Nanning Sugar will turn its profit into profit in 2019, and plans to apply for cap removal

Nanning Sugar will turn its profit into profit in 2019, and plans to apply for “cap removal”
On April 12, Nanning Sugar Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviated as “* ST Nantang”) released its annual report, saying that in 2019, the company achieved revenue of 36.$ 6.3 billion, an annual increase of 1.8%; realized net profit of 3189.120,000 yuan, an annual increase of 102.34%.Due to the turnaround in 2019, Nantang will apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 13 for “cap removal”, and the stock abbreviation will be changed from “* ST Nantang” to “Nanning Sugar”.According to public information, the main product of Nanning Sugar is white granulated sugar, which is mainly used in food, medicine, chemical and biological industries. The main customers include Haitian Weiye, Jiaduobao, Wahaha and other beverage vendors and Guangxi Dinghua Commercial Co., Ltd.Professional dealer.The financial report shows that in 2019, Nanning Sugar Industry’s sugar production was 67.In 2003, sugarcane produced 66 sugar.In April, processed sugar 0.99 digits.Despite the company’s revenue in 2019, the net profit increases every year, but the main business is still in a state of transformation, its non-net profit deduction is -5.700 million, an annual increase of 60.61%.Sauna, Yewang noticed that Nanning Sugar’s non-recurring profit and loss for 2019 reached 6.USD 0.1 billion, which includes the transfer of equity of Guangxi Huanjiang Yuanfeng Sugar Co., Ltd. to obtain investment income of about 2.09 trillion, transfer equity of Hubei Qiaofeng Trading Investment Co., Ltd. to obtain investment income of 0.2.2 billion and so on.Obviously, the above-mentioned supplementary company that sells equity in Nanning Sugar replaces the replacement “non-performing assets”.Food industry analyst Zhu Danpengpeng accepted the sauna. In an interview with Yewang, Nanning Sugar continued to sell supplementary business, which does not rule out the act of protecting the shell and removing the hat.Due to the audited net profit in 2019 and the end of the period, the net assets are reset to a positive value. Nanning Sugar’s stock has been gradually eliminated by implementing the delisting risk warning. Nanning Sugar will apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 13 for “cap removal.”If approved, the stock abbreviation will be changed from “* ST Nantang” to “Nanning Sugar”, and the daily limit of stock trading will be restored from 5% to 10%.Sauna, Ye Wang Ouyang Xiaojuan editor Li Yan proofreading Li Ming

Xu Zhijun: Last year ‘s consumer business lost at least US $ 10 billion in overseas revenue

Xu Zhijun: Last year ‘s consumer business lost at least US $ 10 billion in overseas revenue
Sauna Night News (Reporter Lu Yifu) On March 31, Huawei released its 2019 annual report. Huawei ‘s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said that the decline in revenue growth last year was easy to understand. On May 16, last year, Huawei was included in the US entityAfter the list, the company must increase R & D efforts to “fill holes”, and at the same time a large number of suppliers suddenly cannot supply Huawei, and Huawei has to restructure the company’s supply chain.”In this case, it is impossible for us to pursue the profitability of 2018 and 2017. We must first fill the hole, transform the supply chain, and then take survival as the first goal.”Xu Zhijun said that the decline in the proportion of overseas revenue was affected by the failure of Google GMS to pre-install mobile phones. Huawei ‘s overseas market grew rapidly before being included in the physical list last year. It declined rapidly after May 16 and did not rebound until the fourth quarter.”‘S overseas revenue is affected by at least 10 billion US dollars, which is the leading cause of the decline in the proportion of overseas income.”Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Xiangling

Rongbai Technology plunged nearly 10% in early trading and was banned from public offering for 1 year due to violation of the letter

Rongbai Technology plunged nearly 10% in early trading and was banned from public offering for 1 year due to violation of the letter
On April 13, Rongbai Technology announced that it received the decision on the regulatory measures issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on April 10.  Due to the disclosure of information in the prospectus: First, there is no repeated suspension of the execution of the contract and the risk of resulting inventory depreciation reserves, and the relevant prepayments have been found to be incorrect.In December 2018, BAK Power suspended the fourth-phase project contract, the prospectus was not disclosed, and the Bike Power fourth-phase contract prepayments totaled 16 million yuan, accounting for 15% of the contract amount. The contract advance payment was disclosed with the prospectus30% absolute.  Second, it did not disclose the situation that BAK Power’s bills receivable were due and could not be accepted.From October 2018 to June 2019, BAK Power has a total of 12 commercial acceptance bills, totaling 11,692.The 70,000 annual termination acceptances, of which 44.6 million have been paid through wire transfers and the rest 7232.70,000 yuan has not been paid, the above facts are inconsistent with the prospectus.  Violation of the relevant provisions of Article 34 of the “Administrative Measures on the Initial Public Offering of Stocks of the Science and Technology Board (Trial)” (SFC Order No. 153), in accordance with the “Administrative Measures on the Initial Public Offering of Stocks of the Science and Technology Board (Trial)”The relevant provisions of Article 74 are adopted for administrative supervision and management measures that do not accept public offering of securities-related documents within one year.  Rongbai Technology 9.61%.

[How to make ingredients for kiln chicken]_how to make_how to make

[How to make ingredients for kiln chicken]_how to make_how to make

Tuyao chicken is a very delicious traditional alternative. Tuyao chicken is totally different from roast chicken.

