley Eye and Lip Repair Cream NO.

3Shuishui brand promotes the best cream: Sisley Eye and Lip Repair Cream contains organic plant extracts and vitamin F, which can instantly replenish skin moisture within three minutes, making skin soft, smooth and full of health.Gloss and feel completely new.

  Unit price: ¥ 680 Capacity: 30ml water: “I have come into contact with many brands. Among so many skin care products, I think Sisley eye and lip cream is the best for me. Due to long-term exposure to the computer, the eye area is dry, especiallyThis dry season in winter.

Sisley eye and lip cream also helps me to solve the problem of dark circles in my eyes. It is very hydrating and very gentle.

After applying cleansing and toning every morning, I apply some eye and lip repairs?

It is convenient to apply the gel around the eyes and lips.

“L’Oreal Snow Whitening Cleanser NO.

4 Xiaoying website editor cleansing single product: L’Oreal Snow Whitening Cleansing Cream-immediately remove dirt and purify skin.

— Eliminate dull aging cells and make skin fair and shiny.

— No saponin, leaving skin smooth and comfortable.

  Unit price: ¥ 80 Capacity: 100 ml Xiaoying: “What’s your favorite whitening facial cleanser?
First it is not allergic, then it tastes good and won’t be very fragrant. Some facial cleansers are too fragrant.

I have to face the computer every day at work, so it will be very dry. This cleansing cream is very comfortable after use, the skin will not be very dry, especially comfortable in summer, and the oil will also keep the skin hydrated.

“Shui Zhi O (H2O) Shui Huan Regenerating Cream NO.

5 Charmaine’s President and Secretary Shuizhi Australia (H2O) Water Renewal Cream is an oil-free formula that can inject rich nutrients and antioxidant vitamin complexes into the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

The unique red seaweed extract and white grass extract replenish skin’s moisture, which can effectively accelerate skin regeneration, make cells full of water, and achieve anti-aging effect.

The skin will be radiant and smooth.

  Unit price: ¥ 428 Capacity: 50ml Charm: “I am a dry leather. As I grow older, I will often switch to some skin care brands, but mainly for hydration.

Because moisture can keep skin elastic.

As far as moisturizing products are concerned, I think Shuizhi Australia Shuihuan Renewal Cream is very good, suitable for all ages, and can also reduce the effects of fine lines!
AVON-Moisturizing Gel No.
In 6 minutes, the salesperson AVON Moisturizing Gel quickly replenishes the moisture and nutrients required by thirsty skin.

Oil-free, fragrance-free formula, does not fill pores, suitable for all skin types.

  Unit price: ¥ 80 Capacity: 50 ml Min: “Avon’s blue dew is very comfortable to use in winter and hydrates well.

Before, although I used petroleum jelly, I couldn’t solve the drying problem in the triangular area at both ends.

Later, I heard that because my friends who used it said yes, I couldn’t help but buy a bottle. It turned out that the effect was obvious . the triangle area was not dry . it was moist and durable.

In addition, you can also use it to make a mask, kill two birds with one stone.

“Shiseido Whitening Cream NO.

7Shuiqing Finance Manager Shiseido BIO-PERFORMANCE full-effect whitening cream has a near-perfect effect with a superior posture. Using the latest findings in the study of skin ecology, it effectively reduces fine lines, freckles, dark spots and other premature aging skin.This phenomenon brings unprecedented nursing effects.

  Unit price: ¥ 748 Volume: 50ml water: “My skin is darker, and I have some noticeable freckles around my eyes.

Used a lot of whitening products, I think this product from Shiseido is good!

Freckles seem to fade a lot!

And the skin doesn’t always feel dry!

“Vichy Oil Conditioning Moisturizer NO.

8Xiaoying foreign trade personnel Vizi oil conditioning moisturizing cream unique formula, contains Zincadone A, ideal skin care products for problem skin, control the production of excess oil, promote the secretion of old dead cells of the epidermis, maintain normal skin metabolism, dredge pores, improve oiliness, blackhead, Racial unevenness, etc., day after day, the skin improved significantly, the blemishes disappeared, and the pores shrank.

