You Young exposes Chen Nian’s college entrance examination composition and writes it to himself 20 years later

“You Young” exposes Chen Nian’s college entrance examination composition and writes it to himself 20 years later
On November 7, the movie “You’re You” exposed a letter from Chen Nian played by Zhou Dongyu in the film to 20 years later, which was also the translation of her composition for the college entrance examination.In the letter, Chen Nian wrote to the 17-year-old self at the age of 37, “Even if you become a mediocre adult, we are all worth living.”The text version is as follows: I believe that I have been secretly observing you for several days.You are 37 years old this year, and you do n’t look too old. You do n’t have any signs of weight gain. You lighten your makeup, wear sneakers, dress plainly, and do n’t have a logo on your bag.You have an Air Force AI auto cruising car, which is standard in this era. You get in the car and take out a book to read. Although global reading has long been electronic, you still stick to the slightly more expensive habit of paper books.I don’t know what job you are doing. It must have been very hard. The last time you entered that building, you only came out 20 hours later, and you were asleep on the return bus.I am a little relieved that you did not look terrible; but you are also a bit disappointed. You look like an ordinary office worker. It turns out that 20 years later, the most common office worker in the world is nothing new.So I took the red light to step forward and knock on your car window.The window glass opened axially, and you looked at me.You don’t know me anymore, like all 37-year-old adults, no longer know 17-year-old boy.I ask you: Chen Nian, is it worth living?You stunned your eyes wide, probably don’t understand the nerves of this young man, the window closed shut prematurely, the car hurried away.I was sad to stand there, but after a few minutes, you came back.You ask me: why ask this question?How do you know my name?I didn’t answer. Silence is what all teenagers are good at.So you take me home.You live in a small rental room, which is not gorgeous and neatly furnished.You let me take a shower and eat, just as another person once cared for me.I eat and watch you, if you do n’t recognize me at this moment, then you really have become a good person.I am picky: you are not very rich.You smile embarrassedly.I said again: You do n’t look too smart, it ‘s not enough to protect a few people.You are honest: you are still smart when you study, but later found that smart is not enough, you need wisdom.Wisdom takes time, and I am not old enough.This reason is logical and acceptable.I nodded and looked around.There are a few male items in the room, but it is not a trace of long life.I’m a little uneasy: Have you been with someone you like him very much and he likes you too?Without answering, I repeat: that person, you promised that there will be someone in the future?You look at me.I know you recognize me.You didn’t speak, and slowly seemed to be thinking about something.I was so nervous that I couldn’t breathe.You suddenly smile: just last month, you just asked this question.I froze.You said: Every time you come, you ask the same question.For so many years, I often think why you just do n’t worry about me and want to come and see me repeatedly.Just now, I suddenly wanted to understand.Your eyes look at the alarm clock on the table.Yes, 20 years later, AI can replace the driver, the table is still very old and very old, the alarm clock of this era.I also understand.I said: It’s not me who came to see you, it’s you who came to see me.It ‘s 37 years old Chen Nian who ca n’t forget to come back to see me 17 years old.I said: So what answer do you want?You asked six words, “Can I be mediocre?”I thought for a long time.I am only 17 years old and have n’t experienced enough things, but I already know that the world ‘s most heroic places are Marvel and DC movies, as well as online novels written by boys, and life is mediocre.Mediocre is true.I answer you: “No”.What I did n’t say: even if you become a mediocre adult, we are all worth living.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Shihui