The earthen kiln chicken is made with earth chicken as the main ingredient. After adding some seasonings and wrapping with tin foil, it is baked at high temperature in the earth kiln. When you open the foil, you will feel that the earth kiln chickenThe scent is fragrant, and the kiln chicken not only retains all the nutrients of the chicken, but also makes the chicken a little greasy and very delicious.

Ingredients: 1 chicken (about 2 kg), 6 shallots, 2 fish pastes, 2 ginsengs, 6 goji berries, 4 pieces of bamboo Sheng, 1 longan meat, 10 garlic, 12 jujubes, 5 gingerFlakes, peanuts, two seasonings: one cup of rice wine, two sugars, two tablespoons of soy sauce, pepper powder, two tablespoons of sesame oil, cinnamon powder.

First peel the steamed black jujube for future use.

Cut the shallots into sections and fry them in a frying pan with garlic. Add the ginger segments and fry them slightly before removing the pan.

We put the cooked chicken in a large pot, pour a portion of the soy sauce and mix well, and then fry it in the oil pan until the surface is slightly crispy.


Add peanuts and fish paste and mix thoroughly.

Soak the bamboo Sheng, cut it into thin slices, absorb moisture with a paper towel, fill it with peanut fish paste, place it in a dish, and steam in a steamer for 15 minutes until cooked.

Add the sesame oil, wine, pepper, cinnamon powder, soy sauce, Mirin and broth and mix thoroughly. Stuff the ginseng, wolfberry, longan and black dates from the buttocks into the chicken belly.Put in a foil bag, add ginger segments, garlic, shallots and sauce together into the bag.


After the seal is fixed with a clip, it is transferred to a steamer and steamed.

5 hours.

We put the steamed chicken into the pan, cut the foil bag, and then steamed the peanut fish paste Zhusheng into the dish, drizzled the soup in the bag to complete this Taiwanese kiln today.Chicken out.

The nutritional value of earth kiln chicken Earth kiln chicken replaces roast chicken. It is not exposed to open flames during the whole cooking process, so it is greasy, not easy to ignite, and suitable for all ages. It is especially suitable for the southern environment.

Because the processing time is short, the muscles are tender and smooth, and the maximum size retains the nutritional value of the chicken, so there is a rich chicken saying that even the Qianlong emperor praised him.

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銆 愰 稍 娌 咸 揸 囩 囩 宩 掑 掭 框 銆 抱 擱 瑱 呬 勬 獱 動 製 載 _ 賆 庝 箞 锅 歘 傡 傏 傡 揍 炍 炍 綍 寍 鐍 沍 鐍?
榛勬补鏇插楗硷紝鐩镐俊澶у搴旇閮芥湁鍚冭繃鍚э紝杩欐槸鍦ㄥ仛鏇插楗肩殑鏃跺€欎笉鍙己灏戠殑涓€绉嶈皟鍛虫枡锛岃€屽叿浣撶殑鍒朵綔鏂规硶鎰熷叴瓒g殑鏈嬪弸浠紝鍙互閫氳繃涓嬫枃鐨勬楠ゅ幓璁よ瘑浜嗚В锛岃繖鏍疯嚜宸卞湪瀹朵篃鍙互鐑ゅ嚭缇庡懗鐨勯粍娌规洸濂囬ゼ銆?涓€銆佹潗鏂欎綆绛嬮潰绮夛細200鍏?Last tree: 50 ounces?Hao Mengbu adze?30 ounces? The world’s largest 35-year-old man? Awesome?5 guns? 棣欒崏绮撅細1/4灏忓寵;1榛勬补瀹ゆ俯杞寲锛屽姞鍏ョ粏鐮傜硸鍜岀硸绮夌敤鎵撹泲鍣ㄦ悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛岀洿鍒拌摤鏉剧殑鐘舵€?Mastiff?-3 Rao “Jiwei Getting Fuyabiren Huanqichuangrao ¢ Fuyapinshe Wei ㄨ Chanyangguoyi hazel Juanbuhuanqin Aiechaiai Juanyucunrao?鍔犲叆棣欒崏绮炬悈鎷屽潎鍖€4浣庣瓔闈㈢矇绛涘叆榛勬补浣擄紝鐢ㄦ鐨埉鍒€鎷屽寑5闈㈢硦瑁呭叆瑁辫姳琚Awkwardness: Looking for the best way to do it 6 years ago, 10-12 years old, the first time, the first one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, the second one, and the second one.What are you saying?浜屻€佹潗鏂欎富鏂欙細铔嬫恫50g銆侀粍娌?30g 銆 佺 硸 绮?5g 銆 ? 燏 凜 塸 35g 銆 佷 绠 绛 廮 廮 哮 經?00g: Do you have a fine braid?涓€佽1鑺辫1涓粍娌规洸濂?What is the difference between 2 and 2 gallium? 2 gallium is baked and dried? It is so beautiful that it is so beautiful?Gallium gallium chrysanthemum chrysanthemum  涧 钖 庴 钒 嗷 锷 劷 协 ㄨ 峲 娑?鎵撹嚦钃澗鍛堢窘姣涚姸5绛涘叆浣庣瓔闈㈢矇6鐢ㄥ埉鍒€缈绘媽鑷虫棤骞茬矇7瑁呭叆鏈夎1鑺卞槾鐨勮1Braided?8 鍧 囧 寢 鎸 ゅ 叆 傆 戣 壊 嶆 嶆 嶆 集 ょ 洏 Juan?What’s the difference? What is the problem?70搴︺€佷笂涓嬬伀銆佺儰17鍒嗛挓10鏃堕棿鍒帮紝鍙栧嚭鐑ょ洏鍑夋櫨涓夈€佸皬璐村+1銆侀粍娌瑰繀椤绘槸杞 寲 鍒 獅 咅 咄 咶 庴 圅 倲 浠?銆佸叏铔嬫恫闇€鍒嗘鍔犲叆锛屼笖姣忓姞涓€娆¢兘闇€瀹屽叏铻嶅悎鍚庯紝鍐嶅姞涓嬩竴娆★紝鍚﹀垯寰堝鏄撴按娌瑰垎绂?銆 佳 姳 嫨 嫔 姙 啙 啙 啙 剙 訁 剁 啁 Tweet  繁 锽 Cang  鍜 咃 咜 璹 殑 鍞 姾 鏉 ョ 湅 4 銆 亰 卒 鍒 殑 僼 僰 僂 僰 僑 僤 啂 僤 啰 僤 啂 僤