  Unit price: ¥ 148 Capacity: 50ml Xiaoying: “My skin has a lot of small acne, so I am very careful about the choice of skin products!

I chose Vichy because it is a skin care product specifically designed for problem skin.

It took about a bottle, and the acne in the arms gradually became smaller, and the face gradually began to grow.

Therefore, I have always insisted on using this product.

“Biotherm BIOSOURCE Thermal Toner Cleansing Water NO.

9 Coco Clerk Biotherm BIOSOURCE Thermal Toner Cleanser is suitable for normal skin or combination skin.

Contains natural hot spring essence, rich mineral salts and trace elements, purifies the skin after cleansing, and restores the skin to a natural and clean radiance.

  Price: ¥ 210 Capacity: 200 ml Cocoa: “Many people are envious of my skin because my skin is white?

And more delicate.

But many people do n’t know that my skin belongs to that type of dehydration. I think Biotherm’s cleanser is very good, especially the hydration effect is very good!

I have used it for a long time!

Take a little bit after washing your face every day, it’s refreshing!

Relieve fatigue of excess skin!

Make your skin more energetic!

Chinese medicine acupuncture returns perfect lines for postpartum mothers

Chinese medicine acupuncture returns perfect lines for postpartum mothers

Choosing a professional medical institution for postpartum and early acupuncture conditioning has become more and more accepted by fashionable women, but what are the benefits of acupuncture conditioning for new mothers?

  Many new mothers are professional women now, and many mothers’ bodies are very important to their work. Some company employees, actors, models, etc., want to have a baby and want to keep their body. How to resolve such contradictions?

  Some mothers are not lazy at all and start her weight loss program early-mass exercise activities!

  Expert Tips: New mothers should not go into the misunderstanding of participating in large-volume weight loss exercises too early, so as to avoid endless problems.

  Under normal circumstances, the mother’s weight will definitely increase after pregnancy, usually 10-15 kg more than before pregnancy, and after the baby is born, the weight will be about 5 kg more than before pregnancy. This increased weight includes weight gainSignificant breast, uterine, and partially increased obesity, these weights will gradually disappear after puerperium (42 days after delivery) and lactation, so new mothers should not rush to “weight loss” this increased weight after delivery.

  During pregnancy, due to the effects of hormones such as progesterone, the ligaments, muscles, and vaginal mucosa in the pelvic cavity of the pregnant woman become elongated and relaxed to facilitate the baby’s delivery.

After the baby is born, these loose tissues can gradually return to the prenatal state, and proper postpartum exercise can promote recovery.

But premature participation in heavy exercise is counterproductive.

Generally, bodybuilding exercises mainly focus on the trunk and limbs. During the exercise, abdominal muscle tension increases abdominal pressure, causing the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic cavity to receive pressure from above, exacerbating the state of relaxation.

  Premature, long-term bodybuilding exercises cause severe relaxation of the pelvic ligament, which can cause the uterus, bladder, and rectum to protrude to the vagina, causing uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, and difficulty in defecation. These symptoms often do not appear immediately after delivery, and often occur in the postpartum period.It became apparent after 10 years that these mothers had to go to the hospital for medical treatment.

In the past, many mothers in rural areas had labored prematurely after childbirth, and uterine prolapse occurred in their 40s.

  Experts suggest that proper exercise should be performed postpartum. The purpose of exercise is not to lose weight, but to help the pelvic muscles and ligaments to restore their elasticity and tension.

Postpartum exercise usually starts 7 days after the birth (10 days after the cesarean section), including lifting the hips, contracting the anus, sit-ups and other methods. Exercise 1-3 times a day for 3-10 minutes each.

  Some mothers are “strong-willed” — dieting desperately!

  Expert Tips: New mothers diet and participate in sports early after giving birth will inevitably affect the quality and quantity of breast milk, which will indirectly affect the baby’s health.

  The right way: You should pay attention to your diet after pregnancy. Do not eat too much sweets, small cakes, biscuits and other foods.