[Efficacy of Ganoderma Lucidum Tea]_Function_Efficacy

銆 愮 伒 鑺 濇 漮 漮 崏 崏 崏 捑 攷 晸 銥 銆 慱 櫤 敤 _ 鐤 楁 晥
鐢变簬浜轰滑瀵逛簬鍋ュ悍鐨勬剤鍙戦噸瑙嗭紝鍏荤敓涔熷紑濮嬮€愭笎娴佽浜嗚捣鏉ャ€傚浜庣幇鍦ㄧ殑澶у 鏁 Awards the Chinese key awards ? 屽 嵆 叆 叆 叆 叉 尡 尡 些 了 头头 头 層 汤 洰 尼尼 篃 浼 浼 Uncle 洼 篼 渼 渪 渪 囤 囤 囤 忮 僮 僰 僮 僰 僮 傮 僤璇佽嚜宸辫惀鍏诲厖瓒充笖鍧囧寑銆傝€岀伒鑺濇邯榛勮崏鑼讹紝灏辨槸涓€绉嶅瘜鍚绉嶈惀鍏荤墿璐ㄣ€佸叿鏈変繚鍋ュ姛鑳界殑楗搧銆傞偅涔堬紝鐏佃姖婧粍鑽夎尪鐨勫姛鏁堝拰浣滅敤鏈夊摢浜涘憿?涓€銆佹邯榛勮崏鑼剁畝浠嬫邯榛勮尪鏉ヨ嚜浜戦浘灞变箣涓紝鐢熼暱浜庨珮灞辨繁澶勶紝娓呮硥涔嬫梺锛屽父骞存祿闆炬粙娑︼紝涓嶅彈浠讳綍姹℃煋锛屾槸涓€绉嶆棤鍏鐨勭函澶╃劧鐝嶆儨缁胯壊楗搧銆傚洜璇ヨ尪鍏ュ彛绋嶈鑻︽订锛屽洖鍛崇敇鐢滃苟鐢卞畨鐫★紝涓嶄激鑲犺儍绛夌壒鐐规槸涓€绉嶅仴搴烽ギ鍝併€傝娉¤尪璐ㄤ紭浠峰粔锛屽彛鎰熺敋浣筹紝鍏锋湁瑙g儹娑堢値锛屾秷鍔抽啋閰掋€佽皟鍜屾皵琛€銆佹竻鑲濇槑鐩€佸畞蹇冨畨绁炪€佸埄娓╃閭箣鍔熸晥锛屽父楗彲闃茬梾娌荤梾锛岃€佸皯鐨嗗疁锛屽洓瀛i€傜敤锛屾槸灞呭鏃呰涓嶅彲灏戠殑蹇呭鍝併€備簩銆佸姛鏁堜綔鐢?銆佹邯榛勮崏鑼朵富瑕佸寲瀛︽垚涓洪綈澧╂灉閰搞€侀粍閰被銆佷簩钀滅被鍖栧悎鐗┿€佹邯榛勮崏绱燗銆丅銆丏漠 ュ 强 尾-璋 风 斁 Yue 囩 劊 佄?璋风斁閱囥€佸熬鍙堕鑼惰彍绱燗绛夈€傞綈澧╂灉閰镐富瑕佹湁淇濊倽銆侀檷杞皑閰躲€佷績杩涜倽缁嗚優The chains are inseparable, and the chains are inseparable. They have been wiped out. They have been succulent. They have been succulent. They have been stunned. They have gone through the chains.Hong Honghuan said: Han Han was so sorrowful and degenerate. He used the chain of the chain and his sister, who was going to go to the park, and he went to Han, Han, , , do n’t want to donate to the constitution, and donate to the constitution.€?銆佺伒鑺濆惈澶氱硸鍙婂绉嶅浜轰綋蹇呴渶姘ㄥ熀閰哥瓑銆傚浜轰綋鎻愰珮鍏嶇柅鍔涖€佹姉鐥呮瘨銆侀檷琛€鑴傘€侀檷琛€鍘嬨€侀槻鐧屻€佹姂鍒剁檶缁嗚優澧為暱鎴栨墿鏁c€侀闃茬硸灏跨梾绛夊姛鏁堛€備笁銆佸啿娉℃楠ゆ墍闇€鐢ㄥ叿锛氱儳姘寸殑鑼跺6銆佹场鑼剁敤鐨勭摲鏉€佹护缃戙€佽鑼剁殑瀹瑰櫒銆佹澂瀛愬強鑼舵墭銆傜涓€姝ワ細鐑ф按锛岃婊℃按鐑э紝姝よ繃绋嬮渶瑕?3 闒 嗛 宸 宸 ﹀ 幸 幆 幆 哑 铑 铄 咮 勮 嬮 嬩 兩 鎶 婅 尪 閙 斁 斩 撚 囚 姳 姣 姮 尽 姽 姽 姉 刽 姉 啽 姉 啽 姉姉€鐡锋澂瀹归噺鐨勪唤閲忋€傜浜屾锛氭按鐑у紑鍚庯紝鎶婂紑姘村啿杩涚摲鏉噷锛岀洊涓婄洊瀛愬厛娲楁礂鑼跺彾锛岀敤鎵嬪紑涓€鏉$紳鍊掓帀娲楄尪鍙剁殑姘村啀鍐插娆★紝鐩栦笂鐩栧瓙娉?绉掗挓宸﹀彸銆傜涓夋锛氶殢鍗虫妸鑼跺€掕繘鐑ф瘨鍚庛€佹湁婊ょ綉鐨勫鍣ㄩ噷锛屽姩浣滆杩呴€熴€傜鍥涙锛氭妸瀹瑰櫒閲屾场濂界殑鑼跺€掕繘娲楀共鍑€鐨勬澂瀛愰噷锛岃繖鏍峰氨鍙互楗敤鐢辫嫤鍙樼敎鐨勬邯榛勮崏浜嗐€備互姝ょ被鎺紝涓€鑸斁涓€娆¤尪鍙舵场涓冩浠ヤ笂锛屾鏁拌秺鍚庢场鐨勬椂闂磋瓒婇暱锛岀涓€銆佷簩娆?绉掋€佺涓夈€佸洓銆佷簲娆?鈥?绉掋€佺鍏12绉掆€︹€︿竴鑸笉瑕佽秴杩?5绉掞紝灏介噺鍦ㄤ竴涓櫄涓婅兘鍠濆畬锛岃繖鏍锋墠鑳藉彂鎸ユ邯榛勮崏鐨勫姛鏁堛€?

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銆 愮 壒 飹 掹 共 阌 呴 Floe 銆 慱 訝 庝 箞 锅 歘 锅 氭 塶 澶 у 叏
鐜 板 湪 鹸 熸 軑 軑 軑 軑 軑 餑 揑 揰 Allied Allied ForcesI ‘m sorry, I ‘m not sure what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?Tank crotch: Inspired by the fact that the chain is thin, the chain is thin, and the chain is thin. The tank can be floated, and the tank can be argon.渶婊戞渶鑲ョ編锛屼篃鑳芥湁鍔╀簬淇冭繘钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝鍔犲揩浜轰綋鍚告敹銆傝€侀厭骞查攨楦$畝浠?楦¤吙鑲夊緢閫傚悎鎷挎潵鍋氬悇绉嶉浮鑲夋枡鐞嗭紝杩囧幓甯堝倕浠浘缁忔暀杩囪捣鍙搁浮鎺掋€佹煚妾叡鐑ч浮鑵挎帓銆佹楹婚浮銆佹棩寮忕収鐑ч浮鑵挎帓锛岃繖娆℃潵鐪嬪彾鎵块挦甯堝倕绀鸿寖鐨勮繖閬撹€侀厭骞查攨楦°€傛潗鏂欒眴娌逛集缂稿簳閰辨补40cc銆佸幓楠ㄩ浮鑵?鏀€佽挏浠?0棰椼€佸1鍧椼€佽荆妞?鏉°€佷節灞傚100鍏厠銆佺粛鍏撮厭90cc锛堝彲鐢ㄥ叾浠栭粍閰掑彇浠o級鍋氭硶1銆佸幓楠ㄩ浮鑵垮垏澶т竵锛堢害楹诲皢澶у皬锛夊鐢ㄣ€?銆侀攨涓笉鍔犳补鏀惧叆楦¤吙鑲夛紝鏀惧叆鏃堕浮鐨湞涓嬬厧鑷抽浮鑲夌劍榛勩€侀攨搴曞嚭娌广€侀浮鐨捣娉℃场涓烘锛堣璺熼鐗╁€熸补锛屾墍浠ヤ笉鐢ㄥ彟澶栧姞娌癸級tips锛氱厧楦$毊鐨勬椂鍊欙紝涓€寮€濮嬮鍑虹殑鍛抽亾鏄浮鑲夌殑鑵ュ懗锛岃繖涓叆鍛虫潵鑷簬楦$毊浠ュ強鍏跺簳涓嬬殑娌硅剛锛屽鏋滃湪鐑硅皟鐨勮繃绋嬩腑锛屾病鏈夋妸楦$殑娌归€煎嚭鏉ワ紝楦$殑鑵ュ懗灏变笉浼氭暎锛屽悗闈㈠氨蹇呴』鐢ㄥぇ閲忕殑杈涢鏂欏幓鍘嬪埗瀹冪殑鍛抽亾銆傛墍浠ヨ繖涓姩浣滃彲浠ヨ揪鍒板€熸补+鍘昏叆鐨勬晥鏋溿€?銆佹斁鍏ヨ挏浠併€佸鐗囷紝璺熼浮鑲夌炕鐐掑湪涓€璧锋寔缁垎棣欍€?What are you going to do with each other? What are you going to do with each other? Are you tired of it?0鍒嗛挓銆伥ips锛初步湪瀹堕噷浣跨敤鐡︽柉镣夋椂锛屽湪杩欎釜姝ラ伙紝鍔犲ソ鍚庢墠鏀惧洖鐡︽柉鐐夈€傚洜涓哄閲岀殑鐡︽柉鐐夌殑鎶介鏈烘瘮杈冪煯锛屽鏋滈攨瀛愭病鏈夋嬁寮€灏卞姞閰掞紝閰掑姞鍏ュ悗鐏細涓€闃电儳涓婃潵锛屽嵄闄╃殑鍦版柟鏄嫢杩欑伀琚惛鍒版娊娌圭儫鏈洪噷闈㈠悗锛屾补鐑熸満绠¤矾鍐呮湁寰堝鐨勬补鍨紝杩欑伀鐑у埌娌瑰灑鏄細閫犳垚澶辩伀鐨勫枖锛?銆佹墦寮€閿呯洊灏嗘堡姹佹敹骞层€?It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s just a matter of time. Tweezers squeeze and squeeze. It ‘s not easy to split it. F Add to it. Do you want to talk about it?紝鐩涚洏鍗冲彲銆傝尪鏍戣弴骞查攨楦℃潗鏂欏皬绗ㄩ浮涓€鍙紝鑼舵爲鑿囷紝鏂欓厭锛屽鐗囷紝钂滅墖锛岄杈i叡锛岀洂锛岀櫧绯栵紝灏忚懕鍋氭硶1。The guo ruo is a squat field. It’s a slogan 潡 齓 佡 2.楦 “姡 姹 嗕 嬴 Juan Huan press the 点 炲 嚭 3.鐐掗攨鐑补锛屽钂滅垎棣欙紝鏀惧叆楦″潡锛岀炕鐐掞紝鍙樿壊鍚庯紝鍔犲叆涓€鐐归杈i叡锛圠G涓嶅枩娆㈠悆杈o紝鎴戝彧鍔犱簡涓€鐐圭偣锛屽枩娆㈣荆鐨勫彲浠ラ€傚綋澶氬姞浜涳級銆佹枡閰掑拰鑼舵爲鑿囩户缁Kang Rong?.According to the following rules, the following rules apply: the following rules apply: The following rules apply: Click the button to add the following parameters: ?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛岀儳鍒伴攨閲岀殑姹ゅ熀鏈病澶氬皯浜嗭紝鍔犲叆鐩愩€佺櫧绯栬皟鍛筹紝鏈€鍚庢穻鐐归Pros and cons