Babies need protein, so the mother should eat more meat, eggs and dairy products, about half more than before pregnancy, and the amount of rice and staple food should be about the same as before pregnancy.

If you find that your adult belly is getting thicker, eat less and eat more meat.

  There are mothers who are fearless-start taking weight-loss pills!

  Expert Tips: The new mother is taking too much weight-loss pills, and if you lose the watermelon, you wo n’t find sesame seeds. Be careful!

  People with certain medical knowledge know that “maternal women should never take diet pills, diet tea”!

The main mechanism of weight-loss drugs is to reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed by the human body while increasing the amount of excretion, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In addition, weight-loss pills affect the normal metabolism of the human body, especially when taking weight-loss pills during breastfeeding. Most of the drugs are excreted from breast milk. This is equivalent to giving weight-loss pills to babies. The baby ‘s liver has a poor detoxification function.Reduce the baby’s liver function and easily cause the baby’s liver function abnormality.

  In addition, for new mothers, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body is too high during pregnancy, and the postpartum hormone level will drop rapidly, which will easily lead to internal secretion imbalance, while the weight loss drugs contain a large number of hormones.Can not promote the rapid change of hormone levels in the body due to pregnancy and birth to normal, but aggravate hormone disorders, bringing endless hidden dangers to previous health!

  So, what is the best way to lose weight for new mothers after giving birth?

  Choosing a professional medical institution for postpartum and early acupuncture conditioning has become more and more accepted by fashionable women, but what are the benefits of acupuncture conditioning for new mothers?
  1.Promote the breakdown of adults to quickly recover body shape During pregnancy, the maternal placenta in the body rises rapidly, braking a large number of decomposed adults to supply antibodies.

After giving birth, the placenta in the mother’s body will drop rapidly, and it will not be able to metabolize the unfortunate body.

Therefore, in the postpartum recovery period, there is a contradiction between the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body and its own nutritional requirements. Reduced exercise and hypothalamic dysfunction caused by pregnancy can also cause or exacerbate minor metabolic imbalances.Accumulate on the abdomen, ribs and other places that affect the body curve.

Acupuncture stimulates acupoints, which can dredge the meridians and regulate the metabolic process, thereby promoting slight decomposition and energy metabolism, and stably and quickly recovering body shape.

  2.Regulating the endocrine to return to the normal physiological cycle During pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body is too high, and the postpartum hormone level will drop rapidly, which will easily lead to endocrine imbalances, cause long-term postmenstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea.

Acupuncture can correct the endocrine disorders, regulate qi and blood, and restore the normal physiological cycle by adjusting the two systems of “hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex” and “sympathetic-adrenal cortex”.

  3.Yiqi Yangyin Xingqi Huoxue can reduce pigmentation and increase the secretion of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy. It will promote local pigmentation, cause facial pigmentation to appear or worsen, and it will not fade for many years.

In addition, postpartum qi deficiency and blood stasis, qi and blood run poorly, causing dull complexion, lack of gloss, and aggravate facial stains.

Acupuncture adjustment can improve qi and nourish yin, promote qi and blood circulation, make the complexion ruddy, and improve pigmentation.

  4.The overall regulation is safe and has no toxic side effects. Improper postpartum conditioning can cause long-term back pain, leg discomfort, irregular menstruation, abnormal mood, facial pigmentation, body fatness, etc., and more serious are induced breast hyperplasia and uterine edema.Even malignant mutations such as tumors threaten future health.

Acupuncture is a pure and natural “green” health conditioning method. It is known as “spotless plastic surgery” and is popular all over the world. It unblocks the meridians, regulates the whole body, has a two-way benign regulating effect, and has the dual effects of treatment and health care. It is safe.And no toxic side effects, suitable for new mothers to undergo restorative treatment and conditioning after three months of reproduction.

Four strokes of ten years in the winter

Four strokes of ten years in the winter

Hold your fists in both hands, engage your hands from the tiger’s mouth, squeeze tightly, and then move your hands to turn until both hands feel warm.


Rub your palms.