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鎴戜滑鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑缁忓父浼氬悆涓€浜涘懗閬撶壒鍒殑椋熺墿銆傜壒鍒槸姣忎釜浜虹殑鍙e懗鏄笉鍚岀殑锛岄潚妞掓槸澶у涓嶉檶鐢熺殑涓€绉嶉鐗┿€傞潚妞掔殑鍋氭硶鏈夊緢澶氱锛屼綔涓轰竴绉嶈敩鑿滐紝鍙互鐐掕倝銆傝繕鏈夐潚妞掔殑鍙︿竴绉嶅皯瑙佺殑鍋氭硶锛屽氨鏄潚妞掑拰闈€傚緢澶氫汉搴旇娌℃湁鍚冭繃杩欑鍋氭硶锛岄潚妞掓媽闈㈢矇鐨勫仛娉曟槸浠€涔堝憿锛?Forgiveness?銆佸噯澶囧師鏂欙細杈f銆侀潰绮夈€侀浮铔嬨€?銆 佽 Jing Niu’s back and forth?銆 丸 协 郏 鍏 郏 鍜 鍜 鍜 尲 氣 氣 民 民 民 朑 朑 尃 咡 卡 鍒 鍒 卖 卖 卒 庴 綋 嶅 嶅 鍅 鍅 鍅 邑 邗 鍗 鍲 劲 劲 劲 銆?銆 丸 姏 ヨ 泲 泲 氲?冔 彷 嵲 浠 ュ 姞 圁 翠 黄 鍄 勯 勯 哔 嬴 庴 鎴 戸 槸 鍒 二 屽 囆 啄 咄 宮 囍 婶 庫 啨 啕 剕 剕 啫 啫You are the only one who’s in trouble! The best way to do it is to stop it.) 屷 屽 寢 銆?銆佸姞鍏ラ潰绮夈€?銆佹悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屼娇闈㈢矇閮借9鍒拌荆妞掑湀涓娿€?銆 侀 擨 閨  姃 婞 噺 娺 姌 纑 鐑 咹 庖 嚡 瑢 瑁 瑽 嗱 鈱 ㈢ 殑 閑 湑 FrChain 掑 叆 銆?銆 佷 笉 deficiency 佺 潃 計 邈 鎷 岋 纴 遳 尳 闱 ㈢Sword hazel 嫫 悗 綋 嶅 嶅 綈 綈 姲 姲 姩 姀 协 鍏 Duo 粬 镄 姯 傧 尽 尽 ぇ鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝澶栬〃闈㈤兘鐓庣殑鐒﹂粍锛屽唴閮ㄤ篃宸笉澶氬畾鍨嬩簡锛岀敤閾插瓙灏嗚荆妞掓崳鏁c€?銆佹暎寮€鍚庣殑杈f缁х画鐓哥倰锛屽緟琛ㄧ毊閮藉彉鐒﹂粍鍗冲彲鍑洪攨銆?How to create something?.涓€瀹氳閫夌粏闀跨殑杈f锛岃荆鐨勫鍛冲悆鐫€鎵嶈繃鐦惧摝!2.涓嶅彲澶氬悆锛屽緢瀹规槗涓婄伀鐨勩€?Qiancha Jingniu crushes the pickaxe 箝 箞 pot argon ソ 钖?銆 丸 Common bifurcation f 鐢 ユ 咩 Ning 呩 呝 骣 噣 琛 ㄩ 閄 勄 偆 灏?銆佺敤鍓垁鍓垚灏忔3銆佹潗鏂欎腑锛岄櫎浜嗙櫧鑺濋夯浠ュ鐨勫叾瀹冩潗鏂欏叏閮ㄥ€掑叆骞插噣鐨勯攨涓?骞茬倰锛岄攨涓笉鏀炬补)銆傚紑灏忕伀锛屼笉鍋滅炕鐐掍袱鍒嗛挓4銆佸€掑叆鐧借姖楹荤户缁互灏忕伀鎱㈡參鐐掗鎵€鏈夋潗鏂?What’s wrong? What is the best way to do it? How about the peaks and peaks?5 銆 丧 鐧 鐏  漧 爧 慕 镕 镕 呖 和 公 閉 播 擆 哆 擆 擆 擆 擗 搗 鐢 ㄩ  鐒 啒 啰 啰 地 啰 圃 啰 圃 啰 圃 镰 圃 镰 圃 霰 園 霰 圃銆 f 闱 ㈢ 编 嗁 嗙 ▼ 搴?杈f鐨勫叾瀹冨仛娉曚竴銆佽荆妞掔殑鍋氭硶锛氶潚妞掔倰楦¤泲銆侀潚妞掕倝涓濄€佽檸鐨潚妞掋€侀吙闈易  姾 儾  揭 柭 柭 フ  鍙  ー  鍙  The pot is squishy and crepe is intricately chopped up and down by the child’s heart鐑ч奔銆侀潚妞掔倰骞蹭笣绛夌瓑銆備簩銆佺幇浠嬬粛閰块潚妞掔殑鍋氭硶锛氶鏉愶細闈掓300鍏嬨€佺槮鑲?00鍏嬨€佸鏈?0鍏嬨€佹补3姹ゅ寵銆佽荆妞掔矇10鍏嬨€侀叡娌?0 姣  崌 銆 乡 閰?0姣崌銆佺洂3鍏嬨€侀浮绮?鍏嬨€?銆佺槮鑲夋礂鍑€鍒囨湯锛屽姞涓€鍖欒眴鐡i叡锛岀劧鍚庡姞鐐圭洂銆侀叡娌广€佽荆妞掔矇銆侀浮绮俱€佹枡What are you going to do? Can you do it? 15 can you do it?銆侀潚妞掓礂骞插噣鍘昏拏閮ㄥ幓杈f绫斤紝灏嗚厡濂界殑鑲夋湯濉炶繘杈f閲屻€?銆侀攨涓€掑叆娌圭儳鐑姞鍏ュ涓濈垎棣欎竴涓嬶紝灏嗗浜嗚倝鏈殑杈f鏀惧叆娌圭厧銆?銆 丸 琬 鐏 鐏  諱 鎱 ㈡ 許 頦 庯 庴 叜 咝 啝 圦 庣 啛 南 叩 咩 嶩 嶘 嚭 圭 銆 Effects  娉 Fine broken fREAD 僽 唽 唣 啽撶厧鐔熴€?