Hold your fists in both hands, engage your hands from the tiger’s mouth, squeeze tightly, and then move your hands to turn until both hands feel warm.

Rubbing your hands frequently can promote blood circulation and metabolism.


Wash your hands and feet after work, pay attention to the cold and warmth of your hands and feet, often soak in warm water, and grin some greasy skin care products.

Wear protective gloves when working outdoors.


For already formed cleft palate of the hands and feet, urea ointment can be applied externally.

Immerse the affected area with hot water before medication to cause softening of the horny layer; if the horny layer is too thick, thin the thickened cuticle with a blade after soaking, and then absorb the affected area.

In order to enhance the curative effect, it can be operated every night before bedtime.


Dietary meals in life, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, take appropriate amounts of foods that consume protein, and maintain skin moisture and elasticity.

Patients prone to chapped hands and feet should properly eat foods with high oil content in dry and cold seasons.

Patients with worsening disease or older should increase nutrition, nourish qi and blood, and eat foods such as pork liver, pig skin, lamb, and gelatin.

The therapeutic side is: 500 grams of fat lamb, 30 grams of angelica, 15 grams of ginger, cooking with seasonings, and even serving for two weeks.

Or use pork skin to cook into a thick paste, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar or rock sugar, 50 grams each time, 2 times a day.

Lotion, lotion and cream for moisturizing PK

Lotion, lotion and cream for moisturizing PK

Are lotions, lotions and creams good for moisturizing?

Will creams and masks be reused?

Find the “half” of moisturizers.

To help the moisturizing effect magically, “water retention” is the real winner on the basis of hydration.


hzh {display: none; }  1 营养奶液  营养奶液属于皮肤保湿剂。Although their product names are different, their components are roughly the same.

These products are different from ordinary skin care products or milks, and are made by highly concentrated nutritional ingredients.

  in fact.

The composition of the type of moisturizer is not different from skin lotion and milk.

If you want to find the difference between them, it contains more advanced anti-acidification ingredients and moisturizing ingredients.

In other words, the price is expensive, but it is not much different from ordinary products.

However, if this special moisturizer comes with other functions, it will be another matter.

This side function is usually wrinkle removal and whitening.

Choose a moisturizer with moisturizing, whitening, and anti-acidification functions. Moisturizing care can be done overnight.

If wrinkle removal is added, moisturizing treatment will be simpler and more convenient, and supplemental care can be completed at the same time.


If you only supplement the function and dilute the expected moisturizing effect, then it is not moisturizing care.

under these circumstances.

If necessary, substitute other moisturizers.

  2Massage liquid Is it a moisturizing treatment?

The answer is yes.

But it is not authentic.

Just one of the variants of moisturizing care.

If the massage liquid contains highly concentrated moisturizing ingredients, it can keep the skin moist.

Dry skin, if massaged once or twice a week, will help improve skin condition.

But the massage liquid is not suitable for all skins, only those who have dry skin and severe symptoms are suitable for those who need moisturizing massage.

And it is not necessary to do it every day, it is only necessary when the skin is severely dry.

Recently, the functions of massage fluids have also been strengthened, and moisturizing ingredients are generally added.

It also has keratin removal, whitening function, or the use of mint to relieve fatigue.

  The most basic function of 3 masks is to replenish moisture. Many products have added various functions such as preventing wrinkles and aging, reducing pores, whitening, exfoliating and blackhead removal.

The composition of these products is virtually no different from lotions.

When we take a bath, the fine lines disappear instantly because the skin is soaked in water for a short period of time.

The effect of the mask on the skin is also based on the same principle.

After using the mask.

Because the water penetrates and soaks the skin, the appearance of the skin is particularly clear and elastic.

However, the amount of water absorbed by the skin is limited, and over time, the skin will return to its original state.This shows that the mask does not necessarily have to do skin care.

However, if you often make a mask with good moisturizing effect, it is also beneficial to improve the serious condition of the skin.

  What kind of product can the mask be proud of?

  If you like to make a mask, you can save the essence and lotion after finishing.

Because the moisture in the mask is enough to make your skin full of water.