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銆 港 渹 铚 Cang Concubine Press 逛 曛  鍙  Mutually 銆 銆 銆 铚 幝 幝 湝 镆 犳  姘 倛 曟 湡 _ 鑳 第 駳
铚傝湝鏌犳姘存槸濂虫€ф湅鍙嬩滑鐗瑰埆鍠滄鐨勶紝瀵硅韩浣撳仴搴锋湁濂藉锛岃繕鍏锋湁缇庡鍏婚鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鍊煎緱涓€鎻愮殑鏄紝濂虫€ф€€瀛曚箣鍚庝竴鏍峰彲浠ュ枬铚傝湝鏌犳姘达紝浣嗛渶瑕佹帶鍒跺ソ閲忥紝涓嶈鍠濆緱澶浜嗐€?涓€銆佸瓡濡囪兘鍠濇煚妾渹铚滄按鍚楋紵 瀛曞鍙互閫傞噺鐨勫枬鏌犳姘淬€傛煚妾腑瀵屽惈鏌犳閰稿浜鸿韩浣撴湁鐩婏紝鑳庡効涔熶細鎽勫彇钀ュ吇锛屼絾鏄閫傚害锛屼笉瑕佸奖鍝嶄綋鍐呴吀纰卞钩琛°€?浜屻€佹煚妾渹铚滄按鐨勫姛鏁堬細 鏌犳鍚玍C锛屽彲浠ョ編鐧斤紝鏌犳鏄竴绉嶅瘜鍚淮鐢熺礌C鐨勮惀鍏绘按鏋滐紝涓€鑸汉閮藉皢涔嬩綔涓虹編瀹归鍝併€傛煚妾€愪箙鏄撲繚瀛橈紝鍚赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱燙锛岃兘闃叉鐗欓緢绾㈣偪鍑鸿锛岃繕鍙噺灏戦粦鏂戙€侀泙鏂戝彂鐢熺殑鍑犵巼锛屽苟鏈夐儴鍒嗙編鐧界殑鏁堟灉銆傛煚妾墖鐨勪綔鐢ㄥ強鍔熸晥锛氭煚妾腑鍚湁绯栫被銆侀挋銆佺7銆侀搧鍙婄淮鐢熺礌B1銆丅2銆丆绛夊绉嶈惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝姝ゅ锛岃繕鏈変赴瀵岀殑鏌犳閰稿拰榛勯叜绫汇€佹尌鍙戞补銆佹鐨敊绛夈€傛煚妾吀鍏锋湁闃叉鍜屾秷闄ょ毊鑲よ壊绱犳矇鐫€鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傝渹铚滄槸涓€绉嶈惀鍏讳赴瀵岀殑澶╃劧婊嬪吇椋熷搧锛屼篃鏄渶甯哥敤鐨勬粙琛ュ搧涔嬩竴銆傛嵁鍒嗘瀽锛屽惈鏈変笌浜轰綋琛€娓呮祿搴︾浉杩戠殑澶氱鏃犳満鐩愬拰缁寸敓绱犮€侀搧銆侀挋銆侀摐銆侀敯銆侀捑銆佺7绛夊绉嶆湁鏈洪吀鍜屾湁鐩婁汉浣撳仴搴风殑寰噺鍏冪礌锛屼互鍙婃灉绯栥€佽憽钀勭硸銆佹穩绮夐叾銆佹哀鍖栭叾銆佽繕鍘熼叾绛夛紝鍏锋湁婊嬪吇銆佹鼎鐕ャ€佽В姣掋€佺編鐧藉吇棰溿€佹鼎鑲犻€氫究涔嬪姛鏁堛€?涓夈€佸瓡濡囧彲浠ュ枬鏌犳姘村悧 瀛曞鏄彲浠ュ枬鏌犳姘寸殑锛屼絾蹇呴』鎺у埗濂介ギ鐢ㄩ噺锛屾瘡╀ Sorry?000 姣  堌: It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?唴鐨勯吀纰卞钩琛°€傚瓡濡囧枬鏌犳姘寸殑濂藉1。缂撹В瀛曞悙锛屽紑鑳冧績娑堝寲鎬€瀛曟棭鏈熻儍鍙d笉濂芥椂锛屾垨鏄瓡鏈熷憰鍚愭椂锛屽彲浠ュ枬浜涙煚妾按鑳借捣鍒扮紦瑙g殑浣滅敤銆傛煚妾按瀵屽惈鑶抽绾ょ淮锛岃€岃喅椋熺氦缁存湁鍔╀簬淇冭繘鑲犺爼鍔紝浠庤€岃捣鍒颁績杩涢娆茬殑浣滅敤銆?.Qi 冭 璘 钀 ュ 咇 咖 啹 镆 犳  姘 村 瘜 钖 ?Hong Honghuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanhuanxuyongjuanyong姘达紝鏈夊姪浜庝績杩涜儙鍎垮惛鏀惰惀鍏汇€?