  Xiaobian’s moisturizing steps are public one. Moisturizing starts from cleansing. Whether you wash your face with clean water or cleansing products, it will cause changes in the pH of the cheeks, and also cause moisture in the epidermis to leak, and the skin will become tight and dry.

Therefore, different skin types should choose the appropriate cleaning products.

  Second, keep in mind the principle of “hydrating” at any time. After cleansing, the skin’s pores will open slightly. This is also the best time to rehydrate.

The watery toner can penetrate into the epidermis layer quickly, so that the skin has a “hydrating effect”.

  Third, the care of “moisturizing essence” is indispensable. “Moisturizing essence” is an indispensable step for women every day. It can provide long-term moisturization for the skin, lock the skin surface moisture and prevent water loss.

  Fourth, can not ignore the protection of “moisturizing” “moisturizing” is a homework that women should not neglect for 365 days.

Only moisturized skin can ensure the normal operation of skin cells and can effectively resist aging.

  Fifth, the extra special “moisturizing” treatment has passed the age of 20, and the skin is far less elastic and energetic than imagined, and the skin’s metabolism slows down, and the aging cuticle of the skin surface blocks the absorption of moisture and nourishing products.

Therefore, to improve skin absorption, do deep moisturizing and exfoliating treatments 1-2 times a week.

  6 major moisturizing products with a single effect1. Moisturizing toner: You can absorb water from the skin and the environment, but it will slowly evaporate and maintain on the skin for a short time.

  2 Moisturizing gel: It can absorb water from the skin and the environment, but it will slowly evaporate and stay on the skin for a medium time.

  3 moisturizing essence: can absorb water from the skin and the environment.

But it will slowly evaporate and maintain the time setting on the skin.

  4Moisturizing mask: Prolongs the time that moisture acts on the skin through the sealing effect.

  5 moisturizing lotion: it is necessary to give moisture first, and then wipe it. It is more effective and more common.

  6 moisturizing cream: it is necessary to give moisture first, and then wipe it to have effect.

Like night cream, nourishing cream locks in moisture.

Baby diapers should be breathable and non-irritating

Baby diapers should be breathable and non-irritating

Just came to this world, the baby’s ability to move is relatively low, so comfort and softness have become the priority for moms to choose diapers.

Newborn baby’s diaper requirements: 1. Light and breathable After the baby excrete, parents must change the diaper in time, so as to effectively avoid red ass and diaper rash.

However, the excretion of many newborn babies is not regular, which makes it difficult for novice parents to master. Therefore, when choosing diapers, you can not only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption strength, but must choose a thin and light for the baby’s skin and seasonal characteristicsBreathable diapers.

  2. High-quality diapers with a moisturizing protective layer generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven fabric layer to form a soft protective layer containing emollients. The touch is smooth, soft and comfortable, and it can effectively isolate the absorbed urine.The liquid avoids irritating the baby’s skin; at the same time, the protective layer can re-moisturize.

  Good boy’s wonderful duck diapers, white imitation cloth back film, soft like cotton.

The unique aloe vera moisturizes the surface layer and fully protects the baby’s tender skin.

There is also a specially designed diversion layer that can quickly diffuse and absorb urine, so that the baby’s skin is instantly dry.

Eucommia and old man riding a crane

Eucommia and old man riding a crane

Legend has it that in a small mountain village in the foothills of Huashan, Shaanxi, there is a family, son Li Houxiao, who is honest and honest.

One day, the 60-year-old mother suddenly became sick and bedridden.

Li Houxiao asked the doctor for treatment. After taking the medicine, the old mother’s illness did not improve, and Li Houxiao was in a hurry.

The doctor told him that there is a kind of ganoderma lucidum on the cliff of Huashan Mountain. As long as it is taken back, the mother’s illness will be saved.

Hou Xiao immediately took the medicine, took the hoe, and went to Huashan.

  Huashan, the cliffs are cut, towering into the clouds.

In order to treat the old mother, the thick filial piety is dangerous, the rock climbing is more and more, and finally the Lingzhi Baocao is collected. The joyful mood is difficult to express, but when the cliff is down, I accidentally sprained my waist and handed a slap.I fell down the mountain.

I don’t know how many headaches, thick filial piety slowly woke up, touched the treasures still, my heart is relieved, but I want to climb but can’t climb up, my waist and legs hurt, I have to bite my teeth and climb under a big tree.Rely on the trunk to rest.

  The sky quickly darkened, and I heard the cranes in the middle of the day, and I looked at the old man standing with a crane and a child.

Hou Xiaoyu struggled and shouted: “Grandpa helps me, I have to go home to save the old lady.” The old man smiled and said with a smile: “Children, the waist is not light, don’t move, wait for me to give you medical advice.”.
“Speaking of a small gourd from the arms, stretched out a strip of bark from the tree, the bark broke, stripped the filaments, stuffed into the gourd and shaken three times, the bark immediately turned into water, the old man gave thick filial pietyNext, not long after the thick filial piety will not hurt.

The old man laughed and raised Hou Xiao said: “Children, come home soon, the old mother is still waiting for medication!

“Huang Xiao holds the hand of the old man, thank you very much, and he must leave the name of the old man.”

The old man pointed at the big tree: “This wood is long, and people are normal.

Why do you need to be famous for helping the sick and ill!

“When you finish, ride a white crane and float away.”

  Hou Xiao looked at the back of the old man, did not explain what was in the poem, immediately went home, gave Ganoderma lucidum to his mother, and the medicine went to the sick.

  A few days later, Hou Xiao came to the tree again, only to see that the tree was covered with elliptical, jagged green leaves. The tree was thick and straight, and Li Houxiao recognized this as Eucommia.

Hou Xiao recalled the scene at the time, muttering the four poems left by the old man. Ah!

Is this not the word “eucommia”?

This wood is long, and a “earth” next to “wood” is “Du”. People are also ordinary, and “people” is “Zhong”. Could it be that Du Zhongshu can cure a waist injury?

Hou Xiao was very surprised. She peeled off a tree belt and went home. She was hit by a villager who sprained her waist. Hou Xiaoxiao frowned the bark and the patient took it. It was effective.

  Eucommia, with bark medicine, warm, sweet, functional liver and kidney, strong bones and bones, attending lumbar pain, knee and weak limb embolism.

Kiss games to keep your baby away from worry

Kiss games to keep your baby away from worry

Worried that after the child is six months old, he will start to have fear and worry about strange environments and strangers. How to reduce the insecurity caused by children when they are separated?

Parents set aside time every day to accompany their children, sing, read storybooks, hugs, etc. Through simple parent-child interaction and games, let children feel the care and love of their parents and reduce the discomfort caused by separation.

  Generally speaking, before the child is under six months, as long as someone can take care of his needs, it seems that who will take care of it is not much.

But after six months, the child starts to look scared at strangers and strange environments, and he also starts to have a special “connection” with people who respond to him, such as with his mother and nanny, andSo-called “separation concerns” arise when children are closely connected to certain individuals.

  There should be a buffer period before separation. The so-called separation worry refers to: when a child and a person who responds to him face separation, an unsuitable behavior will occur, and this unsuitable behavior will have different behavioral responses depending on age.For example, the younger the child, the tighter the parents will be, and they will be very afraid to cry; while the child who is against will show the expression of fear and emotional instability.Crying, lying on the bottom, can’t get up and so on.

  But not every child is worried about separation. Some children face the stranger or strange environment without the fact that they are not afraid of it, and they can have fun with others.

In addition, when you are separated from your child, you should pay attention to some issues: 1. There must be a separation buffer period: When the parent needs to be separated from the child, there should be a buffer period for the role transfer between the parent and the successor.Aspects give your successor confidence and let your successor know how and how you take care of your child.

If the successor can cooperate fully, it can reduce the child’s anxiety and discomfort when faced with separation.

  2. Complete parental care: If the parent takes complete care of the child and gives him deep confidence in the external world, the child is more optimistic and more confident about happiness, so that he has enough ability to face separation.