[How does the apple not change color after being cut]

The world’s economic father and the world’s economic father and father are still in trouble. The following rules are available: the chain of rules and regulations, the chain of rules and regulations, and the decision to identify them.槗 姽 雽 雋 镋 镋 長 镞 軈 軈 軈 軈 軈 擈 雞 镞 The theater ‘s territories, ammonia world heritage sites板彛鎰熴€傝嫻鏋滃垏寮€鍙樿壊鐨勭幇璞★紝璁╁緢澶氫汉閮介潪甯歌嫤鎭硷紝鏈€鍚庡彧鑳芥墧鎺夈€傞偅涔堬紝鑻规灉鍒囧紑鍚庢€庝箞涓嶅彉鑹?涓嬮潰鍜变滑灏辨潵鐪嬬湅鏂规硶鍚с€?锛屼拱鑻规灉鐨勬椂鍊欎笉瑕侀€夊お绾㈢殑锛岀爺绌跺彂鐜拌秺绾㈢殑鑻规灉鍒囧紑鍚庤秺瀹规槗鍙橀粦銆傚湪姘撮噷鍒囪嫻鏋滐紝闅旀柇閰跺拰姘ф皵鐨勬帴瑙︼紝涔熸槸闃叉鍙橀粦鐨勬柟娉曘€傚皢鍒囧ソ鐨勮嫻鏋滄斁What’s the difference between reading and writing? What’s wrong with the chain?锛屽湪姘撮噷鍒囪嫻鏋滐紝闅旀柇閰跺拰姘ф皵鐨勬帴瑙︼紝涔熸槸闃叉鍙橀粦鐨勬柟娉曘€傚皢鍒囧ソ鐨勮嫻鏋滄斁鍦ㄦ按閲岋紝瑕佸悆鐨勬椂鍊欐墠鍙栧嚭銆傚湪鍒囧彛涓婂埛涓€灞傞吀鐨勪笢瑗匡紝姣斿閱嬶紝灏嗗畠Lei Kai H chain traitor?浠ヤ笅锛岄叾灏卞け鏁堜簡锛屼笉瀹规槗鍜屾哀姘斿彂鐢熷弽搴斻€備笅闈㈡槸涓€浜涘彲鐢ㄧ殑閰告€х墿璐細3锛屽湪鍒囧彛涓婂埛涓€灞傞吀鐨勪笢瑗匡紝姣斿閱嬶紝灏嗗畠鐨凱H鍊奸檷鍒?浠ヤ笅锛岄叾灏卞け鏁堜簡锛屼笉瀹规槗鍜屾哀姘斿彂鐢熷弽搴斻€備笅闈㈡槸涓€浜涘彲鐢ㄧ殑閰告€х墿璐細a锛岀淮鐢熺礌C锛屽彲浠ュ湪鑽埧涔板埌鐨勶紝绮夋湯鐘剁殑鍙互鐩存帴鍒凤紝鎴栬€呮憾浜庢按閲屼娇鐢?Jiao?.5 鏉 Press READ 屽 姞 0.5鑼跺寵缁寸敓绱燾)銆俠锛屾煚妾眮鎴栬€呴潚鏌犳眮銆傝繖涓嶅儚缁寸敓绱燙閭d箞鏈夋晥锛屼絾鏄繕鏄彲浠ュ噾鍚堢潃鐢ㄢ€斺€旂敤姘寸█閲婂埌3:1銆俢锛屾蹈娉″湪濮滄眮姹芥按涓?0鍒嗛挓锛岀劧鍚庡啀鍙栧嚭椋熺敤銆傛垨鑰呰琚嬪甫鍘婚噹椁愩€傜敤姘寸叜涓€涓嬨€傝繖涓杩囩敓鐗╃殑浜哄氨閮界煡閬撲簡锛屽閰惰繘琛岀伃娲伙紝褰撶劧灏辨棤娉曞彉榛戜簡銆?锛岀敤姘寸叜涓€涓嬨€傝繖涓杩囩敓鐗╃殑浜哄氨閮界煡閬撲簡锛屽閰惰繘琛岀伃娲伙紝褰撶劧灏辨棤娉曞彉榛戜簡銆傚湪姘撮噷浣忓樊涓嶅1-2鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝浠ュ喎姘村啿涔嬶紝鐒跺悗灏卞彲浠ュ悆涔嬨€佸喎鍐讳箣銆佸仛鑻规灉娲句箣鈥︹€﹀湪鍒囧彛涓婄揣绱ц鐩栦竴灞備繚椴滆啘銆?锛屽湪鍒囧彛涓婄揣绱ц鐩栦竴灞備繚椴滆啘銆傚浜庨偅浜涜嫻鏋滃父鍚冧竴鍗婄殑鍚屽鏈夌敤浜嗐€傚敖閲忛伩鍏嶅垏鍙d笂鐨勪繚椴滆啘鏈夌毐绾逛粈涔堢殑锛岃繖鏍烽殧缁濈┖姘旓紝鏉滅粷绉佷笅鍙嶅簲銆傚皢鍒囧ソ鐨勮嫻鏋滄斁鍦ㄧ洂姘撮噷娴告场涓€浼氥€?锛屽皢鍒囧ソ鐨勮嫻鏋滄斁鍦ㄧ洂姘撮噷娴告场涓€浼氥€傝繖鏍峰氨鍙互淇濇寔鐩稿綋闀挎椂闂翠笉鍙橀粦锛岄€傚悎鍒囨垚灏忓潡鍋氭矙鎷夌殑鏃跺€欑敤銆傝繕鏈夋晳鏄湪鍒囧紑鐨勮嫻鏋滀笂鍊掍竴姹ゅ寵鏌犳姹侊紝鐒跺悗鏀捐繘鍐扮鍐疯棌鎴栬€呮斁鍦ㄥ娓╀笅涔熷彲浠ャ€傝繖褰撶劧杩樻槸PH鍊肩殑闂鍚с€?锛岃繕鏈夋晳鏄湪鍒囧紑鐨勮嫻鏋滀笂鍊掍竴姹ゅ寵鏌犳姹侊紝鐒跺悗鏀捐繘鍐扮鍐疯棌鎴栬€呮斁鍦ㄥ娓╀笅涔熷彲浠ャ€傝繖褰撶劧杩樻槸閰舵椿鎬ч棶棰樺惂銆傛彁绀猴細a锛岃繖浜涙柟娉曚篃閫傚悎浜庡湡璞嗐€俠锛屽湪鍒囧紑鐨勮嫻鏋滀笂鎾掍竴鐐硅倝妗傜矇锛屽懗閬撴洿濂斤紝涔熻兘鎺╅グ瀹冨彉鎴愯鑹茬殑鍗拌銆俢锛屽鏋滀綘鐢ㄩ吀鏉ラ槻姝㈣嫻鏋滃彉鑹诧紝閭d箞鏈€鍚庣殑鍙e懗鍙兘绋嶅彈褰卞搷锛屽鍛抽亾鎸戝墧涔嬪緬搴旇娉ㄦ剰銆俤锛屾煚妾眮鍜岄潚鏌犳眮鍙互鐢ㄨ彔钀濇眮鏉ヤ唬鏇匡紝鍛抽亾鍙兘灏辨病閭d箞鍐层€俥锛屽鏋滀綘璁茶嫻鏋滄蹈娉″湪纰抽吀楗枡閲岋紝姣斿闆ⅶ绛夛紝閲岄潰鐨勪簩姘у寲纰充細鍒I ‘m going to do it again and again, and I ‘m going to make a lot of mistakes.鑻Huxilinmo?