If the parent is neglecting the child and his dependence is not satisfied, then when the child faces separation, he will be afraid, pessimistic, and less able to adapt to the movement of the environment.

8 kinds of natural lipid-lowering foods

8 kinds of natural lipid-lowering foods

Excessive adults can increase blood viscosity and increase plasma, which threatens the health of the heart.

Many foods in nature have a natural lipid-lowering effect that does not prevent the selection of the most effective foods and helps you eat cockroaches in the body.

  1, grapes: grape juice and wine contain resveratrol, is a natural substance to lower cholesterol.

Animal experiments have also shown that it can lower cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation, so grapes are one of the best foods for hyperlipidemia.

  2, Apple: due to obesity pectin, cellulose and vitamin C, has a very good lipid-lowering effect.

Apples can lower low-density cholesterol in human blood and increase cardiovascular-dense high-density plasma levels.

  3, leek: In addition to containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, also contains carotene and a large amount of cellulose, can enhance metabolic peristalsis, has a good laxative effect, can help exclude the intestinal tractExtra money.

  4, onion: contains prostaglandin A, which then expands blood vessels, lowering blood pressure; also contains organic sulfur compounds and a small amount of sulfur-containing amino acids, which can lower blood fat and prevent arteriosclerosis.

  5, winter melon: contains protein and rich in vitamin C, can remove excess traces and water in the body, reduce weight.

  6, carrot: contains calcium pectate, which can be combined with bile acid excreted from the stool.

The body’s production of bile acid is bound to use cholesterol in the blood, resulting in lower levels of cholesterol in the blood.

  7, fungus: can reduce blood clots, prevent the occurrence of thrombosis, cardiovascular atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

  8, milk: rich in orotic acid and calcium, it can inhibit cholesterol deposition in the arterial wall, but also inhibit the activity of cholesterol synthase in the human body, reduce cholesterol production.

Fashion maternity dress buying guide

Fashion maternity dress buying guide

Many womenswear designers are now devoted to designing fashionable and beautiful maternity clothes, so women do not have to worry about being disconnected from fashion after pregnancy.

But no matter what kind of maternity clothes you like, you can’t just look at the style, the key is to see whether it is comfortable to wear.

Because pregnant women sweat easily during pregnancy, it is best to buy natural fiber clothing (such as 100% cotton) that is more breathable.

Here are some suggestions for buying and matching maternity wear:?

It’s best to choose a neutral color, such as black or khaki, when buying maternity pants or maternity skirts.

The abdomen and waist of the garment must have good elasticity to be able to support and protect the child. The clothing fabric is best to replace twill or poplin.


Most pregnant women prefer bib, which is the main garment in the pregnant woman’s wardrobe.

This is because the bib pants are soft to the touch, easy to wear, and shorten the wearing time. The bib pants are basically in the characteristics that maternity clothing should have, such as a loose abdomen and good comfort.


Reserve some T-shirts that can be worn alone or as a set.


To ensure comfortable wearing, you can buy a men’s shirt with buttoned collar during pregnancy.

This shirt is generally made of high-count cotton or oxford cloth, which is relatively loose and suitable for pregnant women.

And the shirt is very good, wear a skirt under the jacket, plus a jacket can be used for work attire, with a loose bib for casual wear on the weekend.


Choose some soft and comfortable elastic knitted garments, such as tunic jackets, knitted pants and knitted dresses, to better match.


There should be at least one maternity dress in the closet that is suitable for social occasions.

For example, a velvet dress that looks more elegant and luxurious, or a fine-satin satin shirt with a pair of slender black pants.

Do n’t worry about some fashionable styles when you buy clothes. They are well-known and sexy. Dress styles with short breasts make you more feminine.


The size of the skin of the pregnant woman will increase during pregnancy, so you need to buy a few breasts that rupture, contain and support the chest.

In addition, the abdomen will gradually protrude during pregnancy, so you need to buy some maternity pants that fit comfortably.


If you need to work during pregnancy, you need to wear professional attire for work.

It is best to choose cotton clothing, because cotton clothing is soft to the touch, breathable and absorbent for better comfort and support.